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08-15 19:18[MarketWatch] When are people with COVID-19 at their most contagious?
The actual number of coronavirus cases worldwide is likely far higher than 20 million due to asymptomatic carriers, scientists say.
08-15 19:16[MarketWatch] Does sunshine kill coronavirus? Was it made in a lab? Will antibiotics help? These are the most popular myths and conspiracy theories about COVID-19
Six months into the coronavirus pandemic, some people are on edge, while others are just plain confused.
08-15 19:12[MarketWatch] Dr. Fauci outlines 3 ways America can beat coronavirus
The infectious-disease expert said, ‘Unless we do this together, we’re not going to get this under control.’
08-15 19:09[MarketWatch] Dr. Fauci asks people NOT to politicize coroanvirus: ‘We’ve been through a Depression, we’ve been through a World War. We pulled together through 9/11’
The infectious-disease expert said that aiming for 100% herd immunity, instead of maintaining safety procedures and waiting for a vaccine in early 2021, would have dire consequences.
08-15 19:00[MarketWatch] Economic Preview: Americans worry the economy will suffer for a long time—but it hasn’t stopped them from spending
If we go by what Americans think, the economy stinks. If we go by what they do, an ailing economy is getting better.
08-15 19:00[MarketWatch] NewsWatch: Stock market looks like ‘hapless Wile E. Coyote, running off the edge of a cliff,’ says behavioral economist
Although the clambering toward a record by arguably the most important stock-market benchmark in the world has stalled out in recent days, its proximity to an all-time closing peak has made a number of investors uneasy to say the least.
08-15 18:56[MarketWatch] Help Me Retire: I’m retired, my wife isn’t — how should we pay off our ,000 mortgage before she retires?
Have a question about retirement, including where to retire? Email
08-15 18:50[] I. Damulienė: kova dėl pirkėjo tapo nuožmesnė
Pernai visos TOP 20 vaistinių bendrovių augino pardavimus ir dirbo pelningai. Bendros šio segmento pajamos 2019 m. išaugo 14%, šį sausį–gegužę vaistinių apyvarta buvo 5,3% didesnė, palyginti su atitinkamu periodu pernai, rodo Statistikos departamento duomenys.
08-15 18:31[MarketWatch] Key Words: George Soros bashes President Trump, explains why he no longer participates in this market bubble
George Soros just turned 90 years old... and he’s got a lot to say.
08-15 18:26[MarketWatch] Help Me Retire: I’m 63, a widow and lost my job because of COVID. I don’t have much in savings and feel lost. What can I do?
Have a question about retirement, including where to retire? Email
08-15 18:19[MarketWatch] Impossible Foods gets 0 million in funding
The maker of plant-based meat products has now raised about .5 billion since its founding in 2011. It said it intends to use the funds to expand research and development programs, accelerate manufacturing, increase its retail presence, and develop next-generation, plant-based products.
08-15 18:12[MarketWatch] Help Me Retire: I have a seven-figure nest egg — am I saving too much for retirement?
A big pile of money is great, but it raises questions
08-15 18:00[] George'as Sorosas – didysis numatytojas (I dalis)
George‘as Sorosas yra vienas žinomiausių pastarojo šimtmečio finansininkų. Tai žmogus, 1992 m. „sulaužęs“ Anglijos banką, filantropas, paaukojęs 32 mlrd. USD Atviros visuomenės fondo veiklai, politinis pugilistas, susirėmęs su tokiomis personomis kaip JAV prezidentas Donaldas Trumpas ar Vengrijos ministras pirmininkas Viktoras Orbanas. Tačiau sulaukęs 90-ies, Sorosas negali nurimti dėl vieno: „Žmonės manęs nepažįsta“.
08-15 17:52[MarketWatch] : California Uber rides could come to a stop, but Uber Eats still has a green light
Many ride-hailing drivers in the state have turned to delivery work, so an Uber and Lyft shutdown over worker classification could help reduce the impact on them.
08-15 17:50[MarketWatch] ‘Fortnite’ maker accuses Apple, Google of illegal monopolistic practices in tech Battle Royale
The maker of “Fortnite” has launched a Battle Royale against Apple Inc. and Alphabet Inc., filing lawsuits against the two tech giants that claim they illegally exploit a monopoly on app and in-app purchases.
