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07-02 16:46[MarketWatch] Living With Climate Change: Another reason to swap your gas stove? Study finds cancer-causing chemicals in natural gas
Harvard study finds the natural gas that lights gas stoves for home and professional cooks contains low concentrations of several chemicals linked to cancer.
07-02 16:33[MarketWatch] : ‘It could be the difference between an approval and denial’: Experian, Equifax and TransUnion remove fully-paid medical debt from credit reports on July 1. Will this help your credit score?
'The upside is tremendous,' one credit expert said.
07-02 16:31[] Darbdavio akis darbuotojo namuose: auga stebėjimo programėlių populiarumas
Prasidėjus pandemijai ir daliai darbuotojų ėmus dirbti iš namų, kai kurie vadovai sunerimo dėl jų produktyvumo. Nesant galimybių užtikrinti, kad žmonės namie išties dirba, organizacijos darbuotojų kompiuteriuose instaliavo sekimo programėles. Jų populiarumas Jungtinėse Amerikos Valstijose (JAV) ir Jungtinėje Karalystėje (JK) auga. Tyrimus atliekantys specialistai sako, kad ateityje šis kausimas bus vis aktualesnis, nes tos pačios programėlės dažnai naudojamos ne tik produktyvumui, bet ir psichologinei darbuotojų gerovei matuoti.
07-02 16:26[MarketWatch] The Upcycler: Think twice before you trade in your old smartphone or tablet — you could make more money ‘upcycling’ on resale sites
When it comes to old smartphones to tablets to gaming consoles, many people don't realize how much value is left in their devices.
07-02 16:14[MarketWatch] Top Ten: Weekend reads: What’s ahead for the stock market after that brutal first half of 2022
Also, housing mania, dividend stocks, contrarian investing and an increase in Social Security payments.
07-02 16:11[MarketWatch] The Big Move: I’m a recent widow. I’m building a house on my son’s and daughter-in-law’s land. Do I have legal ownership? What if they decide to sell, divorce, or die before me?
'They want me to move nearby, as I lost my spouse recently.'
07-02 15:57[MarketWatch] Brett Arends's ROI: Here’s how much the average working boomer has saved for retirement
Well over half of people surveyed expect their standard of living to decline in retirement.
07-02 15:52[MarketWatch] The Big Move: I’m close to retirement and I own 2 homes. If I sell my primary home, I’ll get 0K. My plan is to rent a place for ,400. Is that a good idea?
'When I retire and possibly downsize and rent, my vacation home will be used as an Airbnb.'
07-02 15:48[MarketWatch] Market Extra: Forget the 1970s — this market is drawing comparisons to the 1870s
The current high inflation environment is often compared to the 1970s. But perhaps a more apt comparison would be to the 1870s.
07-02 15:47[] Lietuvos bankas: kad būsto įperkamumas neprastėtų, reikia NT mokesčio
Nors Lietuvoje didėja būsto kainos, jo įperkamumas vis dar yra geras, tačiau gali prastėti. Norint, kad to neįvyktų, reikia stabilizuoti nekilnojamojo turto (NT) sektorių įvedant tinkamą NT mokestį ir užtikrinant pasiūlos lankstumą, sako Jokūbas Markevičius, Lietuvos banko Finansinio stabilumo departamento direktorius.
07-02 15:43[MarketWatch] Market Extra: The Dow just booked its worst first half since 1962. What history says about the path ahead.
A bear market leaves the S&P 500 with its worst first six months since 1970. Here's what has happened after stocks suffered steep first-half stumbles in the past.
07-02 15:37[MarketWatch] The Tell: The cities where housing costs are likely to drop: ‘We’ve squeezed a decade of home-price appreciation into a year and a half’
John Burns Real Estate Consulting, like others in the field, is expecting a slowdown in housing.
