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10-30 06:00[] Kredito unija „Magnus“, bankams atsukus nugarą, suteikė reikšmingą paskolą saulės elektrinių vystytojai
Tarptautiniu mastu dirbančiai lietuvių vadovaujamai įmonei „Vindo Solar BV“ šie metai prasidėjo puikiai – sausio mėn. įmonė pasirašė sutartį dėl 37.8 megavatų saulės jėgainės įrengimo Olandijoje – tai didžiausias bendrovės projektas. Tačiau kortas sumaišė netikėtai prasidėjusi koronaviruso pandemija ir užsukti finansavimo kraneliai didžiuosiuose bankuose.
10-30 06:00[] Patogus ir greitas prekių grąžinimas – potenciali e. prekybos sėkmės paslaptis
Dalis e. prekybininkų atgal į sandėlį sugrįžtančią parduotą jų produkciją vis dar mato kaip pralaimėjimą. Vis dėlto internetinės prekybos ekspertai pastebi, kad patogaus prekių grąžinimo užtikrinimas gali padėti ne tik pritraukti klientus, bet ir išlaikyti esamus. Anot jų, vis labiau augant e. komercijos sektoriui, sklandus ir nemokamas produkto išsiuntimas atgal pardavėjui ateityje taps dar svarbesnis.
10-30 06:00[] Molėtai rengiasi pritraukti verslą: investuotojams – palanki galimybė spėti į traukinį
Laisvi mieste ir šalia jo esantys žemės sklypai bei pastatai ir žmogiškojo kapitalo potencialas rodė neišnaudojamas verslo galimybes Molėtuose. Būtent dėl to rajono savivaldybė, bendradarbiaudama su Molėtų turizmo ir verslo informacijos centru, nusprendė patraukti investuotojų dėmesį siūlydama įdarbinti vaizdingose ir patogiose rajono bei miesto vietose esantį nekilnojamąjį turtą.
10-30 05:05[MarketWatch] As Italy tightens COVID-19 restrictions, Venice plunges back into ‘victorious solitude’
Some residents reflect on the pandemic and costs of globalization, and say it’s not too late to turn this medieval city’s fortunes around.
10-30 05:03[MarketWatch] Election Countdown: Trump and Biden voters share the money worries behind their choice for the next president: ‘People are not able to meet their full potential’
MarketWatch talked to voters about the personal-finance factors affecting their decision.
10-30 03:34[MarketWatch] Key Words: Russia is ‘the New England Patriots of messing with elections,’ says Dan Coats, Trump’s ex-intel chief
"We have full confidence that the Russians are going after our elections," Coats told CBS News on Thursday.
10-30 02:11[MarketWatch] MarketWatch First Take: Apple, Amazon, Facebook and Google all produce record sales amid Big Tech backlash
In a repeat from last quarter, tech's Big Four reported record revenue amid further regulatory scrutiny, a congressional grilling and the coronavirus pandemic. But investors got the jitters by cautious comments, lack of revenue outlook by some, and higher expenses related to COVID-19.
10-30 01:01[MarketWatch] : Apple to launch its subscription bundle, Apple One, on Friday
Prices for Apple One will range from a month to a month, with a 30-day free trial for new services.
10-30 00:42[MarketWatch] The Moneyist: I filed for bankruptcy after rehabbing my husband’s home. Now he wants an open marriage and says I own nothing. I feel trapped and bamboozled
‘I don’t pay bills, which has left me pondering the idea of just staying with him out of convenience — but at what cost to me mentally?’
10-30 00:42[MarketWatch] The Moneyist: My parents gave my brothers and me million in bonds, stocks and ETFs. I’d like to use my profit to travel. My parents refuse
‘I’m a 36-year-old man with no plans on having children, and I’d like to be able to use this very small amount to pursue one of my passions in life.’
10-29 23:54[MarketWatch] Earnings Results: Apple’s resurgent Mac sales make up for iPhone shortfall
Even without any new iPhones to provide a boost, Apple Inc. beat fiscal fourth-quarter expectations amid surging demand for devices that facilitate remote work and schooling.
10-29 23:38[MarketWatch] Earnings Results: Twitter shares tank as profit, user gains fall short of expectations
Twitter Inc. added users and revenue in the third quarter, but its profit and daily active-user gains fell short of analyst expectations, sending its shares sharply lower in after-hours trading.