08-15 17:30[MarketWatch] Top Ten: Weekend reads: Following Tesla and Apple, more stock splits are coming and they can help you make money
Also, Kamala Harris and the markets, how Republicans and Democrats should vote in November and how market timers did after the March crash.
08-15 17:30[MarketWatch] In One Chart: Warren Buffett said this metric signaled the 2001 crash — now it’s sounding the alarm on global markets
A sell signal is flashing on Buffett’s favorite indicator.
08-15 17:29[MarketWatch] Mark Hulbert: Inflation is low now, but it still poses a big threat to retirees’ financial security
An often-overlooked inflation hedge
08-15 17:28[MarketWatch] The Tell: Stocks could be melting up like they did in the Roaring ’20s, strategist says — we all know what happened next
Mark Twain once said, “History doesn’t repeat itself, but it often rhymes.” Ed Yardeni of Yardeni Research applied those words to what, for most observers, has to feel like a unique climate for playing the market these days.
08-15 17:27[MarketWatch] The stock market would love a Democratic sweep in November
Democrats would support more stimulus and spending.
08-15 17:25[MarketWatch] Market Extra: Stock market looks like ‘hapless Wile E. Coyote, running off the edge of a cliff,’ says behavioral economist
Although the clambering toward a record by arguably the most important stock-market benchmark in the world has stalled out in recent days, its proximity to an all-time closing peak has made a number of investors uneasy to say the least.
08-15 17:12[] Darbo jėgos pasiūla statybose augo 7,6%, paklausa mažėjo 9,6%
Šių metų pirmąjį pusmetį, palyginti su tuo pačiu laikotarpiu pernai, darbo jėgos pasiūla statybose augo 7,6%, o paklausa mažėjo 9,6%.
08-15 17:10[MarketWatch] IRS announces daily fantasy tax as DraftKings posts second quarter loss
The Internal Revenue Service has decided that DraftKings and other daily fantasy sports companies should pay a federal excise tax on daily fantasy sports. The tax will apply to entry fees for daily fantasy contests, and could have a huge impact on the gaming industry.
08-15 16:58[MarketWatch] Help Me Retire: I’m 52, won’t live past 80 and have .6 million. ‘I am tired of both the rat race and workplace politics.’ Should I retire?
Have a question about retirement, including where to retire? Email
08-15 16:55[MarketWatch] : Fed says it is developing an experimental digital currency
The Federal Reserve announces that research is under way to develop a digital currency.
08-15 16:47[MarketWatch] Market Extra: Here’s what Kamala Harris means and doesn’t mean for financial markets
Financial markets have been unperturbed so far about the pick of the first Black American woman and the first person of Indian decent to appear on the ticket of a major national party—and, perhaps, for good reason.
08-15 16:37[MarketWatch] The Conversation: The ‘excess deaths’ tally in the U.S. is 204,691 in 7 months — so COVID-19 deaths might be undercounted
The number of deaths through July 2020 is 8% to 12% higher than it would have been if the coronavirus pandemic had never happened.
08-15 16:34[MarketWatch] Upgrade: My retirement income is just ,600 a year, but I want to retire in a beach town ‘where the sky is blue and the water warm’ — where should I go?
3 spots to consider
08-15 16:33[MarketWatch] THE BIG MOVE: I work in Silicon Valley, but my job is now remote. I can finally live somewhere cheaper. Where should I go?
The coronavirus pandemic has caused many Americans to move in search of bigger, more affordable homes.
08-15 16:30[MarketWatch] Market Extra: Companies are weighing stock splits after Tesla and Apple’s announcement, expert says
After Tesla and Apple Inc.--behemoths of Wall Street by dint of their popularity among investors and their outsize valuations, announced plans to split their shares within weeks of each another--there has been a growing buzz that more companies with triple and quadruple-digit share prices will follow in their footsteps.
08-15 16:27[MarketWatch] Brett Arends's ROI: Eeek! Why I don’t trust S&P 500 index funds (especially not now)
Diversification? What diversification?
