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01-20 02:34[MarketWatch] What's Worth Streaming: Here’s everything coming to Hulu in February 2021, and what’s leaving
Hulu set to unveil a pair of Oscar contenders with 'Nomadland' and 'Billie Holliday' biopic.
01-20 02:05[Cointelegraph] Crypto winter: Bitcoiners use mining rigs as heaters as temperatures drop
Bitcoiners have been using the excess heat produced by their mining rigs to stay warm this season.
01-20 01:13[MarketWatch] : When does Joe Biden get control of the @POTUS Twitter account? A look at the presidential Twitter transition
Control over the @POTUS Twitter account will also begin the day of Joe Biden's inauguration
01-20 01:07[MarketWatch] Market Extra: Biden aims for best stock-market rally in 92 years ahead of inauguration
Supporters might point to President-elect Joe Biden's bullish impact on the stock market since the Nov. election as an early accomplishment, even if it's hard to pin all of the recent gains on the change in regime from Donald Trump to Biden.
01-20 00:52[Cointelegraph] Bitcoin and altcoins correct after Yellen’s ‘illicit financing’ critique
Janet Yellen’s critical comments about cryptocurrencies put a damper on the wider market just as Ethereum price reached a new all-time high.
01-20 00:42[MarketWatch] : Court strikes down major Trump rollback of restrictions on power plants, paving way for Biden emission regulations
In a last-minute slap at President Donald Trump, a federal appeals court struck down one of his administration’s most momentous climate rollbacks on Tuesday, saying officials acted illegally in issuing a new rule that eased federal regulation of air pollution from power plants.
01-20 00:38[MarketWatch] What's Worth Streaming: Here’s what’s coming to Netflix in February 2021 — and what’s leaving
Get ready for more 'To All the Boys' romance, and Zendaya in the black-and-white relationship drama 'Malcolm & Marie,' along with a slew of other shows and movies.
01-20 00:20[Cointelegraph] Projects weigh security risks, benefits of liquidity pool token collateral
Liquidity pool token-backed collateral could bolster DeFi's TVL, but can it be used securely?
01-20 00:14[MarketWatch] : Sensing a shifting tide with Biden tackling climate change, this major business lobby gets on board
The nation's arguably leading pro-business lobby sees the incoming Biden administration's pledge for climate-change action --- including rejoining the Paris Accord that President Trump abandoned --- as a can't-miss chance to influence "market-based" policy on greenhouse gas emissions and more.
01-20 00:10[Cointelegraph] Horizen Labs' co-founder says CBDCs could raise Bitcoin awareness
Central Bank Digital Currencies, or CBDCs, will likely affect Bitcoin in some fashion.
01-20 00:06[MarketWatch] : Trump’s movement ‘only just beginning,’ president says in farewell address
President Donald Trump released a recorded valedictory address Tuesday afternoon summarizing his accomplishments and promising supporters that his political movement will continue even after he's out of power.
01-20 00:03[MarketWatch] : Netflix tops 200 million subscribers with year-end flourish, stock jumps 10%
Netflix Inc. topped 200 million streaming subscribers for the first time at the end of 2020, as sign-ups surged despite higher prices in the U.S. and Canada.
01-20 00:01[] Norintys modernizuoti savo daugiabutį paraiškas galės teikti ilgiau
Per 2020 m. pagal Daugiabučių modernizavimo programą atnaujinta daugiau nei 300 namų. Pandemijos ir karantino keliami sunkumai renovacijos nesustabdė, praneša Būsto energijos taupymo agentūra (BETA). Asmenys, galvojantys apie daugiabučio modernizaciją, kviečiami teikti paraiškas.
01-20 00:00[MarketWatch] NewsWatch: Netflix tops 200 million subscribers with year-end flourish, stock jumps 8%
Netflix Inc. topped 200 million streaming subscribers for the first time at the end of 2020, as sign-ups surged despite higher prices in the U.S. and Canada.
01-19 23:53[MarketWatch] Personal Finance Daily: What economists say about Biden’s bid for a minimum wage and will undocumented immigrants get COVID-19 vaccines
Tuesday's top personal finance stories
01-19 23:37[MarketWatch] Next Avenue: The COVID relief law holds good news and bad news for older Americans
It's a mixed bag for aging services programs but includes landmark funding to curb elder abuse.
