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On 2 October, Evli Fund Management Company will launch Evli Nordic Dividend, a new equity fund investing in Nordic and Baltic equities. The fund will mainly invest in companies that pay high and preferably rising dividends.

In accordance with its investment philosophy, Evli Nordic Dividend will invest in stable and well-managed companies that have a strong balance sheet structure and a clear profit sharing policy. The fund's home market area, the Nordic countries, offers a wide range of sectors and abundant investment opportunities. The fund’s special characteristics are an investment philosophy that highlights predictability and dividend returns, and geographical diversification: in suitable market situations, the fund will seek additional returns also from the Baltic countries and Iceland. The fund's benchmark index is the VINX Benchmark Cap Eur NI, which covers all the Nordic countries.

Evli Nordic Dividend is suitable for investors who wish to capitalize in the long term on the success of Nordic companies that have a good financial standing and pay good dividends. Investors will benefit from Evli's local know-how of the markets, as Evli has business operations in all of the fund's target areas. The fund is intended for private customers and institutions. The recommended investment horizon is more than 3 years.

Responsible for the portfolio management of the new fund will be Risto Päivänsalo who, in addition to his financial expertise, has worked in the technology sector, for example. This will be of benefit especially in evaluating company competitiveness and risks. The portfolio management team also includes Jacob Nyman, who knows Finnish equities and basic Nordic industries well, and Marko Alaraatikka, a specialist in media and technology.

Additional information:
Tuomas Hukka, Managing Director, Evli Fund Management Company,
tel. +358 9 4766 9341
Risto Päivänsalo, Portfolio Manager, Evli Investment Management,
tel. +358 9 4766 9832
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