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07-24 05:16[Investopedia] Five Wildly Successful Value Investors
Warren Buffett is not the only investor who has benefited tremendously from adopting Graham's approach to investing.
07-24 03:48[MarketWatch] : Uber showed drivers lower fares than passengers, blames California law it supported
Uber Technologies Inc. acknowledged Friday it had been showing drivers lower fares than what riders actually paid, and promised to change the practice while saying it was all due to the new California law the company spent tens of millions of dollars to pass.
07-24 03:05[Cointelegraph] Just HODL! Bitcoin and Ethereum outperform ‘lower risk’ crypto index funds
Data from Delphi Digital shows holding BTC and ETH was more profitable than investing in weighted average market cap crypto and DeFi index funds.
07-24 02:05[Investopedia] What to Expect in the Markets This Week
Coming up this week: Big Tech earnings from Amazon, Apple, Microsoft, and Google. Also, the FOMC press conference.
07-24 01:52[Investopedia] Investors Dine on Restaurant Stocks as Sales Climb
Here's what gave investors an appetite for restaurant stocks this week. Add these two industry leaders to your watchlist for trading opportunities.
07-24 01:03[MarketWatch] Earnings Outlook: What will Apple say about the next iPhone at earnings time? Maybe more than usual
The pandemic may add a wrinkle to the guessing game that normally accompanies Apple Inc.'s June-quarter conference call.
07-24 01:02[MarketWatch] Mutual Funds Weekly: These money and investing tips can help you see clearly with stocks at all-time highs
Money and investing stories popular with MarketWatch readers over the past week.
07-24 01:01[MarketWatch] In One Chart: Cost of the Olympics: How the 2020 Tokyo Games are one of the most expensive ever
How the Tokyo Olympics ranks among the most expensive Games of all time
07-24 01:00[Cointelegraph] Altcoin roundup: Crypto credit cards could be the missing link to mass adoption
Hodling is nice, but eventually, everyone wants to buy something. This is why crypto debit and credit cards are key to mass adoption.
07-24 00:58[Investopedia] Chase Offers DoorDash Credit on Co-Branded Cards
Eligible cardholders now get a one-year membership plus a credit if they activate by Sept. 30.
07-24 00:56[MarketWatch] Earnings Outlook: Question not whether AMD can take market share from Intel, but just how much
Advanced Micro Devices Inc. enters its next earnings report more of a threat to its larger rival Intel Corp. as it has ever been, where the question has become how much market share can the smaller company snatch before the larger one can right its own ship.
07-24 00:50[Investopedia] Crypto Tourism Definition
Crypto tourism is a kind of tourism dedicated to travel programs catering to crypto fans and investors. Read about crypto tourism cruises and vacations.
07-24 00:46[Investopedia] How Aliko Dangote Became the Richest Person in Africa
Learn how Aliko Dangote turned a local commodities trading business into a multi-billion-dollar conglomerate, making him the richest person in Africa.
07-24 00:45[MarketWatch] Personal Finance Daily: The cost of the Olympics’ ‘runaway arms race’ and new hope for student loan borrowers in bankruptcy, and Mario Batali and ex-partner reach 0K settlement with sexual harassment victims
Friday's top personal finance stories
07-24 00:32[MarketWatch] : About 100 U.S. athletes at the Tokyo Olympics are unvaccinated, medical chief says
83% of U.S. athletes at the Tokyo Olympics have been vaccinated, much higher than the national rate in the United States.
07-24 00:28[Cointelegraph] Weekly roundup: Ark Invest, Edge Wealth Management, and Rothschild Investment accumulate crypto
Cathie Wood's Ark Invest purchased more than 450,000 GBTC shares in two separate buys this week.
07-24 00:28[MarketWatch] The Moneyist: I successfully renovated a condo building. My new husband offered to manage my next project — and it all went horribly wrong
‘He now wants the ,000 he invested in my building that he tore apart and left destroyed.’
07-24 00:27[MarketWatch] The Moneyist: My daughter no longer speaks to me or my husband, and mocked our family values. Do we cut her out of her million inheritance?
‘She has told us that we are toxic parents, and she doesn’t need the stress we create for her with our beliefs.’