07-02 15:29[MarketWatch] The Margin: California is sending ‘inflation relief’ checks up to ,050 — here’s who qualifies
23 million California taxpayers are set to get the inflation relief money this fall
07-02 15:22[MarketWatch] The Moneyist: ‘She has a poor work ethic’: I rent out rooms in a single-family home. I charge ,300 per room, but my sister only pays 0. Should I ask her to pay more?
‘She is 33 years old, does not have a track record of holding down a steady job, and pays rent late in the month.’
07-02 13:31[] „Virgin Orbit“ raketa iškėlė septynis JAV karinius palydovus
Bendrovės „Virgin Orbit“ raketa penktadienį vakare iškėlė keletą JAV Gynybos departamento palydovų, kai buvo paleista iš specialaus nešančiojo lėktuvo „Boeing 747“, skridusio prie Kalifornijos pietinės pakrantės.
07-02 13:28[] Bolševikai visada norėjo valdyti pasaulį
Didžiausią branduolinį arsenalą turinčios šalies ir didžiausios Europos valstybės karas primena dabartinio Maskvos neosovietinio režimo pirmtakus.
07-02 11:30[] Penktadienį nustatyti 477 nauji COVID-19 atvejai
Per praėjusią parą nustatyta 477 nauji COVID-19 atvejai, vienas žmogus mirė, rodo šeštadienį paskelbti Statistikos departamento duomenys.
07-02 11:10[] „Snaigė“ kreipėsi į teismą dėl restruktūrizavimo bylos iškėlimo
Rusijos grupės „Polair“ netiesiogiai valdomos vienintelės Baltijos šalyse šaldytuvų gamybos bendrovės „Snaigė“ kreipėsi į teismą dėl restruktūrizavimo bylos iškėlimo.
07-02 10:42[] „Super Mario“ efektas blėsta: Italijos ekonomikai teks atlaikyti audrą
Italijos ekonomika šiemet turėjo gerokai ūgtelėti. Šalies ūkis, vairuojamas premjero Mario Draghi, turėjo išgyventi renesansą, tačiau vietoj lauktų gerų naujienų – Rusijos sukeltas karas Ukrainoje, kaip ant mielių auganti infliacija ir politinės peripetijos – Italijos ekonomikai žada dar vieną audrą.
07-02 08:15[Investopedia] 5 Countries Producing the Most Carbon Dioxide (CO2)
Learn about the top five countries—the United States, China, Russia, Germany, and the United Kingdom—that are the largest contributors to carbon dioxide emissions.
07-02 06:51[Investopedia] 8 Best Funds for Regular Dividend Income
Here's a list of the top mutual funds, which pay regular dividends, for frequent income.
07-02 04:40[Investopedia] Unemployment Rate by State
Unemployment can vary wildly depending on where you live. Fortunately, the state unemployment rate at least makes it easy to find out.
07-02 02:41[Investopedia] What Is a Pyramid Scheme? How Does It Work?
Investopedia explains pyramid schemes, how they work, their different forms, and what individuals should watch out for before falling into the trap.
07-02 01:42[Investopedia] What Are the Advantages of Paying with Bitcoin?
Learn how payments made with bitcoin offer certain advantages over standard currency, including user anonymity and low-cost transactions.
07-02 01:15[Investopedia] What to Expect in the Markets Next Week
Coming up next week: key updates on the strength of the U.S. labor market, and international PMI surveys.
07-02 01:14[Investopedia] Why the Dow Matters
Although the DJIA only includes 30 stocks, it can tell you a lot about the market as a whole.
07-02 01:06[MarketWatch] : Google says it will delete users’ location history for abortion clinic visits
Alphabet Inc.'s Google on Friday said it would delete members’ location history whenever they visit an abortion clinic, domestic violence shelter or fertility center.
07-02 00:57[MarketWatch] : Exxon says rising oil and gas prices will net it a Q2 windfall profit of at least .5 billion
Exxon Mobil Corp. said in a filing late Friday it expects a boost of at least .5 billion to its bottom line in the second quarter from rising prices for oil and gas, with billions more coming from higher margins for gasoline and other energy products.
