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Laikas[Šaltinis] Antraštė , Aprašymas
04-24 01:36[Reuters] Bipartisan group slams U.S. SEC for resisting email privacy reform
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - A coalition of liberals and conservatives is lashing out at the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission for pushing back against legislation that would force government agencies to get warrants before they access the email of people under investigation.
04-24 01:06[Reuters] Exclusive: White House considers former banking lawyer for Fed board - sources
NEW YORK/WASHINGTON (Reuters) - A former lawyer with the American Bankers Association is being considered by the White House as a possible nominee to the board of the Federal Reserve, according to sources familiar with the efforts
04-24 00:47[Reuters] Wall Street snaps six-day run; Apple to split stock
NEW YORK (Reuters) - U.S. stocks dipped on Wednesday to snap a six-session winning streak as gains in Boeing and Gilead were offset by slides in AT&T and the wider biotech sector.
04-24 00:26[Reuters] Ex-Nvidia manager settles U.S. SEC charges on illegal tips
NEW YORK/WASHINGTON (Reuters) - A former accounting manager for Nvidia Corp has settled with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission over allegations he leaked non-public information about the chipmaker that allowed a group of Wall Street analysts to make millions through illegal trades, the SEC announced on Wednesday.
04-23 23:30[Reuters] U..S consumer bureau to test electronic mortgage closings
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Borrowers seeking to buy a new home say they often do not have time to read final mortgage documents and sometimes find mistakes in their paperwork, the U.S. consumer watchdog said in a report on Wednesday.
04-23 23:05[Investopedia] Outside the Box: Hoisington Investment Management Quarterly Review and Outlook, First Quarter 2014

Outside the Box: Hoisington Investment Management Quarterly Review and Outlook, First Quarter 2014

04-23 23:30[Investopedia] Save Money: 5 Expenses You Don’t Need

Everyone likes having extra cash, and saving money every month doesn’t have to mean making big sacrifices in time, effort, or enjoyment. Here are a few ways to save money on five common household expenses.

04-23 23:26[Reuters] U.S. new home sales hint at prolonged housing weakness
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Sales of new U.S. single-family homes tumbled to their lowest level in eight months in March, dashing hopes for a quick turnaround for a sector that fell into a soft patch last summer.
04-23 22:10[Reuters] Strong U.S. defense firm profits defy regular gloomy warnings
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - U.S. arms makers complain regularly that lower Pentagon spending on ships, jets and other hardware will hit their earnings, but a string of better-than-expected results this week show that layoffs and cost-cutting have kept profits flowing, and growing.
04-23 21:55[Reuters] Boeing cash register rings again, sending shares higher
(Reuters) - Rising jet production helped Boeing Co generate substantial cash in the latest quarter, and the company said on Wednesday that it lavished the rewards on shareholders, sending its stock higher.
04-23 21:34[Reuters] Sony to enter real estate business: Nikkei
(Reuters) - Sony Corp will branch out into the real-estate business in August and plans to take the unit public in three years, the Nikkei reported without citing a source.
04-23 20:54[Reuters] AT&T margin weakness fuels concern about U.S. cellular sector
NEW YORK (Reuters) - Increasingly aggressive discounting is taking a toll on AT&T Inc and U.S. cellular rivals as they struggle to attract customers in a nearly saturated market.
04-23 20:01[Reuters] IBM unveils new server model to tackle big data, analytics
NEW YORK (Reuters) - International Business Machines Corp, in its latest attempt at reviving demand for its hardware products, is launching high-end system servers that it says are 50 times faster than its closest competitor at analyzing data.
04-23 20:09[Reuters] Telekom Austria proves slippery target for Slim
VIENNA (Reuters) - Tycoon Carlos Slim stumbled in his bid for control of Telekom Austria on Wednesday, as a meeting designed to rubber-stamp a co-ownership deal with the Austrian government was boycotted by labor representatives unhappy with the proposal.
04-23 20:11[Reuters] Special Report: For private deals, no one is watching the watchdogs
OMAHA, Nebraska (Reuters) - From 2006 to 2009, Provident Asset Management raised 5 million from 7,700 investors who were drawn to its promises of annual returns as high as 18 percent on oil and gas assets. Law firm Mick & Associates helped. Provident paid Mick to provide "due diligence" reports to help brokers decide whether to recommend the investments to their clients.
04-23 19:10[Investopedia] Why Stick With Energy Stocks? (Hint: Geopolitical Risk)

By most fundamental measures, oil prices should be declining. Russ explains why they’re on the rise instead, how this has helped energy stocks in 2014 and why investors should still consider an overweight to the global energy sector.