07-24 00:22[MarketWatch] Mark Hulbert: Why stock-trading apps like Robinhood plus social media are a potent brew for investors
People tend to take riskier bets when their peers are watching.
07-24 00:16[MarketWatch] Deep Dive: Here are Wall Street’s favorite big tech stocks as the Nasdaq closes in on another milestone
As the Nasdaq Composite Index nears 15,000, analysts see upside for Activision Blizzard, Netflix and Baidu, among others.
07-24 00:06[MarketWatch] MarketWatch Premium: Don’t fall into a REIT value trap — these 20 stocks score highest on quality
As shares of real estate investment trusts have soared, investors need to target quality companies.
07-24 00:00[] Siūlo 6 savaičių visuotinas atostogas: verslas kritikuoja, darbuotojai tikina esą neišleidžiami jau dabar
Be trumpesnės darbo savaitės, Lietuvoje siūloma įteisinti ilgesnes kasmetines atostogas. Ekspertai beda pirštu į statistiką – lietuvių atostogos visoje ES yra vienos trumpiausių. Tačiau verslas atkerta, kad skaičiuojant ir šventines dienas, lietuviai atostogauja bene ilgiausiai. Be to, darbuotojai linkę kaupti atostogas – pinigai jiems svarbiau. Profsąjunga svarsto, kad Lietuvoje tai įgyvendinti būtų sudėtinga, nes jau dabar ne visi darbdaviai išleidžia atostogų.
07-24 00:00[MarketWatch] NewsWatch: U.S. stocks rise to all-time highs, as Dow closes above 35,000 for first time
Stocks finish at record highs Friday, with the Dow Jones Industrial Average index closing above 35,000 for the first time, and the S&P 500 and Nasdaq Composite also at new highs, as investors cheer corporate earnings reports and brush off worries about the delta variant of the coronavirus slowing the economic recovery.
07-23 23:49[Investopedia] Are depreciation and amortization included in gross profit?
In this article, we'll analyze whether depreciation and amortization are included in calculating gross profit.
07-23 23:48[MarketWatch] Market Extra: Dow clears 35,000 milestone on Friday on 6th try
The sixth time is a charm for the Dow Jones Industrial Average, closing above 35,000 for the first time Friday, as stocks cap a buy-the-dip rebound from a selloff that opened the week.
07-23 23:48[MarketWatch] Market Snapshot: U.S. stocks rise to all-time highs, as Dow closes above 35,000 for first time
Stocks finish at record highs Friday, with the Dow Jones Industrial Average index closing above 35,000 for the first time, and the S&P 500 and Nasdaq Composite also at new highs, as investors cheer corporate earnings reports and brush off worries about the delta variant of the coronavirus slowing the economic recovery.
07-23 23:43[MarketWatch] These are some of the most racially diverse second-home markets to consider
Many of the country’s well-known second-home destinations — think Nantucket, Cape Cod, East Hampton — are not exactly known for their diversity. But what if that’s something that is important to you as a potential buyer?
07-23 23:42[Investopedia] How to Get a Real Estate License in Georgia
The process of becoming a real estate agent or broker in Georgia is multifaceted and takes time. Here are the details for how to go about it.
07-23 23:35[Investopedia] Can You Lease a Car with Bad Credit?
An in-depth look at car leasing options for those with bad credit or no credit history.
07-23 23:33[MarketWatch] The Ratings Game: Boston Beer stock suffers record selloff as analysts slash targets after big earnings miss
Shares of Boston Beer Co. Inc. suffered a record plunge to a one-year low Friday, as an avalanche of analysts slashed their price targets following the alcoholic beverages company's biggest earnings miss in years.
07-23 23:30[Investopedia] Valuing Firms Using Present Value of Free Cash Flows
When trying to evaluate a company, it always comes down to determining the value of the free cash flows and discounting them to today.
07-23 23:29[MarketWatch] The Ratings Game: Intel stock drops as signs of continued AMD share gains eclipse earnings beat
Intel Corp. shares dropped Friday after nearly a third of the analysts covering the stock cut their price targets as strong earnings did little to distract from signs that smaller rival Advanced Micro Devices Inc. keeps on bleeding market share away from the chip maker.