01-19 23:35[Cointelegraph] Coinbase buying spree continues with the acquisition of Bison Trails
Bison Trails, a leading blockchain infrastructure platform, has been acquired by the San Franciso-based exchange.
01-19 23:27[MarketWatch] Next Avenue: How to get a vaccine for someone who is homebound
Getting homebound relatives vaccinated against COVID-19 isn't easy—you need to be proactive. Here's what to know.
01-19 23:26[MarketWatch] Market Snapshot: Dow snaps 3-day slide, stocks kick off week with gains as Yellen calls for more fiscal aid
U.S. stocks recorded gains on Tuesday as Janet Yellen in her Senate confirmation hearing called for more fiscal aid for the pandemic-battered economy.
01-19 23:05[MarketWatch] : Biden likely to tighten COVID travel restrictions from these countries
U.S. President-elect Joe Biden opposes the lifting of a ban on travelers from Europe and Brazil ordered by his predecessor President Donald Trump for Jan. 26, his incoming press secretary Jen Psaki tweeted on Monday.
01-19 23:00[Cointelegraph] Enjin Coin surges 71% after becoming first regulatory approved gaming token in Japan
The asset recently received the blessing of the Japanese Virtual Currency Exchange Association.
01-19 22:58[MarketWatch] : Russia sends Navalny back to jail the day after he returns from German hospital after poisoning
The U.S. government and the EU demanded Navalny’s immediate release but stopped short of indicating what they might do if the Russian government ignored their pleas.
01-19 22:52[MarketWatch] The Moneyist: My husband is a felon and his work plummeted. He did not file a 2019 tax return. Will we get a second 0 stimulus and ,400 check under a President Biden?
‘We are hurting and need this money.’
01-19 22:50[MarketWatch] Bond Report: U.S. government bond yields edge lower after Yellen supports more fiscal spending
U.S. Treasury yields saw a slight pullback on Tuesday as investors tuned into a confirmation hearing for former Fed Chairwoman Janet Yellen as Treasury Secretary.
01-19 22:49[MarketWatch] Capitol Report: Yellen confirmation hearing shows real fight will be over taxes
Janet Yellen's confirmation hearing showed that Republicans are mainly focused on protecting their 2017 tax cuts.
01-19 22:46[MarketWatch] The Moneyist: I’m a single mom. I take my kids on trips. My mother says that’s crazy and I should be saving for a house. What do you think?
‘Sometimes, I rent a hotel room by the beach, Las Vegas or other places that I think would be nice for us to see.'
01-19 22:35[MarketWatch] : ‘Irresponsible’ and ‘long overdue’: What economists and workers say about Biden’s bid for a minimum wage and end to tip credits
Workers could benefit from higher wages, but many could lose their jobs as a result of a higher minimum wage and tipped credit elimination.
01-19 22:33[MarketWatch] : High-tech British firms eye U.S. listings in blow to post-Brexit London stock market
Two high-tech British firms are considering listings in New York, in a blow to the London Stock Exchange at a time when the city’s post-Brexit role as a financial services hub is changing.
01-19 22:31[MarketWatch] : Wall Street should fear new Biden financial regulators, experts say
President-elect Joe Biden on Monday announced the nomination Gary Gensler to run the Securities and Exchange Commission and Rohit Chopra to direct the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, signaling his intent to aggressively regulate the financial services industry, experts say.
01-19 22:31[MarketWatch] : Open all hours: Round-the-clock vaccination sites to be piloted in England in COVID-19 drive
England is vaccinating around 140 people a minute.
01-19 22:29[Cointelegraph] Decentralization in the centers of power: Learn crypto from Biden's SEC chair pick, part 3/3
The next leader of the U.S. securities regulator seems to be sympathetic to the mission of decentralization.
01-19 22:27[MarketWatch] : Danone shares rise as activist investor starts piling on the pressure
London-based Bluebell Capital Partners has called for Danone to replace its chairman and CEO amid poor share-price performance.
01-19 22:26[MarketWatch] : These copper-exposed stocks can surge in 2021 as tailwinds line up, Morgan Stanley says
Copper-exposed stocks could be set to surge in 2021 and a buying opportunity may be around the corner, Morgan Stanley analysts said on Monday.