07-01 23:49[MarketWatch] The Tell: Recession fears are slamming the stock market. This GDP tracker explains why.
Key Fed GDP tracker shows the U.S. economy slowing sharply.
07-01 23:48[MarketWatch] Market Snapshot: Dow climbs more than 300 points ahead of July 4 holiday, U.S. stocks end higher after a bruising first half of 2022
Stocks end higher Friday ahead of a long holiday weekend and after a miserable first half of the year.
07-01 23:46[MarketWatch] : Chip sector drops nearly 10% on week as Micron outlook points to declining demand
The semiconductor sector logged one of its worst weeks in an already lousy year following more evidence that the COVID-19 chip sector boom was drawing to a close.
07-01 23:43[MarketWatch] Personal Finance Daily: What’s ahead for the stock market after that brutal first half of 2022 and believe it or not, gas prices have been edging down ahead of Fourth of July — here’s why
Friday's top personal finance stories.
07-01 23:41[MarketWatch] The Margin: On Bobby Bonilla Day, here are other retired baseball players who receive huge deferred payments annually
July 1 is the annual .2 million payday for the former New York Met.
07-01 23:27[] „Der Spiegel“: EK leis Maskvai į Kaliningradą vežti visas prekes, bet ribotais kiekiais
Europos Komisija (EK) planuoja paskelbti išaiškinimą, kuris panaikins tranzito iš Rusijos per Lietuvą į Kaliningrado anklavą ribojimus, praneša vokiečių „Der Spiegel“ remdamasis šaltiniais.
07-01 23:26[MarketWatch] The Wall Street Journal: Klarna to raise new funds at slashed .5 billion valuation
Klarna Bank AB is nearing a deal to raise new money at a valuation of around .5 billion, according to people familiar with the matter, a humbling comedown and a testament to the punishing environment facing startup companies.
07-01 23:22[Investopedia] How to Make Money With Options Trading
Learn the various ways traders make money with options, and how it works. Options traders can profit by being an option buyer or an option writer.
07-01 23:20[MarketWatch] : Fourth of July: Are banks and the post office open or closed on July 4?
The July 4 federal holiday falls on a Monday this year, so many offices are closed. Here's what you need to know.
07-01 23:10[MarketWatch] Outside the Box: Say good-bye to the Power 5; it’s now all Big 10 and SEC
This latest deal making underscores what has become increasingly apparent over the last 10 years: the NCAA is incapable of governing the college sports system. 
07-01 22:28[MarketWatch] The Moneyist: ‘I worry my sister and I will not see anything’: My grandfather married a second time before dying. Do I have any right to an inheritance?
'He was a wealthy man and helped put me through college.'
07-01 22:19[MarketWatch] Bond Report: 10-year Treasury yield tumbles further below 3%, sees biggest weekly drop since March as recession fear grips bond market
Most Treasury yields fall on Friday, giving the 2- and 10-year rates their biggest weekly drops in four months.
07-01 22:16[MarketWatch] Weekend Sip: Review: Honor the Fourth of July with a bottle celebrating American patriot Hercules Mulligan
The Hercules Mulligan bottled cocktail is a tribute to a Revolutionary War figure (and Hamilton pal)
07-01 22:14[MarketWatch] Coronavirus Update: The U.S. bets billions of dollars on better COVID-19 boosters as it prepares for a spike in COVID-19 cases in the coming months
The U.S. is gearing up for another wave of COVID-19 infections in the fall and winter following a flurry of activity this week.
07-01 22:14[MarketWatch] Futures Movers: Oil prices tally first gain in 3 sessions, end higher for the week as supply worries resurface
Oil futures tally their first gain in three sessions on Friday, settling higher for the week, after major producers raised output as expected and outages in Libya fed concerns about reduced supply.