10-29 23:13[MarketWatch] Personal Finance Daily: Mortgage rates hover near record lows and ‘consumer harm’ could happen when government starts collecting student loan payments again
Thursday's top personal finance stories
10-29 23:11[MarketWatch] Earnings Results: Alphabet stock surges as resurgent Google ad sales deliver big earnings beat
Google parent Alphabet Inc. shares surged in the extended session Thursday after the tech giant returned to rising ad sales and topped Wall Street estimates with a quarterly earnings report.
10-29 22:59[MarketWatch] Earnings Results: Amazon has already had its most profitable year ever, and just set a record for sales in a quarter Inc. reported record quarterly sales Thursday and has already reached a record profit total in 2020 amid ramped up pandemic spending, and it still has another three months to go that include Prime Day as well as the traditional winter holidays.
10-29 22:57[MarketWatch] Key Words: Watch: Georgia debate gets heated as Sen. David Perdue labeled a ‘crook’ by rival Jon Ossoff
The Democrat accused the Republican senator of putting his portfolio over the people he represents.
10-29 22:50[MarketWatch] Earnings Results: Starbucks says it lost .2 billion in fiscal Q4 sales because of the pandemic
Starbucks Corp. beats Wall Street expectations for its fiscal fourth quarter but stock turns lower after fiscal first-quarter guidance.
10-29 22:42[MarketWatch] Key Words: AOC calls GOP ‘sad’ and ‘stupid’ for suggesting the ,000 wardrobe she wore for Vanity Fair was her own
‘You don’t keep the clothes’ AOC and fashion insiders pointed out
10-29 22:08[MarketWatch] Market Extra: GE’s stock reverses lower as key chart resistance halts upside progress, again
Shares of General Electric Co. pulled a sharp intraday U-turn Thursday to close in negative territory, as they once again failed to sustain gains above a chart resistance level, even as Wall Street analysts praised the industrial conglomerate's blowout earnings report.
10-29 22:00[MarketWatch] NewsWatch: Apple posts best September sales in history despite late iPhone debut, but stock dips
Even without any new iPhones to provide a boost, Apple Inc. was able to sport record September-quarter revenue.
10-29 21:40[MarketWatch] Earnings Results: Twitter shares tank as profit, user gains fall short of expectations
Twitter Inc. added users and revenue in the third quarter, but its profit and daily active-user gains fell short of analyst expectations, sending its shares sharply lower in after-hours trading.
10-29 21:22[MarketWatch] : Heathrow boss hopeful of London-New York air bridge by Thanksgiving
Heathrow has lost its position as Europe’s busiest airport for the first time, after being overtaken by Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport.
10-29 21:21[MarketWatch] Earnings Results: Facebook results offer vivid display of undaunted ad growth; CFO expects Q4 jump
Facebook's performance exhibited a smooth path amid the rollicking financial and political contours leading to its D-Day: the Nov. 3 elections.
10-29 21:21[MarketWatch] : The popularity of old-school hobbies skyrocketed in quarantine, boosting this stock 25% Thursday
Shares in Hornby, a small cap British toy company that can trace its roots back to 1901 in Liverpool, surged more than 25%, after half-year earnings revealed how the popularity of modeling hobbies skyrocketed during the brunt of the coronavirus pandemic.
10-29 21:21[MarketWatch] : A Biden win could be good news for Europe. These stocks will benefit the most, strategists say
A win for Joe Biden in the presidential election is likely to be beneficial for European stocks, strategists said, with a number of sectors set to stand out.
10-29 21:20[MarketWatch] : France and Germany order lockdowns — but is France too late and facing another economic shock?
Europe’s two largest economies will go into strict one-month lockdowns to fight the severe spike of COVID-19 that threatens to engulf their national health systems.
10-29 21:12[MarketWatch] : Etsy stock has tripled in 2020 as lapsed shoppers return
Shoppers who haven’t been to Etsy Inc. in a while are getting reacquainted with the e-commerce retailer in 2020, driving both results and share growth in the process.
10-29 20:58[MarketWatch] What's Worth Streaming: ‘The Crown’ and ‘The Mandalorian’ return: Here’s what’s worth streaming in November 2020
Netflix and Disney+ will be worth watching for those shows alone, and if you're getting a new iPhone, give Apple TV+ a test drive
10-29 20:57[] Programišiai pavogė 2,3 mln. USD iš Respublikonų partijos
Kompiuteriniai sukčiai pavogė 2,3 mln. USD iš Respublikonų partijos banko sąskaitos Viskonsine, iš kurios finansuojamos prezidento Donaldo Trumpo pastangos laimėti šioje svarbioje „svyruojančioje“ valstijoje, ketvirtadienį pareiškė vietos respublikonų lyderis.