01-19 22:23[Cointelegraph] Bitcoin can scale on chain just fine as a store of value, Blockdaemon CEO suggests
Could Bitcoin's blockchain handle full mainstream adoption?
01-19 22:23[MarketWatch] : 3 lessons from the Carrefour mess for M&A buyers eyeing Europe
The writing was on the wall as soon as French economy and finance minister Bruno Le Maire said he wasn’t in favor of the deal.
01-19 22:21[MarketWatch] Need to Know: Investors think there’s more chance Tesla and bitcoin will halve than double, warns Deutsche Bank
Two plays that worked out exceedingly well for investors in 2020 are making them wary as a new year kicks off, says our call of the day from Deutsche Bank.
01-19 22:12[MarketWatch] Futures Movers: Oil prices settle higher on stimulus hopes, weaker dollar
Oil futures settle higher Tuesday, taking a cue from rallying equity markets and a weaker dollar as traders shake off a cut in the International Energy Agency's forecast for 2021 crude demand.
01-19 22:06[Cointelegraph] 3 key reasons why Polkastarter (POLS) price rallied 500% since December
New partnerships, interest in initial decentralized exchange offerings and the success of Polkadot back Polkastarter’s impressive 500% rally.
01-19 22:02[] Senato respublikonų lyderis pareiškė, kad Kapitolijaus šturmą išprovokavo D. Trumpas
Donaldo Trumpo šalininkus, šturmavusius JAV Kapitolijų, išprovokavo pats prezidentas, antradienį pareiškė Senato respublikonų daugumos lyderis Mitchas McConnellas.
01-19 21:49[MarketWatch] Coronavirus Update: U.S. climbs above 400,000 COVID-19 fatalities as California becomes first state with 3 million confirmed cases
The number of global cases of the coronavirus-borne illness COVID-19 rose above 95.9 million on Tuesday, and the U.S. edged closer to 400,000 deaths, with California becoming the first state with more than three million confirmed cases.
01-19 21:30[MarketWatch] : Impeachment, nominees and next COVID aid package top Schumer’s to-do list
The soon-to-be Senate Majority Leader, Sen. Chuck Schumer, said Tuesday his priorities over "the next several weeks" include the impeachment trial of outgoing President Donald Trump, confirming President-elect Joe Biden's high profile nominees and passing another coronavirus aid bill.
01-19 21:28[MarketWatch] Capitol Report: Joe Biden to be inaugurated as the 46th president: Here’s how to watch
Joe Biden is set to be inaugurated as the 46th U.S. president on Wednesday in a ceremony like no other, as crowds are being kept to a minimum amid the coronavirus pandemic and the threat of violence after the Jan. 6 storming of the U.S. Capitol.
01-19 21:27[MarketWatch] Encore: How best to annuitize defined contribution assets?
A ‘Social Security bridge’ may be the best option for generating lifetime income from 401(k) plans
01-19 21:22[MarketWatch] Capitol Report: Joe Biden to be inaugurated as the 46th president: Here’s how to watch
Joe Biden is set to be inaugurated as the 46th U.S. president on Wednesday in a ceremony like no other, as crowds are being kept to a minimum amid the coronavirus pandemic and the threat of violence after the Jan. 6 storming of the U.S. Capitol.
01-19 21:18[MarketWatch] Key Words: Incoming First Daughter Ashley Biden says she won’t be working in her father’s administration
‘I will not have a job with the administration,’ says the social worker and public advocate, possibly alluding to Ivanka Trump
01-19 21:17[] JAV ragina Australiją neversti „Google“ ir „Facebook“ mokėti už turinį
JAV paragino Australiją atsisakyti planų priversti „Google“ ir „Facebook“ mokėti žiniasklaidos priemonėms už naujienų turinį, pareikšdamos, kad tai gali sukelti ilgalaikių neigiamų pasekmių vartotojams ir įmonėms. Australijos planuojama nuostata būtų taikoma „Facebook“ naujienų srautui ir „Google“ paieškos platformai.
01-19 21:14[MarketWatch] : Fast information about COVID-19 vaccines for seniors — where, when and how to get them
States are opening up the vaccine to older Americans, but that doesn't mean it's easy to sign up for an appointment.
