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Danske Invest North America Equity Fund G

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Fondo detalės
PavadinimasDanske Invest North America Equity Fund G
ValdytojasDanske Capital
Valstybė, ISINFinland, FI0008803127
Įkūrimo data1999-12-21
Vieneto kaina0.19128 EUR (2019-05-08)
Valdymo mokestis1.5%
Įsigijimo mokestis1%
Išpirkimo mokestis1.5%
Minimali investicija500 EUR
RegionasAmerika JAV
Rodikliai (%)
Laikotarpis (mėn.)36
Visas pokytis37.12
Vid. metinis pokytis11.10
Mėnesinis nuokrypis3.94
Metinis nuokrypis13.64
Tikėtina metinė grąža16 / 38
Šarpo rodiklis0.46

Techninė analizė

Pokytis per laikotarpį(%)
3 mėn.5.28
6 mėn.1.33
2 metai12.66
3 metai37.12

Danske Invest North America Equity is intended for investors who are looking for an investment solution on the North American equity markets that is profitable, professionally managed and well-diversified. The fund is well-suited, as a part of a diversified investment portfolio, to investors who can accept even substantial changes in the value of the fund from time to time. The recommended investment horizon in the fund is more than five years.

The assets of the Danske Invest North American Equity are invested in a diversified manner mainly in publicly traded equities issued by companies listed in North America. The fund aims to focus on larger-than-average companies. The general performance of the North American equity markets is reflected in the value of the fund.