07-23 23:27[MarketWatch] The Ratings Game: Facebook, Google and Snap stocks rocket to records as online ad market heats up
The red-hot digital advertising market is lifting the social-media sector, but some internet companies may be poised to benefit more than others.
07-23 23:25[MarketWatch] : China-based education stocks rocked on worries over new PRC regulations
Shares of China-based education companies took a beating in Friday, amid media reports that the Chinese government is mulling new regulations concerning after-school tutoring services.
07-23 23:23[MarketWatch] : With a cost of over billion and decreased revenue due to no fans, how many billions will Tokyo lose on the Olympics?
Estimated costs for the Olympics exceed billion, far above the Olympic Organising Committee's .7 billion revenue projection
07-23 23:20[Cointelegraph] Rangers Protocol launches Ethereum Virtual Machine-compatible testnet
The project is branding its testnet as useful to “new developers without blockchain background knowledge."
07-23 23:11[Investopedia] International Monetary Fund: Benefits and Drawbacks
The International Monetary Fund plays a crucial role in turning around troubled economies, but often faces criticism over how it achieves its mission.
07-23 23:03[MarketWatch] You Can Rent Scottie Pippen’s Chicago-Area Home on Airbnb During the Olympics
The legendary NBA star Scottie Pippen was a Hall of Famer on the court. His contributions alongside the superstar Michael Jordan were one of the highlights of last year’s fascinating documentary on their team, the Chicago Bulls, in the 1990s, “The Last Dance.”
07-23 22:53[Investopedia] How Much Does It Cost to Charge an Electric Car?
Most electric car owners charge their vehicles at home rather than at public charging stations. Here’s what you’ll pay for electricity and equipment.
07-23 22:48[MarketWatch] Bond Report: Treasury yields edge higher, with 10-year briefly breaching 1.30%
Long-dated U.S. Treasury yields rise Friday, with the 10-year hovering not far from 1.30% as data shows business activity cooling in July.
07-23 22:35[MarketWatch] : The Senate’s new retirement proposal could get you more money in your 401(k)
‘The Encouraging Americans to Save Act’ would give eligible workers a credit to their retirement accounts
07-23 22:32[MarketWatch] : LeBron James is officially a billionaire — the first billion-dollar U.S. team sport athlete to do it while still playing
LeBron James's off-court earnings are actually higher than his earnings from the NBA
07-23 22:24[Investopedia] Using Simple Random Sample to Study Larger Populations
Learn how simple random sampling works and what advantages it offers over other methods when selecting a research group from a larger population.
07-23 22:24[MarketWatch] The Margin: Jeff Bezos’ spaceflight likely just became a little less prestigious
The FAA released new requirements for space wings on July 20, the same day Bezos blasted off from rural Texas.
07-23 22:10[Cointelegraph] Coin98 gains 1,200% after Binance listing, Ampleforth soars on Aave integration
C98 rallied 1,200% from its ICO price shortly after listing on Binance and AMPL shot higher after the project integrated with AAVE.
07-23 22:04[Investopedia] The Best Real Estate Companies to Work For
Real estate companies Keller Williams, Weichert, and Redfin offer agents the best chance to succeed with some of the best training in the business.
07-23 22:04[MarketWatch] Futures Movers: Oil prices move up to end the volatile week with a modest gain
Oil futures move up on Friday, with gains for a fourth-straight session allowing prices to rebound from the lowest settlements since May after a sharp drop on Monday.
07-23 22:00[Cointelegraph] El Salvadorians take to the streets to protest Bitcoin law
Those who marched against Bitcoin this week claimed the cryptocurrency was too volatile and would allow businesses to "launder ill-gotten money."
07-23 21:49[MarketWatch] : Only one U.S. airline ranked among the 10 best in the world — here’s who came out on top
Airlines’ track records amid the COVID-19 pandemic factored in the new ranking.
07-23 21:45[MarketWatch] In One Chart: Foreign buying of U.S. corporate debt takes off, even with Fed no longer buying
Foreigners are on pace to buy a record amount of U.S. corporate debt this year, a sharp reversal of the tsunami of selling seen in 2020, according to a Goldman Sachs report.
07-23 21:28[Investopedia] The Cost of Hiring a New Employee
Hiring a new employee entails more than just providing a salary ... a lot more.