04-23 19:36[Reuters] HBO strikes deal with Amazon to stream shows
(Reuters) - Some HBO shows and the Internet streaming service HBO Go will be available next month to Amazon Prime customers, the companies said on Wednesday in a move that could lure customers away from Netflix Inc.
04-23 19:12[Reuters] SodaStream shares spike on report of Starbucks talks
(Reuters) - Shares in SodaStream International Ltd rose as much as 17 percent on Wednesday after the Israeli business newspaper Globes said Starbucks Corp was in advanced talks to buy 10 percent of the home soft drink maker, citing sources.
04-23 18:45[Reuters] Ahead of earnings, Caterpillar dealer data paints mixed picture
(Reuters) - Caterpillar Inc released unaudited dealer sales data on Wednesday that showed a deepening deterioration in global demand for its mining equipment but a continued, albeit modest, rebound in sales of construction equipment as well as reciprocating and turbine engines.
04-23 18:32[] Keičia kovos su apleistais sklypais taktiką
Šiaulių miesto savivaldybė, jeigu praktika pasiteisins, parodys pavyzdį visai Lietuvai, kaip galima dirbti atsižvelgiant pirmiausia į žmogaus padėtį. Žemės savininkų, kurių sklypai apleisti arba nenaudojami, nebus skubama bausti.
04-23 19:12[] Briuselis beldžiasi dėl dujų pas rusus
Rusija gavo Europos Sąjungos (ES) energetikos komisaro Guentherio Oettingerio pasiūlymą surengti trišalį Rusijos, Ukrainos ir Europos Komisijos susitikimą dėl gamtinių dujų, trečiadienį pranešė Rusijos energetikos ministerija.
04-23 17:52[Reuters] GM said it has shipped thousands of replacement ignition switches
DETROIT (Reuters) - General Motors Co on Wednesday said it has shipped "thousands" of kits needed to repair the defective ignition switches linked to at least 13 deaths.
04-23 17:00[Investopedia] State Employment Trends: Does a Low Tax/Right-to-Work/Low Minimum Wage Regime Correlate to Growth?

Employment in Governor Walker’s Wisconsin, as in Governor Brownback’s Kansas, has lagged behind that of the United States (and behind that of Governor Dayton’s Minnesota and Governor Brown’s California).