10-29 20:56[MarketWatch] : Netflix increases prices in U.S. after wave of pandemic subscription additions, stock jumps
Netflix Inc. will increase prices in the U.S. after a surge in new subscriptions in the first few months of the COVID-19 pandemic.
10-29 20:32[MarketWatch] Futures Movers: Oil prices post lowest finish in about 5 months as rising coronavirus cases underline demand fears
Oil futures declined Thursday to post their lowest settlement in roughly five months, as rising COVID-19 cases spark tighter restrictions on activity in Europe and underline worries about the outlook for the U.S. and global economic recovery.
10-29 20:31[MarketWatch] Market Extra: Boeing sees roughly billion in demand for new debt deal, despite massive cash burn
Boeing is seeing huge demand from investors on Thursday for its new 4-part corporate bond deal, which comes a day after the embattled aircraft maker reported third-quarter results that weren't as bad as Wall Street feared.
10-29 20:29[MarketWatch] Election Countdown: Biden, Trump hold Florida rallies hours apart, as Democrat retakes lead in crucial state’s polls
The presidential campaign focused on Florida on Thursday, as both President Donald Trump and challenger Joe Biden made in-person plays for the critical battleground state’s voters with just five days remaining until the election.
10-29 20:29[MarketWatch] ETF Wrap: ETF Wrap: Rise of the robots, and leveraged ETFs are here to stay
ETF Wrap is a briefing of what investors need to know in the exchange-traded fund sector, including exclusive commentary and interviews on the industry from MarketWatch
10-29 20:15[] BBC paskelbė naujas gaires darbuotojų pasisakymams socialiniuose tinkluose
Britų visuomeninis transliuotojas BBC ketvirtadienį pristatė naujas nešališkumo gaires, sulaukęs kaltinimų, kad žurnalistai ir kiti darbuotojai kelia grėsmę pasitikėjimui transliuotoju, skelbdami žinutes savo paskyrose socialiniuose tinkluose arba susiviliodami patraukliais pasiūlymais sakyti kalbas už BBC ribų.  
10-29 20:07[MarketWatch] The Number One: Las Vegas Sands CEO Sheldon Adelson, a longtime GOP donor, ranks No. 1 among S&P 500 bosses in political spending
Las Vegas Sands Corp. CEO Sheldon Adelson kept up his major giving to Republican candidates and groups in the 2020 cycle, putting him easily at No.1 among all S&P 500 bosses when it comes to political spending.
10-29 19:54[MarketWatch] The Margin: Michael Moore just fell for this viral clip poking fun at the Trump supporters stranded in Omaha
Blaire Erksine has a big social-media hit on her hands.
10-29 19:49[MarketWatch] Bond Report: 10-year Treasury yield shoots back above 0.80% as investors start to prepare for November election
U.S. Treasury yields rose Thursday as investors sold government bonds before the November presidential election, amid growing anticipation of a victory by Democratic candidate Joe Biden
10-29 19:45[MarketWatch] : YouTube kid influencers are marketing junk food from McDonald’s, Coke and others to children
Kid influencers are marketing junk food and sugary drinks to billions of viewers through product placement, a new study published in the journal Pediatrics found.
10-29 19:45[] Ginčai su vartotojais prekybininkams gali pabrangti
Pardavėjas ar paslaugų teikėjas turės atlyginti ginčų nagrinėjimo išlaidas, jeigu sprendimas bus priimtas vartotojo naudai. Visgi prekybininkai mano, kad turėtų būti numatyti saugikliai, kurie garantuotų, kad tarnyba išliks mediatorė ir nevirs baudėja. Svarbu toliau užtikrinti objektyvų vertinimo procesą, laikytis vienodų standartų visose situacijose.
10-29 19:44[MarketWatch] Dispatches from a Pandemic: ‘It is now a full-blown depression for domestic workers.’ Nannies, house cleaners and home-care workers continue to struggle even as other job sectors bounce back
Meanwhile, some highly-educated nannies are finding work for families dealing with remote schooling.