07-01 22:00[MarketWatch] : FDA and drug makers deepen their commitment to clinical-trial diversity. Will it work?
After years of ‘lackluster’ efforts, regulators and companies are finally aligned in their goal to make clinical trials more representative of U.S. population.
07-01 21:58[MarketWatch] : ‘It’s nuts’: Real-estate agents describe chaotic bidding wars in New York City’s red-hot rental market
As workers and college students return to the city over summer, rental prices have shot up.
07-01 21:55[MarketWatch] : Sports betting stocks: How companies like DraftKings, Caesars performed in June
30 states plus Washington, D.C. now offer at least some form of legalized sports wagering
07-01 21:44[Investopedia] Today's Mortgage Rates & Trends - July 1, 2022: Rates sink
After re-entering territory above 6% earlier this week, 30-year mortgage rates plunged Thursday to their lowest level in three weeks.
07-01 21:37[MarketWatch] Key Words: Wells Fargo CEO Charles Scharf: ‘Real-estate values moderating in the long term are a good thing’
Scharf said his company was experiencing a 'huge decline' in mortgage applications.
07-01 21:30[MarketWatch] : Office workers in San Francisco, Manhattan and Chicago are not returning to the office in significant numbers, research shows
New research reveals that we still have a long way to go before happy hour's back on again.
07-01 21:27[MarketWatch] Key Words: ‘We need people in it for the long haul’: Abortion funds have raised more than million since Roe v. Wade reversal
The National Network of Abortion Funds says it's 'taking into account both the reality that more people will need to travel and the higher cost of doing so.'
07-01 21:23[MarketWatch] Crypto: How prices for cryptos bitcoin and ethereum changed in June
Prices for many cryptos moved lower in June, and are down over 70% from 2021 highs.
07-01 21:22[MarketWatch] : Uber safety report: Fatalities up, sexual-assault reports down
Uber Technologies Inc. on Thursday released its second U.S. safety report, which showed a rise in fatalities from motor vehicle crashes and assault incidents, and a drop in sexual-assault reports, compared with its previous safety report.
07-01 21:21[MarketWatch] Lawrence A. Cunningham's Quality Investing: Here’s how a company can really boost shareholder value and its growth rate — especially in a bear market
When a business caters to customers and rewards employees, everybody wins -- including stockholders.   
07-01 21:18[MarketWatch] : Why it seems that all of your trusty stock-market indicators are busted
In a bear market, frustrated investors believe nothing works.
07-01 21:17[] PSO ragina imtis skubių veiksmų Europoje dėl beždžionių raupų
Pasaulio sveikatos organizacija (PSO) penktadienį paragino imtis skubių veiksmų siekiant užkirsti kelią beždžionių raupų plitimui Europoje, pažymėdama, kad per pastarąsias dvi savaites jų atvejų padaugėjo tris kartus.
07-01 21:15[MarketWatch] Retirement Weekly: Is now a good time for a Roth conversion?
Conversions done now will incur a lower tax bill than one done earlier this year
07-01 21:10[MarketWatch] Retirement Weekly: 12 ways to make your retirement better for the planet
From where you live to how you spend, small things can make a difference.
07-01 21:05[MarketWatch] Retirement Weekly: 10 things to talk about with your financial adviser
Use these discussion points in your midyear review.
07-01 21:01[Investopedia] LGBTQ+ Representation in the Workforce
Especially at senior levels, LGBTQ+ representation in the workplace is low.
07-01 21:01[MarketWatch] Metals Stocks: Gold falls for the week after a dip below ,800, as silver settles its lowest price in 2 years
Gold futures post a loss for the week, after a dip below the key ,800-an-ounce level on Friday, while prices for silver settle at their lowest in two years and copper drops to its weakest level in 17 months.