04-23 17:34[OMX] KNR: Informacija apie pasiūlytą papildomą kandidatą į AB „Kauno energija“ stebėtojų tarybos narius
04-23 17:28[OMX] LTT: JSC "LATVIJAS TILTI" won the tender in Lithuania
04-23 17:03[Reuters] TD Ameritrade 2nd quarter profit up 35 pct on net new assets
NEW YORK (Reuters) - TD Ameritrade Holding Corp , the biggest U.S. discount broker, said profit in its fiscal second quarter jumped 34.7 percent to 4 million on record revenue driven by net new client assets of .2 billion.
04-23 16:52[Reuters] U.S. factory activity expands in April, pace stalls
NEW YORK (Reuters) - The U.S. manufacturing sector expanded in April though the rate of growth was slightly lower than expected as inventories fell, but factory output growth hit its fastest pace in three years, an industry report showed on Wednesday.
04-23 16:54[Reuters] Cost controls boost Dow Chemical margins, profit tops estimates
(Reuters) - Dow Chemical Co , the No. 1 U.S. chemical maker by sales, reported a stronger-than-expected rise in quarterly profit as cost controls helped to boost margins in its divisions that make coatings, plastics and crop-protection products.
04-23 16:52[] Įvedus eurą 19 mlrd. Lt Lietuvos banko atsargų nebus perduodama biudžeto reikmėms
Lietuvai tapus euro zonos nare, Lietuvos bankas privalės išsaugoti sukauptą finansinį turtą. Tai svarbi sąlyga siekiant
04-23 16:47[] ES pradeda taikyti vienašales prekybos lengvatas Ukrainai
Europos Sąjunga, siekdama padėti Ukrainai stabilizuoti ekonomiką, nuo balandžio 23 dienos pradėjo iš anksto taikyti
04-23 16:03[Reuters] Settlement time for U.S. trades closer to being shortened
NEW YORK (Reuters) - The Depository Trust & Clearing Corporation, which processes all U.S. stock and fixed income trades, said on Wednesday it supports shortening the settlement cycle for U.S. equities, corporate and municipal bonds, and unit investment trust trades.
04-23 17:13[] Energetikoje bręsta daugiamilijoninis sandoris
Vyriausybė trečiadienį uždarame posėdyje svarstė dėl Vokietijos koncerno „E.ON Ruhrgas International“ valdomų trijų Lietuvos energetikos bendrovių akcijų išpirkimo.
04-23 17:26[] Kaune nerimsta aistros dėl Vilniaus noro jungtis prie „Rail Balticos”
Kaune trečiadienį surengta improvizuota protesto akcija, kuria siekta atkreipti dėmesį į „Rail Baltica 2” projektą.
04-23 15:39[OMX] RKB: Information for the Mass Media
04-23 16:52[] Įkliuvo „Linavos” narė
Mokesčių inspektoriams ir policijos pareigūnams įkliuvo transporto įmonė, kuri angare laikė beveik 3 tonas, kaip spėjama, kontrabandinių dyzelinių degalų. Įmonei gresia baudos, ji turės sumokėti ir akcizus.
04-23 14:55[Reuters] China to allow private investment in 80 projects
BEIJING (Reuters) - China will allow private investment in 80 projects spanning the energy, information and infrastructure sectors as part of reforms to increase privatization, Premier Li Keqiang said on Wednesday.
04-23 16:15[] FNTT pareiškė įtarimus A. Janukoniui
Finansinių nusikaltimų tyrimo tarnyba (FNTT) praneša apie poslinkius „Vilniaus energijos“ byloje. Prieš dvejus metus pradėtame tyrime įtariamuoju tapo vienos didžiausių šalies verslo grupių, koncerno „Icor“ veidas – žinomas verslininkas Andrius Janukonis.
04-23 15:57[] Keičiasi vyriausiasis „Omnitel“ finansininkas
„Omnitel“ viceprezidentu finansams paskirtas Janas Sörensenas. Jis pareigas pradės eiti gegužės 5 dieną ir pakeis „Omnitel“ paliekantį Nerijų Datkūną, kuris, pasak bendrovės atstovės spaudai D. Selickaitės, įmonę palieka savo noru ir šį sprendimą yra priėmęs jau senokai.
04-23 15:43[] G. Pruskus. Kas šiandien vyksta „antrųjų namų“ rinkoje?
Nekilnojamojo turto (NT) plėtotojai, dirbantys „antrųjų namų“ segmente, praėjusiais metais džiaugėsi kur kas geresniais rezultatais nei 2012-aisiais. Gerėjančios gyventojų ekonominės nuotaikos išaugino potencialių pirkėjų ratą ir padidino pardavimus.
04-23 14:03[Reuters] U.S. mortgage applications fell last week: MBA
NEW YORK (Reuters) - Applications for U.S. home mortgages fell last week as both purchase and refinancing applications slipped, an industry group said on Wednesday.