10-29 19:43[MarketWatch] : Prospects for post-election fiscal stimulus package brighter amid softer Washington talk
The Senate returns to Washington the week after next and the House a week later. A coronavirus relief package may not be far behind, if House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and President Donald Trump are to be believed.
10-29 19:39[MarketWatch] The Moneyist: I offered my son K for a down payment on a home. His fiancée wants a written agreement for my gift to be split 50/50
‘My son had already agreed that any house they buy would be split 50/50 in case they divorced. She is still paying off student debt and has little savings.’
10-29 19:30[MarketWatch] Metals Stocks: Gold settles lower as U.S. GDP expands at a record pace and investors favor the dollar
Gold futures end lower for a second session, pressured as data reveal that the U.S. economy expanded at a record pace in the third quarter.
10-29 19:29[MarketWatch] Market Snapshot: Dow climbs over 300 points as broader stock market looks to claw back Wednesday losses
U.S. stock gauges on Thursday are taking back a chunk of Wednesday's rout, as investors digest a preliminary reading of the health of the U.S. economy showing a rebound in growth after the recession caused by the coronavirus pandemic.
10-29 19:26[MarketWatch] Key Words: Feels like a ‘classic October crash’ is on the way, market strategist warns
Bill Blain, strategist at London-based Shard Capital, shared his ominous take on the stock market ahead of what he exaggeratedly described as "the most critical election in global history" and as investors grapple with spiking coronavirus numbers.
10-29 19:25[MarketWatch] The Ratings Game: In latest semiconductor megamerger, Marvell seeks data-center depth with billion Inphi buy
Marvell Technology Group Ltd.'s announcement Thursday to acquire Inphi Corp. is the latest tech merger prompted by the world's COVID-19 accelerated reliance on the data centers that serve as the backbone of the internet.
10-29 19:13[] Helovinas Lietuvoje: objektai, apipinti šiurpiomis istorijomis 
Panašu, kad kelionės po Lietuvą, į atokesnius, primirštus objektus, vėl tapo bene vienintele saugesne pramoga. Šį ilgesnį savaitgalį nacionalinė turizmo skatinimo agentūra „Keliauk Lietuvoje“ ir Lietuvos turizmo informacijos centrai siūlo aplankyti vietas, kurios pasakoja intriguojančių istorijų ir kuriose, tikinama, gyvieji gali pajusti vėlių buvimą.
10-29 19:10[MarketWatch] The Ratings Game: Pinterest adds billion in value, as much as it was worth at the beginning of 2020
Pinterest Inc. shares zoomed as much as 40% higher Thursday after the company easily topped earnings expectations, potentially adding billion in market cap to a company that was valued at roughly that much when 2020 began.
10-29 19:05[MarketWatch] Outside the Box: Thomas Jefferson has a clear message for the Supreme Court about the Constitution and ‘originalism’
As a founding father, Jefferson had a lot to say --- and some of it is inscribed on the walls of the Jefferson Memorial.
10-29 19:01[MarketWatch] : Exxon to cut 1,900 U.S. jobs as pandemic gives new urgency to cost-cutting
Exxon Mobil Corp. will cut its workforce in the U.S., mostly in Texas, as it seeks to reduce costs amid the pandemic.
10-29 18:55[MarketWatch] CityWatch: Owners of New York City dry cleaners are taking desperate measures to stay afloat
With many New Yorkers staying home in glorified pajamas or leaving the city altogether, business is brutal for the city's small dry cleaners.
10-29 18:33[OMX] Atnaujinamas AB “Energijos skirstymo operatorius” akcijų privalomas pardavimas
10-29 18:33[MarketWatch] Commodities Corner: Why a Biden presidency may lead to higher gasoline prices
Gasoline hasn’t been a big worry for drivers with prices down around 19% from a year ago, but the winner of the coming U.S. presidential election could lead to significant changes at the pump.
10-29 18:30[MarketWatch] Outside the Box: Trying to find the most tax-friendly place to retire?
Social Security, pensions, housing and inheritances are taxed differently depending on where you live
10-29 18:30[MarketWatch] Economic Report: Record 33% GDP surge still leaves the U.S. economy in a world of hurt
The U.S. economy is still in a deep ditch even after a record-shattering 33% burst of growth during the summer. Nearly 0 billion in economic activity is missing and it's not coming back soon.
10-29 18:28[MarketWatch] Outside the Box: Why companies that spend their capital wisely are smart places for your money
High-quality shareholders and savvy CEOs have the same priority: effective capital allocation, writes Lawrence Cunningham. 
