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09-26 17:15[MarketWatch] There are four coronavirus vaccines in late-stage studies — here’s how they differ
Johnson & Johnson’s investigational COVID-19 vaccine entered Phase 3 clinical trials this week, making it the fourth vaccine candidate in the U.S. to do so and providing additional details that can help investors differentiate the pool of late-stage coronavirus vaccines.
09-26 17:14[MarketWatch] The Tell: That stock-market storm investors are so worried about? It’s already here, warns fund manager who’s returned 50% so far this year
The man behind the risk-on, risk-off ATAC Rotation Fund, which has delivered a 50% return so far this year, has had some prescient calls of late, and he had another one last week when he said lumber prices were signaling an imminent drop in stock prices.
09-26 17:12[MarketWatch] Kevin O’ Leary says investing 0 a week will make you a millionaire by retirement
The FIRE movement is a ‘motivational platform’ to get people thinking about their future financial stability, he says
09-26 17:07[MarketWatch] Paul Brandus: For investors, there’s really no template for our coming election turmoil
Market volatility? That could be the least of our problems.
09-26 16:53[MarketWatch] Market Extra: Wall Street’s biggest 5 stocks by value are on track for their worst month ever
It is shaping up to be an ugly month for the overall equity market, but it could be an even worst stretch for the cadre of stocks that have generated the most bullish momentum for Wall Street since March.
09-26 16:48[MarketWatch] Market Extra: You can ‘turn cash into anything,’ says big investor on why he’s putting more of it on the sidelines
Jason Brady, CEO of Thornburg Investment Management, says volatility ahead of the Nov. 3 election is one reason why he's holding more cash.
09-26 16:42[] Užsidegus „Huawei“ pastatui Kinijoje žuvo trys žmonės
Didžiuliam gaisrui nusiaubus statomą technologijų milžinės „Huawei“ tyrimų centrą pietiniame Kinijos Donguano mieste, žuvo trys žmonės, praneša vietos pareigūnai.
09-26 16:35[MarketWatch] Where Should I Retire?: We want to leave cold Midwest states for ‘warmer and drier climes’ and affordable health care on ,000 a year — so where should we retire?
The curveball: their adult children are in Omaha, Neb., and Tucson.
09-26 16:32[MarketWatch] Key Words: AOC calls out Wells Fargo CEO for ‘limited pool of Black talent’ comments
CEO Charles Scharf has apologized for ‘my own unconscious bias.’
09-26 16:31[MarketWatch] Walmart is hiring 20,000 seasonal workers — here’s how a seasonal job could affect your unemployment benefits
Walmart, Target and are among the companies taking on workers for the holiday shopping season.
09-26 16:29[MarketWatch] : ‘We only want to start a home that we know will get paid for when it’s completed.’ KB Home CEO Jeffrey Mezger on his approach to the home-building boom
The pandemic has made home buyers more interested in kitchen storage and adding bathrooms for family members living with them.
09-26 16:28[MarketWatch] What's Worth Streaming: Here’s what’s coming to Amazon Prime Video in October 2020
Blumhouse launches four unsettling movies, while Simon Pegg and Nick Frost reunite for spooky laughs with ‘Truth Seekers.’
09-26 16:28[MarketWatch] What's Worth Streaming: Here’s everything coming to Netflix in October 2020 — and what's leaving
Get ready for the final season of ‘Schitt’s Creek,’ along with an Adam Sandler Halloween movie, a ‘Rebecca’ remake and the ghostly ‘Haunting of Bly Manor’
09-26 16:28[MarketWatch] : This university’s closely-watched COVID-19 protocol brought positivity rates down after a spike — but will it last?
The University of Illinois created its own test for the coronavirus, and students at high risk of exposure are now being tested three times a week.
09-26 16:27[MarketWatch] Weekend Sip: Move over, pumpkin spice — fall is for hard cider, and now there’s a premium version
Roostock, based in upstate New York, sells specialty ciders.
09-26 16:15[MarketWatch] As Ginsburg’s death reshapes the future of the Supreme Court — here are 4 upcoming cases with money implications for families and companies
Issues on the docket include copyright law, regulations tied to prescriptions and unsolicited text messages.