04-23 14:05[Reuters] BlackRock cut stake in Monte Paschi to 3.23 percent
MILAN (Reuters) - U.S. investment fund BlackRock has lowered its stake in Italian lender Banca Monte dei Paschi di Siena to 3.23 pct from 5.75 percent, according to a filing published by market regulator Consob on Wednesday.
04-23 13:54[Reuters] Global share rally peters out, euro lifted by PMI boost
LONDON (Reuters) - European shares edged down on Wednesday after three days of gains as signs of a still stuttering Chinese economy and rising worries about Ukraine offset a reassuring set of European economic numbers.
04-23 10:05[] Skelbiama laivybos sezono pradžia šalies vidaus vandenyse
Valstybės įmonė Vidaus vandens kelių direkcija (toliau – VĮ VVKD) skelbia, kad šiais metais laivyba valstybinės reikšmės
04-23 11:40[] Nuo kitų mokslo metų beveik 20 Vilniaus gimnazijų nurodyta pamokas pradėti vėliau
Vilniaus miesto savivaldybės administracijos direktorius antradienį pasirašė įsakymą, kur pateikiamas sąrašas gimnazijų
04-23 12:20[] Po Krymo izoliacijos Baltarusijos turistų akys nukrypo į Lietuvą
Rusijai aneksavus Krymą finansų analitikai ėmė spėlioti, kaip tokie pasikeitimai galėtų pakenkti Lietuvos ekonomikai
04-23 13:45[Reuters] BOJ says 90 percent of banks taking on more risk post-QE
TOKYO (Reuters) - Over 90 percent of Japanese banks have increased loans and investment in riskier assets in the past year, the Bank of Japan said on Wednesday, suggesting that the wall of money it is pumping out is spilling over into the broader economy.
04-23 13:45[Reuters] Chinese factories stalling as euro zone business picks up
LONDON/BEIJING (Reuters) - Chinese factory activity shrank for the fourth straight month in April but private businesses across the euro zone enjoyed their best month in nearly three years, surveys showed on Wednesday.
04-23 13:47[Reuters] Primark targets U.S. with first store openings
LONDON (Reuters) - Primark, the fast-growing clothing chain owned by Associated British Foods , is to enter the United States, it said on Wednesday, becoming the latest British retailer to attempt to crack the American market after success in Europe.
04-23 12:40[OMX] TKM: Prolongation of authorities of members of the Supervisory Board of the Selver AS, the subsidiary of Tallinna Kaubamaja AS; establishment of Supervisory Board in Kulinaaria OÜ
04-23 12:20[] Po Krymo izoliacijos Baltarusijos turistų akys nukrypo į Lietuvą: kalbama apie keliasdešimt milijonų litų siekiančias įplaukas
Rusijai aneksavus Krymą finansų analitikai ėmė spėlioti, kaip tokie pasikeitimai galėtų pakenkti Lietuvos ekonomikai,
04-23 12:20[OMX] FIN: UAB "Finasta Asset Management" 2014 m. balandžio 22 d. duomenys apie išleistus fondų investicinius vienetus
04-23 13:34[] Daugiabutį dar tik stato, o jau pardavė daugumą butų
Bendrovė „Vilbra“ pradėjo antrojo gyvenamųjų namų komplekso „Naujamiesčio namai“ etapo statybą. Bendrovė pastebi, kad nekilnojamojo turto rinka tikrai atsigavusi – pirmojo etapo daugiabutis vis dar statomas, o jau parduota trys ketvirtadaliai butų.
04-23 13:23[] „VMG” kulinarinis žurnalas – tarp penkių geriausių pasaulyje
Didžiausias Europoje kulinarinis žurnalas – albumas „VMG“ kulinariniais Oskarais vadinamuose apdovanojimuose „World Gourmand Cookbook Awards 2014” išrinktas vienu iš penkių geriausių pasaulyje leidžiamų periodinių kulinarinių leidinių. Žurnalas, pripažintas geriausiu tokio pobūdžio leidiniu Lietuvoje, nominuotas net dvejose kategorijose – Geriausio kulinarinio žurnalo Rytų Europoje ir Geriausio kulinarinio žurnalo pasaulyje.
04-23 12:59[] Nori būti teisėjais, bet nesugeba išlaikyti egzamino
Lietuvos Aukščiausiajame Teisme vykusį Pretendentų į teisėjus egzaminą išlaikė tik 4 iš 23 dalyvavusių pretendentų.
04-23 12:45[] Lenkija turi planą, kaip pažaboti Rusiją
Europos Sąjunga (ES) privalo sukurti energetikos sąjungą, kuri užtikrintų tiekimą ir sumažintų jos priklausomybę nuo Rusijos dujų, pareiškė Lenkijos ministras pirmininkas Donaldas Tuskas.