07-01 21:00[MarketWatch] Retirement Weekly: News and analysis for those planning for or living in retirement
Retirement news and analysis
07-01 20:55[OMX] AB SNAIGĖ kreipėsi į teismą dėl restruktūrizavimo bylos iškėlimo
07-01 20:40[] Trūkstant blankų Migracijos departamentas laikinai mažina išduodamų pasų skaičių
Trūkstant blankų Migracijos departamentas laikinai mažina išduodamų pasų skaičių, penktadienį pranešė Asmens dokumentų išrašymo centras (ADIC).
07-01 20:33[MarketWatch] The Margin: Local beach or pool closed? 6 reasons why there’s a lifeguard shortage this summer
In cities across the country, pools and beaches are being closed because of the lack of available lifeguards. These political and economic factors are to blame.
07-01 20:23[MarketWatch] Brett Arends's ROI: Here’s how much the value of your Social Security check is likely to go up next year
The higher payments will be welcome news for retirees.
07-01 20:22[] EK siūloma pirmoji makrofinansinės pagalbos Ukrainai dalis – 1 mlrd. Eur
Europos Komisija penktadienį Ukrainai pasiūlė pirmąją 1 mlrd. Eur vertės dalį iš išskirtinio makrofinansinės pagalbos (MFP) paketo.
07-01 20:15[MarketWatch] : 23 million Californians will receive ‘inflation relief’ checks of up to ,050. These 10 states are also offering cash payments.
'The thing all these states have in common is they have surpluses and they are using part of the surplus to send checks.'
07-01 20:14[MarketWatch] : Believe it or not, gas prices have been edging down ahead of Fourth of July — here’s why
National gas price averages have been dropping since mid-June, AAA data says
07-01 20:12[MarketWatch] The Moneyist: ‘I wouldn’t be successful at my job without her’: My friend cleans, cooks and cares for my child. I pay her a day. Am I taking advantage of her?
'I still nurse my daughter, put her down for naps and change her dirty diapers.'
07-01 20:10[MarketWatch] The Margin: Fourth of July weekend travel: A record 42 million people expected to hit the road, despite high gas prices
Airline delays and cancelations are pushing more people to drive. Travel analysts warn this could be the busiest and most expensive travel weekend in years.
07-01 19:55[] Emociškai išsekęs vadovas – kiek tai kainuoja įmonėms
Vadovaujančios grandies specialistų tyrimas, atliktas lyderiaujančios personalo technologinių sprendimų kūrėjos „Humu“, atskleidė, kad, turint efektyvius vadovus, įmonės pelnas gali augti net iki 50%, tačiau pastaruoju metu vadovai susiduria su gausybe iššūkių. Vienas pagrindinių, lydinčių nuo pandemijos pradžios, – ženkliai pablogėjusi emocinė būklė.
07-01 19:54[MarketWatch] Earnings Outlook: Wall Street profit expectations for megabanks cooled only slightly despite deep freeze in stocks
Analysts trim Q2 profit targets for Citigroup, Wells Fargo, Morgan Stanley and Bank of America, but JPMorgan fares better.
07-01 19:47[MarketWatch] The Margin: Binge watching ‘Stranger Things’ Season 4 Volume 2 takes almost four hours
Netflix reportedly spent million per episode for the penultimate ‘Stranger Things’ season --- and the finale is a feature-length 2½ hours long
07-01 19:45[MarketWatch] The Margin: It ain’t a bear market for Bobby Bonilla. How the former Mets player’s financial feat illustrates the magic of compound interest.
July 1 marks an annual .2 million payday for the former Mets third baseman.
07-01 19:34[MarketWatch] The Tell: Why this Morgan Stanley portfolio manager is ‘gradually’ getting less defensive in stocks as recession fears rise
It may be time to get a little less defensive and shift toward buying some crushed stocks as recession fears intensify, according to Andrew Slimmon, an equity portfolio manager at Morgan Stanley Investment Management.