09-26 16:15[MarketWatch] The Conversation: This chart shows which of Trump’s Supreme Court possibilities is the one most likely to stay conservative — and it’s not Amy Coney Barrett
Republicans in the past have repeatedly nominated justices who have drifted to the left after they were confirmed.
09-26 16:00[MarketWatch] NewsWatch: Weekend reads: Your money or your pickup truck
Also, a retirement quiz, clean energy stocks and where to live.
09-26 15:48[MarketWatch] : General Mills and Tractor Supply among the companies that stand to make long-term gains from COVID-related ‘pet boom’
Walmart is preparing for a holiday season that will be a good one for pets
09-26 15:47[MarketWatch] The Ratings Game: Olive Garden parent takes a COVID-related hit in key markets but here’s why analysts are upbeat
Each week begins with a 0,000 deficit due to the closure of the Times Square Olive Garden, CEO Lee says.
09-26 15:43[MarketWatch] Need to Know: The second wave of a rolling bear market is about to begin, says top forecaster
Yves Lamoureux, the president of macroeconomic research firm Lamoureux & Co., is back to update investors about where his rolling bear market call stands. He was right in March, and he says the second leg is about to start.
09-26 15:39[MarketWatch] The Value Gap: ‘We don’t grow up with uncles, fathers, brothers who play golf with MDs or run desks’: Troy Prince is on a mission to bring minority traders to Wall Street
‘Wall Street on its own is incapable of recruiting and training urban talent,’ says the CEO of nonprofit Wall Street Bound.
09-26 15:37[MarketWatch] Election: Tuesday’s presidential debate: Biden must ‘aggressively’ push back against Trump to win, expert says
History suggests the debate could make a difference in the White House race because the contest is tight in critical swing states, and there are certain keys to a debate victory for each candidate, according to one expert.
09-26 15:32[MarketWatch] Economic Preview: U.S. September job report is going to show economy entering a weaker phase
The September job report will signal that the U.S. economic recovery has entered a more tenuous phase.
09-26 15:29[] Partijų projekcijos verslui: nauji mokesčiai, PVM tarifo varžybos, kontrolė ir skatinimas
VŽ skelbia 17 politinių partijų „vizijas“ – rinkimų programų apžvalgas. Koks vaidmuo „gerovės“ ar „galimybių“, „visavertės“ ar „tikrosios“ Lietuvos vizijose tenka verslui?
09-26 15:18[MarketWatch] Election: When is the first Trump and Biden debate?
Donald Trump and Joe Biden are preparing to face off next week in the first of three presidential debates, as a Supreme Court vacancy supercharges the election season and the U.S. continues to grapple with the coronavirus pandemic.
09-26 15:00[MarketWatch] Market Snapshot: What stock-market investors will be watching for in first Trump-Biden debate
Tuesday's presidential debate between President Donald Trump and Democratic challenger Joe Biden could
09-26 14:57[MarketWatch] Deep Dive: These cheap stocks could see huge gains during a vaccine-driven economic rebound
When analysts raise their earnings estimates, shares of some of the hardest-hit companies will begin to bounce back.
09-26 14:56[MarketWatch] Top Ten: Weekend reads: Your money or your pickup truck
Also, a retirement quiz, clean energy stocks and where to live.
09-26 14:54[MarketWatch] Howard Gold's No-Nonsense Investing: Let Bezos and Musk make billions. Just force them to share a little with the rest of us
Higher capital gains taxes would do little to hurt CEOs’ wealth.
09-26 14:37[] SBA skiria stipendijas Vilniuje studijuosiantiems baltarusiams
Pastaruoju metu gerokai padaugėjus Baltarusijos piliečių, siekiančių studijuoti Vilniaus universitete, SBA grupė nutarė skirti paramą su jų studijomis ir pragyvenimu susijusioms išlaidoms padengti. Pagal su Vilniaus universitetu pasirašytą paramos sutartį, studentams iš Baltarusijos kas mėnesį bus skiriamos 300 Eur dydžio SBA stipendijos, o bendra paramos suma sieks iki 100.000 Eur.