08-15 16:25[MarketWatch] Outside the Box: Why Trump is unlikely to pull off an election surprise against Biden like he did with Clinton
Undecided voters in 2020 are swinging to the Democrats, writes pollster Chris Jackson.
08-15 16:09[] G. Nausėda susitiko su VSD ir Antrojo operatyvinių tarnybų departamento vadovais 
Prezidentas Gitanas Nausėda šeštadienį susitiko su Valstybės saugumo departamento (VSD) vadovu Dariumi Jauniškiu ir Antrojo operatyvinių tarnybų departamento prie Krašto apsaugos ministerijos vadovu Elegijumi Paulavičiumi.
08-15 16:00[MarketWatch] NewsWatch: The stock market would love a Democratic sweep in November
Democrats would support more stimulus and spending.
08-15 15:55[] „Salintos“ bankrotą priartino akcininkų ginčai 
Nors plastiko poreikis koronaviruso pandemijos metu išaugo, plastikinių gaminių liejimo UAB „Salinta“  paskelbtas bankrotas. Pastaraisiais metais nuostolingai dirbusią Kauno bendrovę pribaigė akcininkų ginčai.
08-15 15:53[MarketWatch] Kamala Harris on student-loan forgiveness, Medicare, universal basic income, credit scores — and a tax on trading stocks
Former Vice President Joe Biden announced that Harris would be his running mate for the 2020 presidential election.
08-15 15:48[MarketWatch] Refinancing your mortgage will cost more thanks to a new fee from Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac
Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac are rolling out a new ‘adverse market fee’ in light of the coronavirus pandemic. Critics of the move say it will cost homeowners thousands of dollars.
08-15 15:47[MarketWatch] Mortgage rates keep falling — will they finally drop to 0%?
Outside the U.S., lenders have even offered mortgages with negative interest rates.
08-15 15:44[MarketWatch] In Battle Royale against Apple, Spotify and Match Group throw support behind ‘Fortnite’-developer Epic Games
“Fortnite” creator Epic Games is geared up for a fight against Big Tech, and it is winning the support of other prominent app developers in the process.
08-15 15:43[MarketWatch] When will I get my extra 0 a week in unemployment benefits? Why isn’t everyone out of work eligible under Trump’s proposal?
Trump signed an executive order calling for an extra 0 a week in unemployment benefits — but it’s best to read the small print.
08-15 15:40[MarketWatch] The extra 0 in weekly unemployment benefits expired — but gig workers and self-employed Americans still qualify for benefits
Self-employed and gig workers can collect state-level unemployment benefits through the end of the year under the CARES Act.
08-15 15:36[MarketWatch] MarketWatch: How the pandemic is upending business in wine country
Loading up on wine at big-box retailers and grocery stores isn’t helping most U.S. wineries get through the pandemic.
08-15 15:34[MarketWatch] Capitol Report: U.S. closes in on something it hasn’t done since WWII — borrow more money than it raises
Amid the economic devastation wrought by the coronavirus pandemic, the U.S. government is nearing a fiscal milestone few expected: it will borrow as much or more this year than it raises in taxes and other revenues.
08-15 15:25[MarketWatch] Deep Dive: Value stocks, which trade lowest to growth stocks since 2001, look like a smart play as the economy rebounds
Diane Jaffee of TCW Group says value stocks tend to outperform when investors look ahead to better times.
08-15 15:16[MarketWatch] Mark Hulbert: Here’s a pandemic stock tip: Buy on the rumor of a COVID-19 vaccine, sell on the news
Wall Street’s ‘smart money’ heads for the exit when retail buyers rush the door, writes Mark Hulbert.
08-15 15:13[MarketWatch] Brett Arends's ROI: ‘It was like something out of Gilligan’s Island!’ The FIRE crowd who spent the lockdown partying in the Bahamas
This couple gives you another reason to quit your miserable job
08-15 15:11[MarketWatch] Mark Hulbert: Here’s a bullish case for owning bonds now — even with yields close to zero
Counting for inflation and taxes, interest rates aren’t particularly low, writes Mark Hulbert.