10-29 18:26[MarketWatch] : Prospect of Biden winning could spur deal making rush ahead of tax hikes
Higher corporate tax rate could hit private equity pay.
10-29 18:23[] Pasišalinus stabilizatoriui, „Ignitis“ jau atpigusi 11,5% nuo IPO, pasaulio biržos bando atsitiesti po nuosmukio
Baltijos biržos debiutantės „Ignitis grupės“ akcijos jau nebekainuoja 20 Eur, pirkėjų gretose nelikus aktyviai dirbusio Talino „Swedbank“. Stipriausią nuosmukį per pastaruosius mėnesius patyrusios pasaulio akcijos ketvirtadienį brango, ECB užsimenant apie galimą papildomą skatinimą gruodį.
10-29 18:23[MarketWatch] : ‘Consumer harm’ could happen when government starts collecting student loan payments again, CFPB warns
Student-loan borrowers have been allowed to pause payments during the pandemic, but they'll have to start again on Jan. 1, 2021.
10-29 18:23[MarketWatch] : Aircraft orders slump to record low as COVID pandemic and quarantines hit travel
Plane makers saw zero aircraft orders in September, as the coronavirus pandemic continues to devastate the industry.
10-29 18:22[MarketWatch] : Almost 200 European airports face insolvency, trade body warns
Passenger traffic at Europe’s airports fell 73% in September, compared with the same month in 2019, bringing the total volume of lost passengers since January to 1.29 billion.
10-29 18:22[MarketWatch] : COVID-19 immunity may only last a few months after infection, study indicates
Researchers find that the number of people in England with antibodies fell by 26% in the space of three months, though there is not yet scientific consensus on the longevity of COVID-19 antibodies.
10-29 18:14[MarketWatch] Key Words: Private-equity billionaire Leon Black ‘deeply regrets’ his relationship with Jeffrey Epstein
Leon Black, the founder of private-equity group Apollo Global Management, on Thursday apologized for his friendship with Jeffrey Epstein, the disgraced financier.
10-29 18:13[OMX] Dėl teismo sprendimo panaikinti laikinąsias apsaugos priemones AB „Energijos skirstymo operatorius“ privalomo akcijų išpirkimo procese ir akcijų išpirkimo proceso atnaujinimo
10-29 18:11[MarketWatch] Key Words: Trump campaign calls ‘Anonymous’ reveal lame — and many on Twitter agree
President Trump wrote off Miles Taylor, the former Homeland Security chief of staff behind the anonymous New York Times op-ed, as a “little known ‘staffer’”
10-29 18:10[MarketWatch] Earnings Results: Shopify revenue nearly doubles as company benefits from e-commerce wave amid pandemic
Shopify Inc. delivered third-quarter results Thursday that crushed expectations as the company continued to benefit from an e-commerce surge during the COVID-19 crisis.
10-29 18:09[] Vasiliauskas apie liberalų siūlymus mažinti GPM: tai diskusijos nematant pilno vaizdo
Naująją valdančiąją koaliciją formuojančioms liberalų partijoms siūlant gyventojų pajamų mokesčio tarifą palaipsniui mažinti iki 15 proc., Lietuvos banko valdybos pirmininkas Vitas Vasiliauskass sako, kad tai diskusijos nematant pilno vaizdo.
10-29 18:02[OMX] Vyriausybės vertybinių popierių aukcionų tvarkaraštis 2020 m. lapkričio – 2021 m. sausio mėnesiais
10-29 17:57[MarketWatch] The Ratings Game: Ford blew away Wall Street expectations, but here’s what analysts are looking at next
Ford Motor Co. third-quarter results under new management gets Wall Street excited about the car maker, but also worried that a complete turnaround will take time.
10-29 17:50[MarketWatch] Gilead unexpectedly cashes in with nearly 0 million in sales of COVID-19 drug
Gilead Sciences Inc.’s prominent COVID-19 drug unexpectedly brought in 0 more million in sales than analysts had expected in the third quarter, but that doesn’t mean Wall Street’s questions about Veklury have faded away.
10-29 17:49[] „Aprangos“ pelnas šiemet mažėjo 26% iki 5,4 mln. Eur
Baltijos šalių mažmeninės drabužių prekybos grupė „Apranga“ per tris šių metų ketvirčius uždirbo 5,4 mln. Eur neaudituoto konsoliduoto pelno prieš apmokestinimą – 25,8% mažiau nei per tą patį laikotarpį pernai (7,3 mln. Eur).