09-26 13:22[] Prienų restorano savininkai – apie klestintį verslą ir iššūkius: karantino sąlygomis gyvename jau 10 metų
Prieniškių Dovilės ir Jauniaus Mališauskų miestelio centre įkurtas restoranas „Tango Pizza&Grill“ šiandien – bene populiariausia vieta Prienų gyventojams ir svečiams. Poros teigimu, žmonės dažnai net neįsivaizduoja, koks iš tiesų sunkus gali būti restorano verslas. To nesuprato ir patys verslininkai, kai prieš dešimtmetį ėmėsi šios avantiūros.
09-26 13:09[MarketWatch] The Moneyist: ‘We bet on the wrong horse’: I co-signed my nephew’s K student loan: He has no degree and no job. What should we do?
‘We believed in good faith that this smart young man would be successful and keep his word.’
09-26 13:08[MarketWatch] The Moneyist: I moved into my in-laws’ home. My husband wants to pay his parents’ mortgage, but it will come out of my income. How can I protect myself?
‘What would happen if I end up paying off their home, and they want to sell it, or my in-laws decide to give their share of the house to my husband’s sister?’
09-26 13:07[MarketWatch] TaxWatch: Some wealthy Americans are already prepping their finances for a Joe Biden presidency — here’s how
One San Francisco accountant finishes every client conversation with a discussion about what a Biden administration could mean for portfolios.
09-26 13:03[] Siūloma riboti elektroninių cigarečių pildyklių be nikotino prekybą
Lietuvoje siūloma uždrausti parduoti elektroninių cigarečių pildykles, kurios būtų su skoniu, bet be nikotino.
09-26 13:02[MarketWatch] Tax Guy: How canceled student-loan and mortgage debts could affect your taxes
The tax impact can be costly or benign, depending.
09-26 13:01[MarketWatch] As wildfires burn the West Coast, residents face another challenge: High prices pushing people out of urban centers
Working-class Americans in states like California are more likely to see their homes go up in flames, but choosing a safer place to live isn’t necessarily straightforward in the age of climate change.
09-26 13:00[MarketWatch] The Supreme Court’s Obamacare case was high stakes before Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s death. Here’s why it’s even more important now
’For the time being, however, the ACA is more at risk than it was just days ago.’
09-26 12:59[MarketWatch] The Moneyist: ‘He doesn’t give me any money’: My husband has been making secret payments to his parents. Should I tell him to stop?
‘I told him that I too have desires to make investments, plan for our future and wear nice jewelry.’
09-26 12:59[MarketWatch] Dispatches from a Pandemic: ‘Buses are packed, as are shops and markets’: India’s rising COVID-19 infections are rapidly catching up with the U.S.
‘The police have mopped up a tidy sum by way of fines for mask-wearing noncompliance, though social distancing is not being enforced.’
09-26 12:58[MarketWatch] The Moneyist: My wife had a baby in June. She has 0,000 in student loans — and just asked for my ‘blessing’ to work part time
‘Losing ,000 a year will limit our ability to save for our child’s education, save for retirement, and take vacations. We currently have child care 100% covered between two sets of grandparents.’
09-26 12:50[] Per parą nustatyta 111 naujų koronaviruso atvejų
Per praėjusią parą Lietuvoje nustatyta 111 naujų koronaviruso atvejų, bendras susirgimų skaičius šalyje siekia 4295, šeštadienį pranešė Nacionalinis visuomenės sveikatos centras (NVSC).  
09-26 11:49[] Vakcinai platinti pasaulis skuba šaldyti tiekimo grandinę ir kurti šaldiklių fermas 
Kovojant su koronaviruso pandemija, pasauliui reikės ne tik veikiančios ir saugios vakcinos formulės, gamybinių pajėgumų ir žaliavų milijonų jos dozių gamybai, bet ir užtektinai ledo – vakcinai platinti turės būti sukurta nauja, ne tik kompleksiška, bet ir labai šalta tiekimo grandinė.
09-26 11:04[] Atmintinė vadovui: perskaityk ir balsuok
Jei kas iš įmonių vadovų klaustų, kas bus rytoj, turbūt niekas neturėtų aiškaus atsakymo. Visgi patarčiau prieš Seimo rinkimus gerokai pagalvoti ir balsuoti ne širdimi, o protu. Rinkimai artėja. Kas juos laimės, kas iš to bus ir kaip elgtis po to?