08-15 15:10[MarketWatch] Next Avenue: A ‘lifequake’ can shatter your reality—how to navigate the twists and turns of major change
Life transitions can be jarring at any age, but they often pile on top of each other in your 50s and 60s.
08-15 15:08[MarketWatch] In One Chart: Here’s how savers — both Republicans and Democrats — should vote to avoid a huge hit to their nest eggs
The best case scenario: Gridlock. The worst: Complete Republican power.
08-15 15:05[] A. Lukašenka konsultuojasi su V. Putinu, miestuose vėl būriuojasi minios 
Vladimiras Putinas ir Aliaksandras Lukašenka, Rusijos ir Baltarusijos prezidentai, šeštadienį kalbėjosi telefonu.
08-15 14:52[MarketWatch] Key Words: CDC director warns America is in for the ‘worst fall … we’ve ever had’
The coronavirus isn’t the only public health crisis looming this autumn.
08-15 14:39[MarketWatch] The Moneyist: My mother’s will says her boyfriend can live in her home after she dies. Can I still kick him out if the deed is transferred to me?
‘The will also stipulates that he cannot have another woman living in the house.’
08-15 14:35[MarketWatch] Howard Gold's No-Nonsense Investing: The Federal Reserve’s policies have drastically increased inequality
Interest-rate cuts and other stimulus boost stock prices, which benefit the wealthiest the most.
08-15 14:22[] A. Dulkys: mes demonstruojame neapykantą savo ateičiai
„Vyriausybės ataskaitose neminimi nepadaryti darbai, o tokių kartais būna ir beveik pusė“, – sakė buvęs Valstybės kontrolės vadovas Arūnas Dulkys. Tai vienas paskutiniųjų rugpjūčio 12 d. anapilin iškeliavusio žurnalo redaktoriaus Aurelijaus Katkevičiaus interviu „Verslo klasėje“, darytas prabėgus kelioms dienoms po to, kai Seimas A. Dulkį atleido iš vyriausiojo šalies auditoriaus pareigų.
08-15 14:16[MarketWatch] Deep Dive: Buy in Europe, where stocks have been ‘brutally beaten up,’ says fund manager
The decline in the dollar also helps American investors holding overseas stocks.
08-15 14:02[] Daugiausiai naujų koronaviruso atvejų – Vilniaus ir Kauno apskrityse 
Iš 34 per praėjusią parą nustatytų naujų koronaviruso atvejų, patvirtinti keturi įvežtiniai atvejai iš Rusijos, Anglijos, Lenkijos, Olandijos.
08-15 13:23[] M. Pompeo pasirašė sutartį dėl dalies JAV kontingento perkėlimo iš Vokietijos į Lenkiją 
Varšuvoje viešintis JAV valstybės sekretorius Mike Pompeo šeštadienį pasirašė su lenkų pareigūnais bendradarbiavimo gynybos srityje sutartį, atveriančią kelią dalies Vokietijoje dislokuotų amerikiečių karių perkėlimui į Lenkiją.
08-15 12:42[] Kartono vagystės tuoj taps 5,4 mlrd. USD problema
„Smėlio spalvos auksas“, — taip kartoną ir kitas popieriaus atliekas apibūdina jo vagys. Pasirodo, rūšiavimui skirto kartono vagystėmis užsiima ištisos nusikalstamos grupuotės, iš nelegalios veiklos susižeriančios milijonus dolerių.
08-15 11:54[] Lietuvos ekonomikos smukimas – vienas mažiausių ES, o Baltijos šalių eksportas – mažėja
20-ies Europos šalių tarpe geriau pasirodė tik Suomija, o eksportas pirmąjį pusmetį smuko 8%.
08-15 11:29[] Vilniaus bastėjoje savaitgalį eksponuojamas lobis
Tik šį savaitgalį, rugpjūčio 14–16 d., Lietuvos nacionalinio muziejaus (LNM) padalinyje, Vilniaus gynybinės sienos bastėjoje, galima apžiūrėti ypatingą muziejaus eksponatą – lobį, kurį prieš 35-erius metus surado vaikai. Vieno jų motina, Tauragėje gyvenanti senjorė, sako: „Tiek mes tąkart ir tesupratom, kad čia lobis. Kelios monetos – didesnės, mažesnės.“
08-15 11:26[] „S&P Global Ratings“ tvirtina ir palieka Lietuvai suteiktą A+ kredito reitingą
Tarptautinė kredito reitingų agentūra „S&P Global Ratings“ patvirtino šių metų vasarį Lietuvai suteiktą A+ ilgalaikio skolinimosi reitingą ir paliko stabilią perspektyvą.