07-23 21:19[MarketWatch] Coronavirus Update: With COVID cases rising in all 50 states, CDC head urges unvaccinated to get their shots; U.S. ‘not out of the woods yet’
The U.S. is not out of the woods yet as COVID-19 cases are rising in all 50 states, driven by the highly transmissible delta variant, the head of the CDC warned Thursday, once again urging unvaccinated people -- who now account for the vast majority of cases, hospitalizations and deaths -- to get their shots.
07-23 21:16[MarketWatch] Capitol Report: Yellen turns up heat on Congress to tackle debt ceiling
Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen on Friday turned up the pressure on Congress to tackle the debt limit, saying the pandemic has scrambled prior accounting tricks the government used to avoid default on its debts.
07-23 21:15[] Kremliaus sankcijų sulaukė žurnalistinių tyrimų tinklapis „The Insider“   
Rusija penktadienį prie „užsienio agentų“ priskyrė nepriklausomą žiniasklaidos priemonę ir pagrindinę žurnalistinių tyrimų tinklalapio „Bellingcat“ partnerę „The Insider“.
07-23 21:15[MarketWatch] Retirement Weekly: The retirement treadmill
It’s been incredibly difficult for retirees and near-retirees to get ahead of the curve
07-23 21:10[MarketWatch] Retirement Weekly: Americans are leaving old 401(k) accounts behind — and paying the price
There are over 24 million forgotten 401(k) accounts
07-23 21:05[MarketWatch] Retirement Weekly: How to help professional athletes make their money last when they retire
Setting pro athletes up for success off the playing field
07-23 21:02[MarketWatch] Metals Stocks: Gold prices end lower to log first weekly loss in 5 weeks
Gold futures end lower on Friday to post their first weekly loss in five weeks as Treasury yields bounced and the U.S. dollar edged higher.
07-23 21:00[MarketWatch] Retirement Weekly: News and analysis for those planning for or living in retirement
Retirement news and analysis
07-23 20:52[Investopedia] 6 Ways To Boost Your Human Capital
Don't wait to increase your wealth. Start with these six tips today!
07-23 20:51[] ECB atšauks dėl pandemijos įvestus apribojimus bankų išmokamiems dividendams
Europos Centrinis Bankas (ECB) paskelbė atšauksiantis dėl pandemijos įvestus apribojimus komercinių bankų išmokamiems dividendams, tačiau paragino euro zonos skolintojus „išlikti apdairiems“.
07-23 20:50[] „BOD Group“ atidarė saulės elektrinę
Technologijų grupė „Global BOD Group“ (GBG) penktadienį Lazdijų rajone atidarė 3,35 megavato (MW) galios saulės elektrinę. Anot bendrovės pranešimo, Grikapalyje pastatyta „SoliTek“ technologijų elektrinė yra didžiausia nutolusi saulės elektrinė Lietuvoje.
07-23 20:49[Investopedia] 7 Middle Income Jobs That Pay Over ,000
After a period of decline, middle income jobs that pay over ,000 per year are once again on the rise as the economy continues to improve.
07-23 20:47[MarketWatch] : Lucid Motors stock to start trading Monday
Lucid Motors shares are set to trade on the Nasdaq on Monday after the company's merger with a blank-check company was approved on a second try Friday.
07-23 20:45[Cointelegraph] Reddit deploys layer-2 solution aimed at scaling Ethereum-based community points
“You’ll notice transactions happen much faster, and once you’ve created a Vault, you won’t have to keep claiming Moons every month,” said Reddit if the solution is migrated to the Ethereum mainnet.
07-23 20:43[MarketWatch] Earnings Results: American Express beats earnings expectations as card spending accelerates
American Express topped earnings and revenue expectations Friday while pointing to an acceleration in spending and "robust" interest in its fee-based cards.
07-23 20:38[Investopedia] 6 Things To Do Before You Call A Real Estate Agent
There's a lot of work to be done before you pick up the phone to list your property.
07-23 20:37[Investopedia] What You Should Know About Debt Relief
Expert Erica Sandberg tells you what you need to know to get the help you need in a post-COVID-19 world.