04-23 11:57[] „Omnitel“ pajamų mažėjimas apsukų nemažina
Įmonių grupė „TeliaSonera“ ir jai priklausantis Lietuvos ryšio operatorius „Omnitel“ paskelbė finansinius rezultatus – ir, kalbant apie verslą Lietuvoje, jie nėra džiuginantys: „Omnitel“ per pirmą ketvirtį uždirbo 106 mln. litų (pernai tuo pačiu laikotarpi – 116 mln. litų, 8,62 proc. mažėjimas).
04-23 10:28[OMX] RSU: CORRECTION: 2014 m. AB “Rokiškio sūris“ grupės veiklos rezultatų skelbimo datos
04-23 09:40[OMX] AVG: 2014 m. balandžio 30 d. šaukiamo AB „Agrowill Group“ eilinio visuotinio akcininkų susirinkimo sprendimų projektai
04-23 10:54[] Geriausių DELFI nuotraukų paroda - Panevėžyje
Prieš pat Naujuosius DELFI skaitytojams pasiūlė balsuoti ir išrinkti geriausias 2013 metų nuotraukas. Prekybos ir pramogų centre BABILONAS atidarytoje parodoje eksponuojamas geriausiųjų nuotraukų dvidešimtukas. Jame – DELFI fotografų Šarūno Mažeikos, Tomo Vinicko, Kirilo Čachovskio, Valdo Kopūsto ir Rafaelio Acmedovo nuotraukos.
04-23 11:00[] Investuotojai vertina Kinijos gamybos sektoriaus duomenis
JAV nenaujų namų pardavimo, euro zonos vartotojų pasitikėjimo duomenys ir bendrovių skelbiami veiklos rezultatai nenuvylė investuotojų – kilo tiek JAV (DOW JONES +0,40 proc., S&P500 +0,41 proc.), tiek Europos (EURO STOXX +1,39 proc.) akcijų indeksų reikšmės.
04-23 08:56[Reuters] China Resources (Holdings) appoints new chairman, replacing Song
HONG KONG (Reuters) - China Resources (Holdings) Co Ltd has appointed a new chairman with immediate effect, replacing Song Lin who is being investigated by Chinese authorities, the firm said in a statement on Wednesday.
04-23 09:33[] Pratinantis prie naujos tvarkos gelbėja užmaršumo mokestis
Panevėžiečiai sunkiai pratinasi mokėti už automobilio stovėjimo vietą.
04-23 08:43[] Susitarimą dėl „Rail Baltica“ maršruto ketinama pasiekti iki liepos
Baltijos šalių derybos dėl valstybes sujungsiančio europinio geležinkelio „Rail Baltica 2“ maršruto ir jo atšakos Lietuvos
04-23 08:39[OMX] OAM: OMX Baltic Benchmark Fund 2014 m. balandžio 22 d. duomenys apie išleistas akcijas
04-23 08:27[OMX] KBL: Pranešimas apie vadovų sandorius
04-23 07:19[] Įsigyti būstą kasmet tampa vis sunkiau?
Taip atrodo - ne tik dėl ekonominių aplinkybių, bet ir dėl pačių minčių naštos. Ne vienam šiauliečiui, svarstančiam
04-23 05:39[Reuters] GM seeks U.S. court protection against ignition lawsuits
(Reuters) - General Motors Co filed a motion in a U.S. court to enforce a bar on lawsuits stemming from ignition defects in cars sold before its 2009 bankruptcy as it fights proposed class action litigation that seeks to set aside the restriction.
04-23 04:37[Reuters] Wal-Mart to report how compliance targets impacted executive pay: WSJ
(Reuters) - Wal-Mart Stores Inc is set to report as soon as Wednesday on how its executives performed on their goals to overhaul compliance operations and how that affected their pay, the Wall Street Journal reported.
04-23 02:42[Reuters] GM seeks U.S. court protection against ignition lawsuits
(Reuters) - General Motors Co filed a motion in a U.S. court to enforce a bar on lawsuits stemming from ignition defects in cars sold before its 2009 bankruptcy as it fights proposed class action litigation that seeks to set aside the restriction.
04-23 02:29[Reuters] AT&T ups revenue growth forecast on new pricing model
NEW YORK (Reuters) - AT&T Inc on Tuesday raised its forecast for full-year revenue growth to reflect its acquisition of LEAP wireless in March and the popularity of a new handset pricing model that charges customers for devices separately from their wireless plans.
04-23 02:31[Reuters] Comcast nears deal with Charter on - billion in divestitures: source
(Reuters) - Comcast may divest about 4 million subscribers after its merger with Time Warner Cable and is working to reach an accord to sell a portion of those customers to Charter Communications, a source familiar with the matter said Tuesday.
04-23 00:50[Investopedia] Dental Insurance: Is It Worth the Cost?