08-15 10:48[] Ukrainoje trečią parą iš eilės užfiksuotas rekordinis COVID-19 atvejų skaičius 
Ukrainoje per pastarąją parą nustatyti 1.847 nauji koronavirusinės infekcijos COVID-19 atvejai – daugiausiai nuo pandemijos pradžios, taip pat mirė 33 anksčiau užsikrėtę pacientai.
08-15 10:43[] Seimo rinkimų kampanijos statistika: dvi dešimtys partijų, šimtai kandidatų
Likus aštuonioms savaitėms iki Seimo rinkimų įsibėgėja kandidatų registravimo vajus. Po trijų savaičių paaiškės galutinis sąrašas tų, kurie siekia 141 mandato naujos kadencijos Seime. Rinkimai vyks spalio 11 d.
08-15 10:18[] „S&P Global Ratings“ palieka Lietuvai suteiktą A+ kredito reitingą
Daugeliui šalių mažinant reitingus, tarptautinė kredito reitingų agentūra „S&P Global Ratings“ patvirtino šių metų vasarį Lietuvai suteiktą A+ ilgalaikio skolinimosi reitingą ir paliko stabilią perspektyvą.
08-15 09:23[Investopedia] Financial Careers Without a College Degree
Many financial careers do not require a college education. Credentials like on-the-job experience and licenses can be much more important.
08-15 09:22[] JT atmetė JAV siūlymą pratęsti ginklų embargą Iranui 
Jungtinių Tautų (JT) Saugumo Taryba triuškinama balsų persvara penktadienį atmetė JAV pasiūlymą pratęsti Iranui taikomą ginkluotės embargą, o toks žingsnis žada svarbių pasekmių daugiašaliam susitarimui dėl Teherano branduolinės programos.
08-15 09:03[] Baltarusijoje šeštoji protestų diena baigėsi be demonstrantų vaikymų ir areštų 
Minske ir kituose Baltarusijos miestuose penktadienį vykusios protesto akcijos baigėsi prieš vidurnaktį be susirėmimų su milicija ir protestuotojų areštų.
08-15 08:37[] Pasirašytos dvi pirmosios sutartys dėl paskolų kelionių organizatoriams
Nacionalinė plėtros įstaiga „Investicijų ir verslo garantijos“ („Invega“) pasirašė dvi pirmąsias sutartis dėl paskolų suteikimo pagal priemonę „Paskolos turizmo ir viešojo maitinimo paslaugų teikėjams“.
08-15 08:34[] Savaitgalį policija daugiau dėmesio skirs renginiams, izoliacijos taisyklių pažeidėjams 
Savaitgalį policijos pareigūnai žada aktyviau tikrinti, kaip renginiuose laikomasi dėl koronaviruso įvestų apribojimų ir kaip saviizoliacijos reikalavimų laikosi iš užsienio grįžę žmonės.
08-15 08:12[] „Daimler“ JAV sumokės per 2 mlrd. JAV dolerių 
Vokietijos automobilių koncernas pagal susitarimus su JAV institucijomis dėl savo dyzeliniuose automobiliuose naudotos, taršos rodiklius klastojančios programinės įrangos, Jungtinėse Valstijose sumokės iš viso 2,2 mlrd. USD (1,87 mlrd. Eur).
08-15 08:03[] Naktį „Luminor“ banko klientai negalės atsiskaityti kai kuriose e. prekybos vietose
Naktį dėl techninių darbų nebus teikiamos kai kurios „Luminor“ banko internetinės paslaugos.