09-26 10:03[] „Elektrum Lietuva“ supirks visą Vydmantų vėjo parko elektrą
Latvijos energetikos milžinės „Latvenergo“ antrinė bendrovė Lietuvoje „Elektrum Lietuva“ nuo kitų metų supirks visą Vydmantų vėjo parko elektrą. Ji įmonės portfelį per metus papildys apie 60 gigavatvalandžių (GWh).
09-26 08:53[] TOP 10 turtingiausiųjų mados versle 
Didžiausios pasaulyje prabangos prekių grupės LVMH vadovas Bernard’as Jeanas Etienne’as Arnault yra turtingiausias mados verslo atstovas pasaulyje. Antroje vietoje yra Amancio Ortega, kuriam priklauso ispanų drabužių prekybos grupė „Inditex“. Trečioji vieta tenka Philui Knightui, „Nike“ savininkui.
09-26 08:03[] „Netflix“ įkūrėjas R. Hastingsas: tokio augimo dar neregėjome
Reedas Hastingsas. Milijardierius, „Netflix“ įkūrėjas, filantropas. Žmogus, kuris sunaikino „Blockbuster“ ir pasitelkęs srautinio vaizdo siuntimo technologijas apvertė aukštyn kojomis Holivudą. „Kovidas“ galėjo būti interneto virusas, pažeidęs visus pasaulio maršrutų parinktuvus. Tokiu atveju mes būtume žlugę. Tačiau virusas yra biologinis, todėl visi sėdi užrakinti namie, o mūsų augimas per pirmąjį šių metų pusmetį yra didžiausias, kokį kada nors esame regėję“, – nuotoliniame interviu sako jis.
09-26 07:17[] Baltarusijos verslas: partneriai stabdo sandorius, nutraukia susitarimus
Nepasitikėjimas valstybės veiksmais pasiekė tokį lygį tiek Baltarusijos darbo kolektyvuose, tiek verslininkų galvose, kad privatus verslas pradėjo galvoti, kaip išgyventi. Jei vyriausybė dėl politinių priežasčių pradės persekioti privačių įmonių darbuotojus ir verslininkus, tai padėtis sparčiai pablogės, įspėja Baltarusijos verslo organizacijos.
09-26 04:24[MarketWatch] : The pandemic turned Postmates’ IPO plans into a bidding war between Uber and Wall Street
After Postmates flirted with two SPACs and Uber failed to grab Grubhub, the two decided to merge at a higher valuation than previous talks, SEC filing shows
09-26 00:43[MarketWatch] Bond Report: Long-dated government bond yields post weekly slide as stocks run into turbulence
Treasury yields on Friday barely budged but longer-dated government debt posted weekly declines, and prices rose over the five-day period, as stocks faced headwinds centered on a lack of fresh coronavirus stimulus from Washington lawmakers, rising cases of coronavirus and jitters about the Nov. 3 presidential elections in the U.S.
09-26 00:07[] Netiki, kad Lietuvoje vėl bus įvestas karantinas: didžiausią baimę verslininkams kelia kitas dalykas
Nors politikai šiuo metu nekalba apie karantino įvedimą Lietuvoje, tačiau pastaraisiais mėnesiais ne vienam verslui teko patirti, ką reiškia griežtesni ribojimai, kurių privalu laikytis ne tik patiems verslams, bet ir klientams. Todėl keičiasi jų įpročiai, o tai tiesiogiai atsiliepia verslui. Laidoje Delfi diena svarstyta, ar gali būti, kad Lietuvoje vis tik sulauksime antrojo karantino ir ką tokie griežti ribojimai reikštų verslams.
09-26 00:01[MarketWatch] Mark Hulbert: Here’s how stocks typically perform in October and why you may want to buckle up
The combination of October’s volatility and average gain can work to your benefit.
09-26 00:00[MarketWatch] NewsWatch: This tax break for first-time home buyers could keep the housing market afloat
Federal tax relief for new homeowners would help millennials and support prices, writes Sanjiv Das.