01-19 21:13[] Verslo nesėkmių 2020 metais buvo mažiau, bet tai neguodžia: problemos gali smogti šiemet
Pasibaigę metai atnešė Lietuvos verslui mažiau bankrotų, turto areštų, ištuštėjo mažiau įmonių. Tačiau, panašu, kad tik atidėjome bėdas, kurios su didesne jėga gali smogti šiemet ar kitąmet, rašoma pranešime spaudai.
01-19 21:12[MarketWatch] The Moneyist: I’m considering proposing to my girlfriend, but unsure how to divide my estate between her and my daughter. I’m also predisposed to early-onset Alzheimer’s
This letter writer asks: ‘Is it wrong to leave funds passed down from generation to generation solely for my daughter, and leave other funds to my new wife?’
01-19 21:12[MarketWatch] The Moneyist: I took care of my late mother for 8 years. Am I obliged to tell my sisters she made me co-owner of a substantial bank account?
This daughter writes: ‘My conscience is getting the better of me, and I would like to be transparent about being the joint owner of this savings account.’
01-19 21:10[MarketWatch] Metals Stocks: Gold bounces back from lowest close since early December as dollar slips
Gold futures end higher Tuesday, clawing back from losses last week that drove prices to their lowest settlement in seven weeks.
01-19 21:03[MarketWatch] The Moneyist: My wife has a degenerative neurological disease. My father-in-law wants to put her in a facility — and take over our finances
‘My father-in-law now seems obsessed with moving my wife out of our home to some sort of group home/facility. The mere thought of this seems abhorrent and barbaric.’
01-19 21:01[Cointelegraph] Biden's Treasury Secretary nominee calls cryptocurrencies a 'particular concern' for AML
Janet Yellen claimed many cryptocurrencies are used "mainly for illicit financing."
01-19 21:01[MarketWatch] Deep Dive: Here are Wall Street’s favorite oil stocks for a 2021 recovery
An end to the pandemic could lead to additional gains for the stock market's hottest sector.
01-19 20:51[Cointelegraph] Ethereum 2.0 closes in on B value locked as stakers commit over 2% of supply
Ethereum is now the third largest blockchain by stake committed, and has plenty of room to grow.
01-19 20:46[] Ispanijos turizmo sektoriui 2020-ieji buvo prasčiausi metai per pusę amžiaus
Per praėjusius metus Ispanija sulaukė mažiau nei 20 mln. turistų iš užsienio, turizmo sektoriaus pajamos sunyko 75%, praneša leidinys „El Pais“.
01-19 20:40[MarketWatch] Market Extra: Why dollar bears aren’t afraid of Janet Yellen
Dollar bears didn't exactly scurry away when Janet Yellen, former Fed chair and President-elect Joe Biden's pick to serve as Treasury secretary, said the incoming administration won't seek a weaker dollar in a bid to gain a competitive advantage.
01-19 20:36[MarketWatch] Forecaster of the Month: Strong U.S. economic rebound will surprise markets and the Federal Reserve, says the best forecaster of 2020
In a competitive contest, Christophe Barraud of Market Securities won the Forecaster of the Year award, ousting nine-in-a-row champ Jim O'Sullivan of TD Securities.
01-19 20:32[MarketWatch] : GM stock soars toward another record after Microsoft partnership on driverless cars
Shares of General Motors Corp. shot up into record territory Tuesday, after the automaker said it was partnering with Microsoft Corp. to speed up the commercialization of driverless cars.
01-19 20:26[Cointelegraph] Pro traders go short as overbought derivatives propel Ethereum’s new high
Pro traders opened large short positions and derivatives data are flashing red flags after Ethereum price soared to a new all-time high.
01-19 20:26[] Kredito istorija ir reitingas: kaip nesusigadinti, o sugadinus atstatyti
Jei ateityje ketinate skolintis, pavyzdžiui, būstui, jau dabar turėtumėte susirūpinti savo kredito istorija ir reitingu. Kaskart prašant paskolos kreditoriai vertina jūsų finansinę situaciją ir finansų valdymo įpročius, tad net ir gavus paskolą už ją gali tekti mokėti daugiau.
01-19 20:20[MarketWatch] : BlackRock’s CEO says a leading investor is flagging worries about valuations and inflation
BlackRock CEO Larry Fink says a leading investor flagged to him concerns about stock market valuations and the possibility of inflation breaking out.
