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Pro Kapital Grupp

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Pro Kapital Grupp (PKG1T)[2023-09-29]   0.696 EUR   0.022 (3.26%)

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Pavadinimas:Pro Kapital Grupp
ISIN kodas:EE3100006040
Kontaktai:Põhja pst 21, 10151 Tallinn, Estonia Tel: +372 614 4920; fax: +372 614 4929
Veikla:Nekilnojamo turto vystymas
GICS klasif.:20103010
Companies engaged in primarily non-residential construction. Includes civil engineering companies and large-scale contractors. Excludes companies classified in the Homebuilding sub-industry.

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Pro Kapital Grupp is a leading Estonian real estate development company with a focus on modern large-scale commercial and residential real estate projects in the capitals of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. Since its establishment in 1994, the Company has completed 20 development projects. Several of the Company’s projects have been milestones in the Baltic real estate market. In August 2012, Pro Kapital Grupp launched public offering of shares that was cancelled due to a

lack of demand at the price level acceptable to the shareholders of the company. The current portfolio of 11 properties of the company (mainly residential and retail properties) has been valued at EUR 180 million by Newsec.

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