09-25 23:59[MarketWatch] Outside the Box: Disappointed by Tesla’s Battery Day? The electric-car maker has been winning by playing the long game
Tesla CEO Elon Musk is setting up the company for domination, which requires long-term plans that may disappoint in the short run.
09-25 23:58[MarketWatch] Personal Finance Daily: How canceled student-loan and mortgage debts could affect your taxes and the secret to selling a home quickly during a pandemic
Friday's top personal finance stories
09-25 23:55[MarketWatch] Project Syndicate: Climate change has now reached a tipping point among global investors
Disruption is a powerful incentive for investors and companies to move money into sustainable industries.
09-25 23:19[MarketWatch] Market Snapshot: Stocks close higher, as late-session rally clinches Nasdaq’s first weekly gain since August
U.S. stock indexes close higher after a choppy session Friday, but the Dow Jones Industrial Average and S&P 500 log their fourth straight weekly losses as worries grow over the economic outlook in the absence of renewed aid from Washington, the November presidential election and rising COVID-19 infections in the U.S. and Europe.
09-25 23:06[MarketWatch] The Margin: Ohio mom tasered, arrested for trespassing after not wearing a mask at a middle school football game
The woman, whom police identified as Alecia D. Kitts, was arrested for criminal trespassing and released at the scene
09-25 23:04[MarketWatch] The Wall Street Journal: In lawsuit, Boeing board accused of failing to oversee responses to two fatal 737 MAX crashes
Boeing Co.’s board is accused of failing to properly oversee management’s responses to two fatal 737 MAX crashes and the plane’s safety problems in a shareholders’ lawsuit that cites internal company documents.
09-25 22:55[MarketWatch] : Time running out for fiscal stimulus efforts on Capitol Hill
Lawmakers are set to leave Washington late next week, deal done or not, to hit the campaign trail through the Nov. 3 Election Day, leaving a very narrow window in which to try to work something out.
09-25 22:54[MarketWatch] Helsinki Airport trials use of dogs to detect coronavirus in international arrivals
A team of dogs is now sniffing samples from passengers at Helsinki Airport to detect the new coronavirus that causes COVID-19.
09-25 22:54[] Ukrainoje sudužus kariniam lėktuvui žuvo 22 žmonės
Ukrainos vidaus reikalų ministerija penktadienį pranešė, kad 22 žmonės žuvo rytiniame Charkivo regione sudužus kariniam lėktuvui.
09-25 22:46[MarketWatch] IPO Report: 5 things to know about avocado producer Mission Produce before it goes public
Mission Produce shares are expected to price between and , and the company’s value could reach .18 billion.
09-25 22:42[MarketWatch] The Property Brothers share the little extras that make a big difference in a home
"Property Brothers" stars Drew and Jonathan Scott know that people love homes with unexpected extras — and on the latest episode of “Brother vs. Brother," they reveal which extras matter most.
09-25 22:42[MarketWatch] : Google settles shareholder lawsuits over sexual-harassment scandals
After revelations of top executives receiving big payouts while facing accusations of harassment led to employee walkouts and lawsuits, Alphabet promises changes that include waiving mandatory arbitration
09-25 22:37[MarketWatch] Futures Movers: Oil prices post a weekly fall on worries over COVID-19 impact on crude demand
Oil futures edge lower Friday, with both major benchmarks posting their third weekly decline in four weeks as worries about the demand outlook grow in response to rising COVID-19 cases.
09-25 22:34[MarketWatch] The secret to selling a house quickly during a pandemic? Good listing photos
There is no perfect time to sell a house—anyone who’s ever put a property on the market will tell you that. Sure, tradition tells us that selling in spring might be ideal. But at the end of summer? During a pandemic?
09-25 22:20[MarketWatch] What's Worth Streaming: Here’s what’s coming to Hulu in October 2020, and what’s leaving
Get ready for horror, with ‘Monsterland,’ ‘Helstrom,’ ‘Bad Hair’ and more
09-25 22:20[Investopedia] Designating a Minor as an IRA Beneficiary
Leaving an IRA to a minor can be a complicated procedure. Make sure you understand how your gift will be distributed, managed, and taxed.
09-25 22:16[MarketWatch] The Conversation: Everything you need to know about what it would take for the FDA to approve a COVID-19 vaccine
You’ve probably been wondering how the Food and Drug Administration will decide if a COVID-19 vaccine is safe and effective.