10-29 17:48[MarketWatch] : Neil Young’s brother, Bob, wants you to vote — and he’s got great advice for baby boomers
The 78-year-old guitarist just launched his music career.
10-29 17:46[MarketWatch] Help Me Retire: I’m a 40-year-old teacher who doesn’t want to wait 15 years to retire. Can I live off the rental income from my three properties?
Have a question about retirement, including where to retire? Email
10-29 17:43[] „Aprangos“ pelnas šiemet mažėjo 26 proc. iki 5,4 mln. eurų
Koncerno „MG Baltic“ kontroliuojama didžiausia Baltijos šalių mažmeninės drabužių prekybos grupė „Apranga“ per tris šių metų ketvirčius uždirbo 5,4 mln. eurų neaudituoto konsoliduoto pelno prieš apmokestinimą – 25,8 proc. mažiau nei per tą patį laikotarpį pernai (7,3 mln. eurų).
10-29 17:40[MarketWatch] : Mortgage rates hover near record lows — fueling higher home prices
'The results of next week’s federal election could certainly impact market activity,' said one economist.
10-29 17:37[] Baltarusija uždarė sieną su Lietuva
Baltarusija ketvirtadienio popietę uždarė sieną su Lietuva, motyvuodama saugumo reikalavimais dėl koronaviruso plitimo, BNS patvirtino Vidaus reikalų ministerija.
10-29 17:35[MarketWatch] : Lithium is at the heart of the electric-vehicle revolution — here’s how the market for the raw material works
10-29 17:35[MarketWatch] : These obscene translation gaffes tarnished Amazon’s Swedish debut (along with using the wrong flag)
Amazon’s long-anticipated push into Sweden was derailed by an embarrassing flag gaffe and poor translations spotted by users.
10-29 17:31[] Alytaus langų gamintojai: ko jau ko, bet įžūlumo versle reikia
Kai jaunas kuri verslą, nebijai rizikuoti – eini ir darai. Tokia patirtimi dalijasi Alytaus UAB bendraturčiai, įmonę įkūrę per praėjusią krizę, kai šalimais bendrovės žlugo viena po kitos, o dabar įžengę į plėtros etapą.
10-29 17:30[MarketWatch] : Three dead in suspected ‘terror’ attack at French church
French authorities have warned in recent weeks about the heightened risk of “street terrorists” and random attacks against citizens.
10-29 17:22[MarketWatch] Earnings Results: Comcast stock rises after ‘astounding’ growth in cable
Shares of Comcast Corp. headed higher Thursday after the media giant topped revenue expectations across all three of its business segments for the third quarter.
10-29 17:20[MarketWatch] The Margin: The Girl Scouts congratulate Amy Coney Barrett — it didn’t go well
The Girl Scouts just deleted a post congratulating the newest Supreme Court Justice after Twitter backlash.
10-29 17:17[] „Hexito“ dovanoja lankytojų registravimo sistemą
IT sprendimų įmonė „Hexito“, siekdama pagelbėti COVID-19 paveiktiems verslams, pristatė nemokamą restoranų, kavinių, barų ir kitų įstaigų lankytojų registravimo sistema
10-29 17:15[OMX] Draft decision of joint stock company “GRINDEKS” Extraordinary General Meeting of shareholders
10-29 17:02[] VRK: bus dar sykį perskaičiuoti Utenos apygardos biuleteniai
Vyriausioji rinkimų komisija (VRK) nusprendė dar kartą perskaičiuoti antrojo Seimo rinkimų turo balsus Utenos vienmandatėje apygardoje. Toks perskaičiavimas vyks penktadienį, VRK posėdžio, kuriame numatoma patvirtinti galutinius Seimo rinkimų rezultatus, išvakarėse.
10-29 17:02[MarketWatch] : Democrats push for generous state aid and jobless payments but data not as bad as expected
American states have taken a sharp fiscal hit, but the strength of the rebound as lockdowns were eased has helped their budgets partially recover. At the same time, the jobless rate has improved at faster pace than predicted even a few months ago.
10-29 17:00[MarketWatch] NewsWatch: The pandemic has sent people flocking to Pinterest and Snap, which could be a bad sign for Facebook
Pinterest Inc. is seeing a boom in new users as shut-in DIYers looked for new home improvement projects during the pandemic, and its revenue benefitted from a boycott by many large advertisers of Facebook.