01-19 20:17[MarketWatch] Paul Brandus: Some say the Republican Party is dead — don’t count it out yet
History suggests Republicans will stage a comeback.
01-19 19:47[MarketWatch] NFL’s Larry Fitzgerald reportedly sold his Arizona estate for million
The Arizona Cardinals wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald scored a quick sale of his massive mansion in the desert, AZ Central reports. The future Hall of Famer pulled in million for his Paradise Valley, AZ, estate.
01-19 19:33[MarketWatch] The Technical Indicator: Charting a bullish holding pattern, S&P 500 maintains 20-day average
Technically speaking, the major U.S. benchmarks have asserted a bullish holding pattern, digesting a sharp early-month rally to record territory, writes Michael Ashbaugh.
01-19 19:30[] EK tikslas – iki vasaros paskiepyti 70% ES šalių gyventojų
Europos Komisija iškėlė tikslą iki 2021 m. vasaros visose valstybėse narėse paskiepyti 70% visų suaugusių gyventojų.
01-19 19:30[] Baltijos lyderiai siūlo ES apibrėžti skiepijimo tempą
Lietuvos prezidentas bei Latvijos ir Estijos premjerai kreipėsi į Europos Sąjungos institucijų vadovus, ragindami artimiausioje Europos Vadovų Taryboje susitarti dėl ES piliečių kolektyvinio imuniteto pasiekimo tikslų ir terminų.
01-19 19:21[Cointelegraph] How to regulate exchanges: Learn crypto from Biden's SEC chair pick, part 2/3
The SEC's incoming chair predicted the crackdown on crypto exchanges over AML concerns back in 2018. See what other insight he had.
01-19 19:15[Cointelegraph] As Ether price breaks all-time high Buterin's ETH holdings up 8x in a year
Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin has seen the value of his personal ETH stash soar over 700% in a single year.
01-19 19:12[] Vyno prekyba: mažiau, bet kokybiškiau
2020-ieji vyno pasauliui nebuvo lengvi: visuotinė pandemija uždarė restoranus, viešbučius, sustabdė keliones. Klimato kaita nepagailėjo staigmenų vynuogių augintojams. Tačiau rinkos analitikai primena, kad yra ir šviesioji Mėnulio pusė: dėl pasaulinės koronaviruso pandemijos sukeltų suvaržymų vynas didžiausiose jo vartojimo rinkose ir toliau yra „naudos gavėjas“.
01-19 19:12[MarketWatch] The Wall Street Journal: China clears Cisco-Acacia deal — with conditions
China’s antitrust regulator approved Cisco Systems Inc.’s acquisition of Acacia Communications Inc., clearing the deal for completion under several conditions aimed to protect supply to the companies’ Chinese customers.
01-19 19:00[MarketWatch] NewsWatch: Stock-market bulls are fooling themselves over the risk of a bear market while the economy keeps growing
There's another trigger for big declines in the stock market beyond economic recession.
01-19 18:51[] Augantis nedarbas įgauna pagreitį: prognozuoja, kad gali būti pasiektas praėjusios krizės rekordas
Šalyje registruotas nedarbas toliau auga. Jis, naujausiais duomenimis, siekia 16,1 proc. Ekspertų prognozės kol kas nieko gero taip pat nežada, teigiama, kad toks nedarbo augimas – dar ne pabaiga, o bedarbių gretos toliau augs ir net gali pasiekti 2010-ųjų praėjusios krizės skaičius.
01-19 18:47[] Virš 2.000 Vilniaus ir Kauno medikų paskiepyti ir antrą kartą
Antrąją vakcinos nuo COVID-19 dozę jau gavo 1.624 Vilniaus universiteto ligoninės Santaros klinikų ir 454 Lietuvos sveikatos mokslų universiteto Kauno ligoninės medikai.
01-19 18:46[MarketWatch] Earnings Outlook: Intel earnings: We know who the next CEO is, but what decisions will be made before he arrives?
As Pat Gelsinger returns to Intel Corp. as chief executive, investors are likely to skim past the chip maker's quarterly results and short-term outlook to look for more detail on the company's nebulous plans to get back on track as a chip leader.