09-25 22:14[MarketWatch] Coronavirus update: U.S. cases top 7 million, after jumping by more than 45,000 in a single day
A rising tide worldwide of new cases and deaths from the coronavirus that causes COVID-19 has prompted calls for new shutdown measures overseas and accountability in the U.S., but also renewed attempts at a stimulus bill to fend of another pandemic-induced economic slowdown.
09-25 21:59[MarketWatch] Market Extra: Wall Street’s biggest 5 stocks by value are on track for their worst month ever
It is shaping up to be an ugly month for the overall equity market, but it could be an even worst stretch for the cadre of stocks that have generated the most bullish momentum for Wall Street since March.
09-25 21:42[MarketWatch] The Margin: FDA to TikTok teens: the ‘Benadryl Challenge’ can kill you
The social media-fueled dare to overdose on the allergy medicine can cause death and serious health problems
09-25 21:37[MarketWatch] Market Extra: Why stock-market investors are starting to freak out about the 2020 election
Less than a month and a half from the 2020 presidential elections and investors are starting to get panicky about the race for the White House and what that presidential contest means for already rocky markets in the coming weeks.
09-25 21:31[MarketWatch] : ‘We only want to start a home that we know will get paid for when it’s completed.’ KB Home CEO Jeffrey Mezger on his approach to the home-building boom
The pandemic has made home buyers more interested in kitchen storage and adding bathrooms for family members living with them.
09-25 21:24[MarketWatch] CityWatch: Chilly sidewalks, struggling restaurants: NYC diners finally inch inside
Even moving indoors isn’t going to be easy for the city’s restaurants and bars, where employment is still way down.
09-25 21:11[MarketWatch] Metals Stocks: Gold ends lower to suffer worst weekly slump since March
Gold futures end lower on Friday, with bullion booking its fourth decline in five sessions, prompting the asset to suffer its worst weekly slide in about six months.
09-25 21:09[MarketWatch] Outside the Box: Where to invest when climate change forces a tax on carbon and oil is no longer widely used
Rising temperatures worldwide could boost stock-market returns in colder countries but hurt returns in warmer countries.
09-25 20:44[MarketWatch] : Fast-fashion retailer Boohoo has ‘many failings’ in its supply chain, review finds
Online retailer is taking steps to improve its governance and compliance.
09-25 20:37[] Lietuvoje – JAV valiutų keitimo paslaugų įmonė
Lietuvoje kuriasi JAV bendrovė „GPS Capital Markets“, teikianti valiutos keitimo paslaugas verslui.
09-25 20:31[MarketWatch] Key Words: Charles Barkley dismisses the ‘Defund the Police’ movement: ‘Who are black people supposed to call, Ghostbusters?’
Several high-profile athletes, including like LeBron James, Donovan Mitchell and Megan Rapinoe, have voiced their criticisms of the Kentucky grand jury ruling over the death of Breonna Taylor
09-25 20:26[MarketWatch] Outside the Box: Should you change your investments because it’s an election year?
Suddenly, applying a short-term trading strategy to your long-term money seems to makes sense
09-25 20:21[MarketWatch] The Conversation: Another Supreme Court hearing on Obamacare is coming — 8 ways health insurance could change
Supreme Court is to hold hearings on Nov. 10 on whether a change in tax law makes the Affordable Care Act unconstitutional.
09-25 20:13[] Teismas: bauda „Eurovaistinei“ skirta teisingai
8.700 Eur bauda vaistinių tinklui „Eurovaistinė“ už klaidinančią reklamą skirta pagrįstai, nusprendė teismas.
09-25 20:00[] Naujas konsorciumas skatins skaitmenizavimą ūkyje
Lietuvoje kuriamas skaitmeninių inovacijų centras sieks vidurio ir vakarų Lietuvos regionuose paskatinti pramonės, žemės ūkio, maisto ir energetikos sektorių skaitmeninę transformaciją.
09-25 19:45[MarketWatch] Outside the Box: Why Mexico didn’t pay for the border wall — and shouldn’t have to
Americans and Mexicans have a long history of common interests and shared ancestry.