10-29 16:57[] Daugėjant koronaviruso atvejų, daugėja ir siuntų: pradedami fiksuoti sutrikimai
Lietuvoje daugėjant koronaviruso atvejų, daugėja ir siuntų.
10-29 16:56[MarketWatch] Election: Early voting totals near 80 million, more than half of all votes from 2016 election
Election Day is still eight days away, but nearly 80 million Americans already have cast their ballots, surpassing an estimated early-votes total of about 58 million for the 2016 election.
10-29 16:55[MarketWatch] Election: Trump needs to defend big margins in small-town Pennsylvania to win the state, experts say
Maintaining large margins in southwestern Pennsylvania and other post-industrial areas will be essential for the president to win the Keystone State, according to experts.
10-29 16:48[] Paprastas būdas padidinti pelno apmokestinimo patrauklumą
Naujausi mokesčių konkurencingumo tyrimai rodo, kad Estija ir Latvija jau lenkia Lietuvą pelno apmokestinimo patrauklumu. Įdomu, kad patys efektyvūs mokesčio tarifai Estijoje ir Latvijoje yra didesni (t. y. tų šalių įmonės, kai jau pelno mokestį moka, sumoka jo daugiau negu nuo tiek pat gauto pelno sumokėtų lietuviška įmonė). Kaimynių mokesčių sistemų patrauklumą didina mechanizmas, kuris įmonei (jos akcininkams) leidžia pasirinkti, kada sumokėti pelno mokestį: valstybė grąžą iš įmonės gauna kartu su jos akcininkais. Tai ir yra svarbiausia Estijos ir Latvijos pranašumo prieš Lietuvą priežastis - pelnas, kol jis lieka įmonėje ir skiriamas reinvestuoti (nors nebūtinai ir ne visada taip faktiškai yra), pelno mokesčiu neapmokestinamas.
10-29 16:46[MarketWatch] Coronavirus update: U.S. continues to set new case records and Trump remains insistent that U.S. has ‘rounded the corner’
The U.S. death toll from the coronavirus illness COVID-19 edged closer to 228,000 on Thursday and more than 81,000 new infections were recorded in a single day, pushing the seven-day tally to record highs.
10-29 16:40[] Paskelbti „Sidabrinės gervės“ nominantai
Paskelbus nacionalinių kino apdovanojimų „Sidabrinė gervė“ nominantus, paaiškėjo, jog į daugiausia statulėlių – 12 iš 17 galimų, pretenduoja Karolio Kaupinio filmas „Nova Lituania“. Apdovanojimų ceremonija, planuojama, vyks lapkričio 22 dieną.
10-29 16:39[OMX] Audited statements and Corporate Governance report of „SAF Tehnika” for financial year 2019/2020
10-29 16:38[MarketWatch] Dispatches from a Pandemic: The weird pandemic trend that’s sticking: home cooks are switching to alternative flours
Demand for alternative flours such as sweet potato, banana, almond and corn has grown during the pandemic. Some consumers appear to be making a more permanent switch to them.
10-29 16:32[MarketWatch] The Ratings Game: Bed Bath & Beyond has laid out its transformation plan, now analysts are focused on execution
More than one-third of Bed Bath & Beyond customers, 35%, only buy one thing during a shopping trip.
10-29 16:29[MarketWatch] See inside New Orleans Saints QB Drew Brees’ .05 million Kauai home
New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees is looking to pass his townhome in Princeville, HI, to a buyer for .05 million.
10-29 16:15[] Baigiantis Seimo kadencijai – dar vienas prezidento veto
Prezidentas Gitanas Nausėda vetavo spalio viduryje Seimo priimtą įstatymą, įpareigojantį visas savivaldybes privalomai steigti seniūnijas savo teritorijoje. Dar kadenciją baigiantis Seimas suspės apsispręsti dėl veto.
10-29 16:12[] A. Lukašenka paliepė atkurti tvarką Baltarusijos regionuose pasitelkiant kariuomenę
Baltarusijos režimo vadovas Aliaksandras Lukašenka, ketvirtadienį pakeitęs keletą šalies saugumo tarnybų vadovų, įskaitant vidaus reikalų ministrą, pareiškė, kad yra pasiruošęs pasiųsti kariuomenę malšinti masinių protestų.
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