01-19 18:35[Cointelegraph] New timeline charts Bitcoin’s price alongside historical events of the past decade
Have major events throughout Bitcoin's history impacted its price?
01-19 18:27[] Baltijos emitentams vis nepavyksta tyliai atsisveikinti su birža
Lūkesčiai dėl ekonomikos skatinimo, prognozes pranokstantys rezultatai antradienį kelia akcijų kainas biržose. Pagrindinio „Snaigės“ akcininko sprendimas delistinguoti bendrovę kelia smulkiųjų pasipiktinimą dėl kainos.
01-19 18:18[MarketWatch] : Amazon Prime member total reaches 142 million in U.S. with more shoppers opting in for a full year, data shows
Global e-commerce sales were .28 trillion in 2020 with a 14.3% increase expected in 2021, according to eMarketer.
01-19 18:12[] Apklausa: Europiečiai išlieka skeptiški dėl transatlantinių santykių ateities
Naujoje idėjų kalvės „European Council on Foreign relations“ (ECFR) paskelbtoje apklausoje matyti, kad dauguma europiečių džiaugiasi dėl demokratų partijos kandidato Joe Bideno išrinkimo JAV prezidento rinkimuose, tačiau jie lieka skeptiški dėl JAV galimybių greitu metu atsitiesti ir atkurti savo įvaizdį tarptautinėje arenoje.
01-19 18:12[MarketWatch] : GM stock soars toward another record after Microsoft partnership on driverless cars
Shares of General Motors Corp. shot up into record territory Tuesday, after the automaker said it was partnering with Microsoft Corp. to accelerate the commercialization of driverless cars.
01-19 18:02[] Europos Parlamente – raginimai išplėsti sankcijas Rusijai dėl A. Navalno sulaikymo
Antradienį surengtame plenariniame posėdyje Europos Parlamento (EP) nariai paragino išplėsti sankcijas Rusijai dėl opozicijos lyderio Aleksejaus Navalno sulaikymo.
01-19 18:00[Cointelegraph] Bitcoin breakout 'imminent' says hedge fund as analyst targets K monthly close
Both Bitcoin's technicals and analysis of on-chain indicators are "wildly bullish," says Vailshire Capital Management, with BTC/USD reaching three-day highs.
01-19 17:59[] EK patvirtino 156 mln. eurų Lietuvos mokesčių atidėjimo schemą
Europos Komisija patvirtino 156 mln. eurų vertės Lietuvos pagalbos schemą nuo koronaviruso protrūkio nukentėjusioms įmonėms remti, informuoja Europos Komisijos atstovybė Lietuvoje. Schema buvo patvirtinta pagal laikinąją valstybės pagalbos sistemą.
01-19 17:55[MarketWatch] : This film shows off virtual reality’s growing potential to compete with movies, TV, and gaming as our dominant form of entertainment
The short VR film Baba Yaga, released on Facebook's Oculus headsets, shows off the new medium's narrative potential
01-19 17:54[Cointelegraph] Crypto startup Amber Group raises 0 million AUM as institutions, retail arrive
The crypto-finance company reported a 275% annual increase in assets under management in 2020.
01-19 17:49[] Turgaus prekeivių atstovas dabartinę paramą vadina pasityčiojimu: reikalaujama didesnių išmokų
Nors maisto produktais prekiauti nedraudžiama, kai kurios turgavietės visgi nusprendė užverti vartus, o prekeiviai dirba tiesiog prie uždarytų turgaviečių vartų. Vis dėlto, asociacijos „Lietuvos prekyvietės ir turgavietės“ prezidento Vytenio Butkevičiaus teigimu, daugybė žmonių, prekiaujančių turgavietėse, priversti išvis stabdyti savo veiklą.
01-19 17:45[] SEB Baltijos šalių atitikties vadove paskirta Simona Balčiūnaitė
Finansinių paslaugų grupės SEB Baltijos šalių atitikties vadove antradienį paskirta Simona Balčiūnaitė, kuri ir toliau vadovaus SEB banko Atitikties departamentui Lietuvoje, pranešė bankas.
01-19 17:43[] Auganti technikos rinka augino ir sutelktinio finansavimo platformą „HeavyFinance“
2020 m. per sutelktinio finansavimo platformą „HeavyFinance“ buvo sutelkta 2,1 mln. Eur, šią sumą investavus 1.000 registruotų platformos vartotojų. Pusmetį veikiantis startuolis gavo 77.000 Eur pajamų.