07-23 20:34[Investopedia] Top 5 Largest University Endowments
The five largest university endowments in the world are Harvard, Yale, University of Texas, Princeton and Stanford
07-23 20:34[Investopedia] Why Would a Stock Have No Par Value?
Corporations sometimes issue shares with no par value because it helps them avoid liability should the stock price start to slide.
07-23 20:34[MarketWatch] The Conversation: This is the tipping point for when people vaccinated against COVID-19 should mask up again indoors
Masking is already being recommended again in parts of California. An infectious disease specialist weighs in.
07-23 20:33[Investopedia] How To Get the Most Out of Your 401(k) Plan
Your retirement security depends on your retirement accounts and the nest egg you build with them. Find out how to get the most out of your 401(k) plan.
07-23 20:32[MarketWatch] Brett Arends's ROI: Grantham’s terrifying new forecasts
I've never seen a forecast this bad
07-23 20:29[MarketWatch] The Fed: Fed to tiptoe towards tapering next week
The Federal Reserve meeting will start to work on its plans to slow down its bond purchases but Fed Chairman Jerome Powell won't give away crucial details like when it will actually pull back.
07-23 20:26[Cointelegraph] Price analysis 7/23: BTC, ETH, BNB, ADA, XRP, DOGE, DOT, UNI, BCH, LTC
Bitcoin and most major altcoins are meeting resistance at higher levels but the bearish sentiment of the last two months seems to be reducing.
07-23 20:26[MarketWatch] Key Words: Alabama Gov. Kay Ivey says unvaccinated are to blame for rising COVID-19 cases; ‘It’s the unvaccinated folks that are letting us down’
Alabama Gov. Kay Ivey has had enough of residents of her state who have not yet been vaccinated against COVID-19, and did not hold back in expressing her ire this week.
07-23 20:18[] „Juodeliai“: nebe konkurencija lemia pardavimus 
Medienos perdirbimo UAB „Juodeliai“ pirmąjį šių metų pusmetį pasiekė 55,5 mln. Eur apyvartą, kuri 2,5 karto didesnė nei atitinkamu praėjusių metų laikotarpiu. Tikimasi, kad šių metų pardavimo pajamos sudarys 120 mln. Eur – jeigu verslui nesutrukdys politiniai sprendimai.
07-23 20:12[] Alavo kaina pasiekė rekordines aukštumas
Pasaulinės alavo kainos muša rekordus baiminantis kad dėl koronaviruso delta atmainos sutriks tiekimas.
07-23 20:08[Investopedia] How AbbVie Makes its Money
An in-depth look at Abbott Labs spinoff AbbVie and how it became a 0 billion company.
07-23 20:07[Investopedia] What Are the Three Major Economic Components Necessary for Stagflation to Occur?
Dig deeper into the three components of stagflation: inflation, unemployment, and declining output, as understood by economic theory.
07-23 20:02[Investopedia] How Nvidia Makes Money: Gaming, Data Center, and AI Platforms
Nvidia's graphics segment produces the vast majority of revenue and profits, but its compute and networking segment is growing fast.
07-23 19:58[MarketWatch] The Moneyist: My sister co-signed our nephew’s student loans for ,000. When he defaulted, she paid them off. Should his parents repay her?
‘I asked my mom to have her compensated from our other sister’s proceeds, but my nephew’s mother said it was not her issue.’
07-23 19:50[] Olimpiadai – naujas pašto ženklas 
Tokijuje, Japonijoje, prasidedant olimpiadai, Lietuvos paštas penktadienį išleido specialų pašto ženklą. Tomo Dragūno sukurtame pašto ženkle „XXXII Olimpiados žaidynės“ vaizduojamos šiuolaikinės penkiakovės rungtys, pranešė Lietuvos paštas.
07-23 19:45[Cointelegraph] FXT token taps into Binance Smart Chain following ERC-20 success
The BEP-20 based FXT token hopes to “replicate the success of its variant – ERC-20 Token.”
07-23 19:42[MarketWatch] Earnings Outlook: You know who doesn’t hate Facebook? Wall Street
Excuse us if you've heard this song before. Facebook Inc. --- under siege from the president and his predecessor, the Federal Trade Commission, a bestselling book, and lawmakers --- is expected to rack up record revenue and net income when it reports fiscal second-quarter results on Wednesday.