07-01 19:24[MarketWatch] The Margin: ‘Stranger Things 4’ product visibility is worth up to million for Coke, Jif and other brands
One blog spotted more than 140 brands and products so far in "Stranger Things 4," and marketing analysts say the free publicity is worth tens of millions
07-01 19:17[] ESO: išmaniųjų skaitiklių projektas brangsta apie 10,5 mln. Eur
„Energijos skirstymo operatoriaus“ (ESO) ir Prancūzijos bendrovės „Sagemcom Energy and Telecom“ pernai gegužę pasirašyta 75 mln. Eur (be PVM) vertės išmaniųjų elektros skaitiklių diegimo sutartis brangsta beveik 14% – apie 10,5 mln. Eur.
07-01 19:10[] EK vadovė ragina Ukrainą paspartinti kovos su korupcija reformas
Ursula von der Leyen, Europos Komisijos (EK) pirmininkė, penktadienį Ukrainos parlamentui sakė, kad šalies narystė Europos Sąjungoje (ES) yra „ranka pasiekiama“, tačiau paragino Ukrainą aktyviai vykdyti kovos su korupcija reformas.
07-01 18:58[MarketWatch] : When will Ketanji Brown Jackson join the Supreme Court? What’s her salary? Answers to the key questions about the high court’s newest member.
Judge Jackson's historic confirmation came with some burning questions.
07-01 18:56[MarketWatch] : NOAA’s July weather outlook ‘incrementally positive’ for natural gas, says MKM analyst
On Thursday the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration updated its weather outlook for July, forecasting above-average temperatures for most of the U.S.
07-01 18:54[MarketWatch] : Kohl’s failed takeover was just one of a wave of abandoned deals amid market volatility
Kohl's announced that takeover talks had ended with Franchise Group, one of at least three deals that have recently terminated due to market conditions
07-01 18:49[Investopedia] Hong Kong vs. Mainland China: Differences Explained
Is Hong Kong part of China? The century-long separation between mainland China and Hong Kong created political and economic gaps that prove sometimes challenging to bridge.
07-01 18:42[MarketWatch] : GM Q2 sales drop 15%, adding to auto maker’s ‘timing’ woes
General Motors Co. earlier Friday warned it had about 95,000 unfinished cars waiting for parts, dialing down profit expectations for its second quarter.
07-01 18:41[MarketWatch] Commodities Corner: Enjoy the dip in gasoline prices because it may not last
Drivers have paid record prices for gasoline this year, but costs for the fuel may not have peaked, given strong demand and the potential for disruptions to Gulf Coast refineries in the current hurricane season.
07-01 18:40[] Pasimetusiose biržose padrąsinančios analizės „Apple“ investuotojams
Penktadienį rinkoms nepavyko rasti krypties po brutalaus pirmojo šių metų pusmečio, investuotojams baiminantis ekonomikos recesijos.
07-01 18:39[MarketWatch] Economic Report: Construction spending falls in May, first drop in eight months
Outlays for construction projects fell 0.1% in May at a seasonally adjusted annual rate of .78 trillion.
07-01 18:35[MarketWatch] Tax Guy: 3 common IRA rollover tax traps — and how to avoid them
It’s way too easy to run afoul of punitive tax rules when you do an IRA rollover.
07-01 18:29[MarketWatch] The Tell: Guggenheim warns U.S. economy likely entered recession during the second quarter
A note published by Guggenheim economist Matt Bush showed how the U.S. economy has slowed over the past few weeks.
07-01 18:20[MarketWatch] Economic Report: Manufacturing grew at slowest pace in two years, ISM finds, in another sign economy is slowing
The ISM barometer of American factories fell 3.1 points to a two-year low of 53% in June in another sign the U.S. economy is slowing. High inflation is still a big problem, but price pressures also eased for the fourth month in a row.