01-19 17:43[] Plunksnis: dėl „Snaigės“ gali būti kreiptasi į teismą
Iš biržos pasitraukti ketinančiai Rusijos grupės „Polair“ valdomai šaldytuvų gamybos bendrovei „Snaigei“ nepasiaiškinus dėl įmonės akcininkui paskolintų 11 mln. eurų likimo, Investuotojų asociacija svarstys galimybę kreiptis į teismą. Tuo metu Lietuvos bankas pabrėžia, kad spręsdamas dėl „Snaigės“ akcijų išpirkimo kainos įvertins ir Investuotojų asociacijos argumentus.
01-19 17:38[OMX] AB „Snaigė" suteiktas stebimojo statusas
01-19 17:28[] Antroji COVID-19 banga: bankai iki balandžio pratęsė „paskolų atostogas“ 
Šalies didieji bankai ir kitos kredito įstaigos, Lietuvos bankų asociacijos (LBA) narės, susitarė iki šių metų kovo 31 d. atnaujinti paskolų moratoriumą verslui ir gyventojams.
01-19 17:25[Cointelegraph] Will Biden's pick for the SEC chair ease up on ICOs?
Gensler will likely be replacing Jay Clayton, who famously slowed down the ICO market during his tenure at the SEC. Will Gensler issue new clarity?
01-19 17:14[Cointelegraph] ETH price sets new all-time high, gains financial momentum to go further
Technical indicators related to Ether suggest that a move past the ,000 range might be in the books — but how soon?
01-19 17:10[] Baltarusiai Lietuvoje aktyvesni, bet šeimų ir verslo masinis persikėlimas kol kas nevyksta
„Fintech“ bendrovės ir nekilnojamojo turto įmonės pastebi, kad baltarusių domėjimasis įsikūrimu Lietuvoje smarkiai išaugo – atsidaro daugiau sąskaitų, ieško būsto nuomai. Vis dėlto Baltarusijos kapitalo įmonių analizė rodo, kad dažnai svarstomo IT bendrovių persikėlimo į Lietuvą kol kas neįvyko, o kredito biuro specialistai pataria atidžiai vertinti baltarusių įmonių patikimumą.
01-19 17:05[MarketWatch] The Conversation: This is the big risk if Biden copies Trump and uses an obscure rule to cancel regulatory rollbacks
After tit-for-tat, should the Congressional Review Act be repealed?
01-19 16:58[] Penktadienį „SpaceX“ turėtų iškelti dar vieną „NanoAvionikos“ palydovą
Sausio 22 d. (penktadienį) iš kosmodromo Floridoje turėtų pakilti bendrovės „SpaceX“ raketa-nešėja „Falcon 9“, kurioje bus ir Lietuvoje sukurtas palydovas, pavadintas „Charlie“. Tai jau trečiasis per pastarąjį pusmetį į kosmosą kylantis Lietuvos UAB „NanoAvionika“ palydovas.
01-19 16:58[MarketWatch] : New York Mets fire General Manager after he sent explicit texts to female reporter
The accusations were reported by ESPN on Monday night, and the Mets fired General ManagerJared Porter on Tuesday morning
01-19 16:42[MarketWatch] TaxWatch: IRS says this tax season will be ‘one of the nation’s most important.’ Make note of these key dates
The IRS will start accepting returns a little later than usual, on Feb. 12.
01-19 16:38[] F. Kirkorovas įtrauktas į nepageidaujamų asmenų sąrašą
Migracijos departamentas, Užsienio reikalų ministerijos prašymu, penkeriems metams įtraukė Rusijos atlikėją Filipą Kirkorovą į nepageidaujamų asmenų sąrašą Lietuvoje. Draudimas atlikėjui atvykti į Lietuvą įsigalioja nuo sausio 19 d., pranešė Vidaus reikalų ministerija (VRM).
01-19 16:33[MarketWatch] Market Extra: Black Americans suffered the most under Trump-era consumer-protection agency, study finds
Settlements paid by auto lenders, credit reporting bureaus, mortgage providers and other consumer finance companies to Black and lower-income communities dwindled over the past four years when the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau was asked to intervene, researchers find
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