08-15 07:47[] G. Rodčenkovas: sportas nebebus švarus, niekada
Užsimaukšlinęs skrybėlę, su saulės akiniais ir chirurgine kauke ant veido Grigorijus Rodčenkovas sėdi užtemdytame kambaryje. Net neįsivaizduoju, kur jo buvimo vieta, – mūsų pietūs vyksta vaizdo konferencijos būdu. Lygiai taip pat neturiu nė menkiausio supratimo, kaip jis atrodo; maskuotė užtikrina, kad joks skambučius šnipinėjantis tipelis to irgi negalėtų suprasti.
08-15 01:34[Investopedia] How to Become an Uber Driver: A Step by Step Guide
Becoming a personal driver with Uber is a popular way to make extra money. Here's a guide on what you need to know before you become an Uber driver.
08-15 00:50[MarketWatch] Market Extra: Goldman gets rosier on ‘junk’ rated companies, trims default forecast to 10.5%
After three blistering months of defaults, the worst might be over for U.S. speculative-grade companies, says Goldman Sachs analysts, who this week cut back their initial 13% default estimate for 2020.
08-15 00:46[MarketWatch] Personal Finance Daily: How the U.S. can emulate South Korea, Singapore and New Zealand to control the coronavirus and refinancing your mortgage will cost more thanks to a new fee
Friday's top personal finance stories
08-15 00:34[MarketWatch] Weekend Sip: This high-end Venezuelan rum is trying to help unemployed bartenders during the pandemic
This rum ‘is a delicate and delightful sip.’
08-15 00:11[MarketWatch] Medill News Service: China is far behind farm purchases needed to fulfill terms of trade deal with U.S.
China has bought less than one-fourth of the .6 billion in U.S. agriculture products necessary to meet its goals under the phase one trade deal reached earlier this year.
08-15 00:00[MarketWatch] NewsWatch: The stock market would love a Democratic sweep in November
Democrats would support more stimulus and spending.
08-14 23:34[MarketWatch] Market Snapshot: Dow finishes with small gain after weaker-than-expected rise in retail sales
U.S. stocks spent most of the day hovering around the flat line after a weaker-than-forecast July rise in retail sales.
08-14 23:19[MarketWatch] The Ratings Game: Tesla stock propelled higher by BofA and Morgan Stanley upgrades
Tesla bear ranks are thinner after BofA, Morgan Stanley upgrade their ratings on the stock, citing the share rally and ‘battery day’.
08-14 22:41[MarketWatch] The Ratings Game: Chili’s parent says its weeks-old virtual chicken chain It’s Just Wings will soon be a 0 million brand
Brinker International says its virtual-only chain It’s Just Wings is generating million in weekly sales after launching at the end of fiscal 2020.
08-14 22:40[MarketWatch] There is no such thing as ‘passive’ investing in an America so deeply scarred by racism, Rachel Robasciotti says
Rachel Robasciotti is the founder of a wealth management firm that aims to be “a bridge between financial markets and social justice activism,” a place where the principals are deeply committed to helping clients to do well by doing good, in ways that go beyond the usual greenwashed ideas about ESG investing.
08-14 22:26[MarketWatch] The U.K. has now quarantined its closest neighbors. That will have an economic cost — but it may be worth it, for everyone
The U.K. quarantine on neighbors like France and the Netherlands will affect EU-U.K. trade and hit the European economy just as it was beginning to recover.
08-14 22:19[MarketWatch] Futures Movers: Oil slips on demand worries, but U.S. supply declines help solidify weekly price gains
Oil futures finish lower Friday, with pressure attributed in part to downbeat global demand forecasts from major organizations this week, but prices ended the week higher following declines in U.S. supplies.
08-14 21:59[MarketWatch] Earnings Outlook: Nvidia data-center sales expected to surpass gaming for first time
Nvidia Corp.’s upcoming earnings report promises to usher in an era of firsts for the chip company, the most significant being formally shedding its past reputation as being primarily a gaming card company and fully embracing its role in shaping data centers.
08-14 21:53[MarketWatch] The Conversation: Russian trolls have adapted their methods since 2016 — and continue to mislead and spread social discord ahead of 2020 elections
Images that Russian government-backed trolls posted on Twitter appeared on other social networks, including Reddit, 4chan and Gab.