07-01 18:18[MarketWatch] The Margin: Rudy Giuliani says being slapped on the back by a ShopRite employee felt ‘as if a boulder hit me’
Video footage of the incident has gone viral after a ShopRite employee slapped Giuliani on the back
07-01 18:05[] Teismas nutarė nepriimti „Inter RAO Lietuvos“ skundo dėl sankcijų
Vilniaus apygardos administracinis teismas (VAAT) penktadienį nutarė nepriimti Rusijos energetikos milžinės „Inter RAO“ kontroliuojamos grupės „Inter RAO Lietuva“ skundo Finansinių nusikaltimų tyrimo tarnybai (FNTT) dėl jos sprendimo įtraukti įmonę į sankcionuojamų bendrovių sąrašą
07-01 17:59[MarketWatch] The Ratings Game: There may be another shoe to drop after Micron’s big outlook miss
Micron Technology Inc. delivered an outlook that fell far short of the consensus view, prompting questions about how the memory market will fare in a downturn.
07-01 17:57[] Teismas nutarė nepriimti „Inter RAO Lietuvos“ skundo FNTT dėl jai skirtų sankcijų
Vilniaus apygardos administracinis teismas (VAAT) penktadienį nutarė nepriimti Rusijos energetikos milžinės „Inter RAO“ kontroliuojamos grupės „Inter RAO Lietuva“ skundo Finansinių nusikaltimų tyrimo tarnybai (FNTT) dėl jos sprendimo įtraukti įmonę į sankcionuojamų bendrovių sąrašą.
07-01 17:56[] Pajūrio verslininkai įvertino vasaros pradžią: kainų augimas 20 proc. dar nepasiekė
Po vėsokos gegužės atėjęs saulėtas birželis pradžiugino Palangos verslininkus. Tiesa, Palangos viešbučių ir restoranų asociacijos vadovė Ingrida Valaitienė teigia, kad jų kainos visoje Lietuvoje fiksuojamos 20 proc. infliacijos dar nepasiekė. Tuo metu apgyvendinimo paslaugų portalo „PrieJū“ vadovas Laurynas Šertvyčius sako, kad šiemet po ilgo laiko pirmą kartą yra atvejų, kai tiekėjai kainas mažina.
07-01 17:51[] Atsistatydino „Epso-G“ valdybos narys Abazorius
Valstybės valdomos energetikos grupės „Epso-G“ valdybos narys Ramūnas Abazorius atsistatydino iš pareigų.
07-01 17:49[] „Aprangos“ grupės apyvarta šiemet augo 57%
„MG grupės“ kontroliuojamos didžiausios Baltijos šalių mažmeninės drabužių prekybos grupės „Apranga“ apyvarta šiemet sausį–birželį siekė 127,7 mln. Eur – 57,2% daugiau nei pernai tuo pačiu metu ir 17,5% daugiau nei atitinkamu 2019 metų laikotarpiu.
07-01 17:41[] „Baltijos polistireną“ įsigis Norvegijos BEWI
Lietuvos statybos plokščių gamintoją „Baltijos polistirenas“ perka Oslo biržoje kotiruojama viena didžiausių pasaulyje pakavimo ir izoliacijos sprendimų bendrovė BEWI.
07-01 17:40[Investopedia] China's Stock Market Rallies
While the S&P 500 posted its worst performance for the first half of the year since the 1970s, and other global markets have struggled as central banks raise interest rates, there’s a bull market underway in China.
07-01 17:36[] Keizeris: kai kuriuos dalykus projektuose galima paspartinti
Valstybės valdomos energetikos grupės „Epso-G“ vadovu paskirtas dabartinis „Ignitis grupės“ elektros tiekimo įmonės „Energijos skirstymo operatorius” (ESO) valdybos pirmininkas ir generalinis direktorius Mindaugas Keizeris sako, kad Vyriausybės tikslas paspartinti elektros tinklų sinchronizavimą su Vakarų Europa gali būti įgyvendintas.
07-01 17:35[OMX] Baltic Horizon Fund has published Annual ESG report 2021
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