A trip to the dentist can take a big bite out of your wallet, which is why it’s important for some people to purchase dental insurance. But what if you’re a single person without a need for major dental work?

04-23 00:30[Investopedia] Why College Graduates Are Settling for Minimum Wage Jobs

Going to college means you’re going to land a high-paying job and make lot of money, right? That is not the case in today’s world. A fair amount of college graduates are settling for minimum wage or low paying jobs.

04-23 00:17[Reuters] Exclusive: CIBC, buyout firms circle Russell Investments - sources
NEW YORK/TORONTO (Reuters) - Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce (CIBC), the fifth largest bank in Canada, and two private equity consortia are exploring offers for global asset manager Russell Investments, according to several people familiar with the matter.
04-22 23:06[Reuters] Wall Street ends higher; healthcare sector helps
NEW YORK (Reuters) - U.S. stocks rose on Tuesday as a host of solid earnings reports along with strength in the healthcare sector helped lift the S&P 500 and Nasdaq to their sixth straight advance.
04-22 22:46[Reuters] Starbucks to open La Boulange location in Los Angeles
LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - Starbucks Corp is planning to open a La Boulange location in Los Angeles, marking the first opening outside of San Francisco, the coffee chain said on Thursday.
04-22 22:36[Reuters] JetBlue pilots vote to join union; shares fall
(Reuters) - JetBlue Airways Corp pilots voted on Tuesday to join the Air Line Pilots Association union, opting to have a bargaining agent after rejecting unionization in two prior votes.
04-22 21:50[Investopedia] A Crisis vs. THE Crisis: Keep Your Eye on the Ball

Two of the most notable crises in the past 6-8 months, Ukraine and Syria, both seemed to cause rallies in the gold market.