09-25 19:36[MarketWatch] The world’s poorest countries may get another freeze on their debt payments. What they really need is debt forgiveness
G-7 finance ministers are due to agree today on extending by six months, to June 2021, the suspension of the world’s 73 poorest countries’ debt payments.
09-25 19:34[] V. Putinas ragina JAV apsikeisti „nesikišimo“ į rinkimus garantijomis
Rusijos prezidentas Vladimiras Putinas penktadienį paragino palaikyti glaudesnius ryšius su JAV informacinių ir ryšių technologijų srityje, taip pat įsipareigoti nesikišti į abiejų valstybių rinkimus.
09-25 19:29[MarketWatch] : Italian President hits back at Boris Johnson over ‘freedom-loving’ COVID-19 remarks
U.K. Prime Minister Boris Johnson suggested that the U.K. has a worse infection rate than Italy and Germany because it is a “freedom-loving country.”
09-25 19:28[] Lenkija ir Estija įtrauktos į paveiktų šalių sąrašą, bet joms taikys išimtį
Paveiktų valstybių sąrašą penktadienį papildė Estija, Lenkija, Vokietija, Islandija ir San Marinas. Nors iš paveiktų šalių atvykusiems ar per jas keliavusiems žmonėms privaloma izoliuotis, tačiau Lenkijai ir Estijai numatytos išimtys, pranešė Sveikatos apsaugos ministerija (SAM).
09-25 19:21[MarketWatch] The Margin: Drop and give me 3 for RBG: Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s longtime trainer does push-ups before her coffin
The late Supreme Court justice’s trainer does push-ups, and the internet feels the burn
09-25 19:16[MarketWatch] Currencies: The U.S. dollar bounced with a vengeance this week — and there may be more room to the upside
The previously beaten down U.S. dollar is bouncing back this week, reasserting its role as a haven when risky assets like stocks sell off. Analysts at Bank of America see room for a bit more upside.
09-25 19:00[MarketWatch] NewsWatch: Red Hot Chili Peppers drummer Chad Smith is selling his million Hamptons home
The longtime drummer of the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Chad Smith, is making moves in the Hamptons. He’s listed his “private waterfront oasis” in Montauk, NY, for million.
09-25 18:51[] 10 idėjų trumpoms savaitgalio išvykoms Lietuvoje
Rugsėjo 27 d. minima Pasaulinio turizmo diena. Dėl pandemijos pasaulinis turizmas sustojo, todėl Pasaulio turizmo organizacija ir nacionalinė turizmo skatinimo agentūra „Keliauk Lietuvoje“ kviečia šią dieną minėti keliaujant po savo šalį ir pristato idėjų, kur šį savaitgalį būtų galima atrasti ką nors naujo.
09-25 18:44[] Didžiųjų lenktynės: „Ambersail 2“ ir „Sailing Poland“
Dvi iš aštuonių pasaulyje „Ocean Race“ lenktynėms aplink pasaulį sukurtų jachtų – Lietuvos „Ambersail 2“ ir Lenkijos „Sailing Poland“ – rugsėjo 25 d. startavo iš Klaipėdos uosto antrajai lenktynių dvikovai. Jachtos leidosi Gotlando salos link, ją apiplaukę leisis iki Gdynės.
09-25 18:44[MarketWatch] Red Hot Chili Peppers drummer Chad Smith is selling his million Hamptons home
The longtime drummer of the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Chad Smith, is making moves in the Hamptons. He’s listed his “private waterfront oasis” in Montauk, NY, for million.
09-25 18:42[MarketWatch] The Tell: Here’s how to invest for the next decade
Yes, 2020 brought a lot of surprises. But here are some solid bets for your portfolio for the next several years.
09-25 18:33[] „Oro navigacija“ ieško būdų kompensuoti numatomą 10 mln. Eur nuostolį
Skrydžių kontrolę Lietuvos teritorijoje vykdanti valstybės įmonė skolinasi pinigus, prašo Vyriausybės pagalbos ir atideda investicinius projektus.
09-25 18:17[MarketWatch] Even with a toddler, this couple’s cost of living is less than ,000 a year — this is how they do it
They tackled student loans, paid down a mortgage, and reached financial independence in their 30s
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