08-14 21:06[MarketWatch] : Dare Trump to sign a post office bill? Pelosi muses on an option
House Speaker Nancy Pelosi raised the prospect Friday of trying to pass a stand-alone bill to give the U.S. Postal Service additional cash to cope with the coronavirus and ensure smooth mail-in balloting.
08-14 20:57[MarketWatch] Metals Stocks: Gold declines for the session, posts first weekly loss since early June
Gold futures end lower Friday, pulling back after two straight days of gains, with prices registering their first weekly loss in 10 weeks, pressured by recent strength in U.S. Treasury yields.
08-14 20:53[MarketWatch] The Ratings Game: Farfetch stock soars as the shift to digital, luxury market share gains and exclusive merchandise drive revenue
Farfetch reported soaring revenue in the second quarter with upbeat analysts forecasting more market share gains to come.
08-14 20:52[] JAV patvirtino konfiskavusios iš Irano tanklaivių Venesuelai siųstą naftą
JAV teisingumo departamentas penktadienį patvirtino konfiskavęs degalų siuntas iš keturių tanklaivių, pasiųstas Teherano į krizę išgyvenančią Venesuelą, o pačius krovinius susiejo su Irano Revoliucine gvardija.
08-14 20:50[MarketWatch] The Moneyist: I’m still waiting on my FIRST stimulus check. When will I get it? ‘We, the qualifying taxpayers, should not have to suffer’
‘I was the supervisor of the department that processed and reconciled parking citations. Since mid-March, the number of parking citations drastically fell due to the coronavirus pandemic.’
08-14 20:34[MarketWatch] How politicians like Kamala Harris have long backed Portland-style policing
Multiagency law enforcement task forces have been around since the 1970s and now include hundreds of organizations with thousands of officers. Critics say there has been scant effort to evaluate whether the task forces actually reduce the problems they were set up to solve.
08-14 20:26[] Autostradoje – nauja „Circle K“ degalinė
Degalinių tinklas „Circle K“ atidarė naują degalinę šalia Kryžkalnio. Šiai plyno lauko investicijai tinklas skyrė beveik 2,8 mln. Eur ir išsiplėtė iki 89-ių degalinių.
08-14 20:22[MarketWatch] : Spotify sides with Epic Games in Apple app store battle over Fortnite
Music streaming service Spotify rushed to support Epic Games on Friday in its battle against Apple launching an attack of its own on the tech giant.
08-14 20:06[] „L’Oreal“ darbuotojai baiminasi netekti darbo, jei negrįš į biurus
Nuotoliniam darbui tapus nauja norma, įmonės turi iš esmės peržvelgti kasdienę darbuotojų rutiną bei sklandžiai organizuoti darbą neužtikrintumo sąlygomis.
08-14 19:54[MarketWatch] Key Words: Watch: Biden ad calls for national mask mandate, saying Trump is ‘failing to act’
Biden is rolling out a million media campaign across swing states over the next two weeks
08-14 19:50[MarketWatch] If you didn’t get a 0 stimulus check for your child, it should be coming soon
The IRS is correcting oversights due to a programming error — but a watchdog is complaining some will still have to wait.
08-14 19:40[] „Thermo Fisher“ nepavyko įsigyti Nyderlandų koronaviruso testų gamintojos „Qiagen“
Jungtinių Valstijų laboratorinės įrangos gamintojai „Thermo Fisher Scientific“ nepavyko įsigyti Nyderlandų bendrovės „Qiagen“, kuri gamina įvairius medicininius diagnostinius testus, įskaitant koronaviruso testus, nors JAV bendrovė buvo pasirengusi už „Qiagen“ sumokėti 10,7 mlrd. Eur.
08-14 19:33[MarketWatch] Coronavirus update: Global cases edge close to 21 million; U.S. counts more than 1,000 deaths to extend a 2-week streak
The number of confirmed cases of the coronavirus illness COVID-19 world-wide edged closer to 21 million on Friday, and the U.S. counted more than 50,000 new cases for a second day and counted more than 1,000 deaths, continuing a more than two-week streak.
08-14 19:22[MarketWatch] Nasdaq sets a ‘momentum’ record, which in the past has led to declines
Technical analysis suggests the Nasdaq-100 could dip before making new highs.
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