07-23 19:39[MarketWatch] Outside the Box: Ethereum, the No. 2 behind bitcoin, fights off challengers that offer cheaper and faster blockchains
Ethereum, known for its "smart" contracts, is bested in security, scalability and energy consumption.
07-23 19:37[Investopedia] Private Placement and Share Price
Understand what it means when a company does a private placement, and find out how this typically impacts the share price of the company's stock.
07-23 19:35[Investopedia] Did Disney's (DIS) 'Black Widow' Release Strategy Misfire?
Disney released "Black Widow" simultaneously in theatres and on its streaming service, which analysts blamed for a drop in second weekend collections.
07-23 19:32[MarketWatch] Earnings Outlook: Facing antitrust bull’s-eye, Google stock still at record highs because ad sales are sizzling
Alphabet Inc. is the most vulnerable Big Tech company on the regulatory front, but don't expect that to matter Tuesday, when the search giant reports second-quarter financial results.
07-23 19:30[MarketWatch] The Margin: 6 of the Tokyo Olympics Opening Ceremony’s best moments
Naomi Osaka lit the Olympic cauldron to cap a ceremony that featured drones, videogame music and shirtless flag bearers
07-23 19:24[MarketWatch] : Flexibility, plants and good vibes are all part of Salesforce’s return-to-office strategy
Salesforce hired a whopping 15,000 people during the pandemic. But the company also knows 'the office' needs to step up its game when it comes to attracting, hiring and retaining talent in the future, says Michele Schneider, senior vice president of global workplace services at Salesforce.
07-23 19:21[MarketWatch] : Xponential Fitness stock sputters in IPO debut
Shares of Xponential Fitness Inc. opened below their initial public offering price Friday in a disappointing debut for the operator of boutique exercise brands like CycleBar and Pure Barre.
07-23 19:15[Cointelegraph] Bitcoin payments for real estate gain traction as crypto holders seek monetization
Could crypto payments for real estate become another notable way for people to invest their BTC, or is the learning curve too steep for wider adoption?
07-23 19:15[MarketWatch] : Biogen, under pressure, tells investors it ‘stands by’ the FDA review process for its Alzheimer’s drug
Biogen executives sought to assure investors that the science behind its newly approved Alzheimer’s disease drug is firm despite ongoing questions about whether the drug works, how it was approved, and what it costs.
07-23 19:14[] E. Macronas pakeitė dėl šnipinėjimo įtartiną telefoną
Prancūzijos prezidentas Emmanuelis Macronas pakeitė telefoną ir telefono numerį po žiniasklaidos pranešimų, kad jis galėjo tapti šnipinėjimo porgramėlės „Oegasus“ taikiniu.
07-23 19:14[Investopedia] Water Investments: How to Invest in Water
We know that water is the source of all life. But it can also be a source for your portfolio. Discover how to add water to your portfolio today.
07-23 19:01[] Šimkus naujai pensijų reformai nepritaria: reikėtų skaičiuoti 30 metų į priekį, o ne iki kitų rinkimų
Lietuvos banko valdybos pirmininkas Gediminas Šimkus kritikuoja Socialinės apsaugos ir darbo ministerijos planus keisti senatvės pensijų apskaičiavimo tvarką. „Turėtų būti skaičiuojama ir projektuojama ne 3 metus į priekį, o 30 metų į priekį. Dabar paskaičiavimai yra iki 2024 metų, kur yra nemažai rinkimų“, – sako jis.
07-23 19:00[MarketWatch] NewsWatch: Amazon’s stock looks tired. Consider buying shares of these five fast-growing e-commerce plays instead
Amazon started the internet-retail revolution. Five other companies, including Sea and Coupang, are taking it further.
07-23 18:52[MarketWatch] Top Ten: Weekend reads: A dire warning about Chinese stocks
Also, more advantages of index investing, how athletes can benefit from new NCAA rules and stocks that are alternatives to Amazon.
07-23 18:47[Investopedia] 10 Companies That Will Pay for Your MBA (BAC, WFC)
Discover ten institutions of higher learning that are willing to help finance your MBA in exchange for your commitment to work for them.
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