04-22 21:07[Reuters] Novartis and GSK trade assets as pharma industry reshapes
ZURICH/LONDON (Reuters) - Novartis and GlaxoSmithKline agreed to trade more than billion worth of assets on Tuesday to bolster their best businesses and exit weaker ones as the drug industry contends with healthcare spending cuts and generic competition.
04-22 20:49[Reuters] Comcast adds video subscribers, beats Street
(Reuters) - Comcast Corp, the largest U.S. cable operator, posted higher first-quarter revenue and net income on Tuesday and showed it could add video subscribers for two quarters in a row, a rare sight in the cable industry.
04-22 20:28[Reuters] U.S. justices conflicted over Aereo TV copyright fight
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - U.S. Supreme Court justices appeared unsure on Tuesday whether to rule against online TV startup Aereo Inc in a major copyright case, with several raising concerns about how a ruling in favor of broadcast networks could affect increasingly popular cloud computing services.
04-22 20:18[Reuters] U.S. home resales hit 1-1/2 year low, but may be stabilizing
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - U.S. home resales fell to their lowest level in more than 1-1/2 years in March, but there were signs a recent downward trend that has plagued the housing market may be drawing to an end.
04-22 21:16[] Ekologiškas pašto pristatymas Vokietijoje: kanalais plaukiančia valtimi
Paštą gabena įvairiai – oru, žeme, kartais plukdo vandeniu. Visą vasarą Lubenau ir Lehde kaimelių Vokietijoje gyventojams paštą atplukdo valtimi. Ekologišką, greita ir patogu. Iki pat spalio mėnesio atvirukus, laiškus ir siuntinius atplukdo geltona pašto barža. Prie daugelio regiono kaimelio namų neįmanoma privažiuoti, galima tik priplaukti.
04-22 19:31[Reuters] Barclays joins retreat from commodities as new rules bite
LONDON (Reuters) - Barclays will quit most of its commodities trading businesses, joining a broader retreat by banks as profits tumble in the face of tougher regulation.
04-22 19:36[] Kvantinių kompiuterių galimybės: paralelinės visatos ir už žmones protingesni robotai
Įsivaizduokite išradimą, kuris leistų tobulai nuspėti orus, sukurti mąstančias mašinas ar net atrasti nežemišką civilizaciją. Tokių svajonių būta daug, apie tai kalbama ir to siekiama. Tačiau kanadiečių mokslininkai skelbia, kad visa tai ir dar daugiau žmonija galės padaryti jau labai greitai, o tas ilgai lauktas išradimas – kvantinis kompiuteris.
04-22 19:47[] Po švenčių prekiauta aktyviai
Antradienį po švenčių grįžę investuotojai prekiavo gana aktyviai – atlikta 318 sandorių, sugeneruota 308 tūkst. eurų apyvarta. Biržos indekso vertė beveik nepakito.
04-22 17:56[Reuters] Barclays joins retreat from commodities as new rules bite
LONDON (Reuters) - Barclays is to quit most of its commodities trading businesses, it said on Tuesday, joining a retreat prompted by falling profitability in the face of tougher regulation.
04-22 17:29[Reuters] Toyota wants to use more hybrid system parts made in China
CHANGSHU, China (Reuters) - Toyota Motor Corp wants locally procured parts to make up at least half the components in the gasoline-electric hybrid propulsion systems for the Corolla and Levin cars it plans to start making in China next year.
04-22 16:55[] Lietuvos bankas priėmė „Mokilizingas“ paraišką įsigyti „Finastą“
Antradienį Lietuvos bankas priėmė UAB „Mokilizingas“ paraišką įsigyti „Finastą“ ir artimiausiu metu svarstys leidimo
04-22 16:45[] Pieno gamintojams – papildoma 40 mln. litų parama
Pieno gamintojams, kurie 2013–2014 kvotos metais pardavė pieną perdirbti arba tiesiogiai vartoti, numatoma papildomai
04-22 16:50[] Seimas linkęs įteisinti privalomą užstatą už vienkartines pakuotes
Seimas po svarstymo pritarė Pakuočių ir pakuočių atliekų tvarkymo įstatymo pataisų projektui, kuriuo numatoma įdiegti
04-22 16:42[OMX] VLN: Papildomos aplinkybės tęsiant AB „Agrowill Group“ stebimojo statusą
04-22 16:31[] Siūloma kompensacijas už miestuose išperkamą žemę mokėti dalimis
Žemės ūkio ministerija, Piliečių nuosavybės teisių į išlikusį nekilnojamąjį turtą atkūrimo įstatymo pakeitimo projektu
04-22 16:24[OMX] RKB: Current information about deputy chairman of the council J.Melnika and chairman of the board V.Melnik
04-22 16:27[OMX] LSC: Notification regarding disposal of the significant indirect shareholding
04-22 16:10[] ECB nustatys stipraus euro įtaką infliacijos lygiui
Europos centrinis bankas (ECB) stebi euro vertę kitų užsienio valiutų atžvilgiu ir stengiasi nustatyti stabilaus valiutos
04-22 16:00[OMX] TEO: 2014 m. trijų mėnesių veiklos rezultatai
04-22 15:42[OMX] GRZ: Information on significant events
04-22 14:46[Reuters] Harley-Davidson posts higher-than-expected profit
(Reuters) - Harley-Davidson Inc posted a stronger-than-expected quarterly profit on Tuesday, lifted by strong sales growth outside its core North American market, and its shares rose more than 7 percent.
04-22 14:56[Reuters] Bank of New York Mellon reports first-quarter profit
(Reuters) - Bank of New York Mellon Corp reported a first-quarter profit on Tuesday as rising markets drove up its assets under custody and administration.
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