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Olainfarm (OLF1R)[2021-07-30]   9.200 EUR   0.000 (0.00%)

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ISIN kodas:LV0000100501
Kontaktai:5 Rūpnīcu str., Olaine, LV-2114, Latvia, Phone: +371 7013701, Fax: +371 7013777
Veikla:Production of high quality biologically-active and other chemical compounds through organic synthesis; production of finished pharmaceuticals from self-synthesised, as well as purchased substances.
GICS klasif.:35202010
Companies engaged in the research, development or production of pharmaceuticals. Includes veterinary drugs.

Didžiausi akcininkai 2015-12-31 (Kapitalizacija)

SIA Olmafarm42.56%55 150 K
Valērijs Maligins26.92%34 884 K
Laisvų akcijų dalis30.52%39 549 K

Joint Stock Company „OlainFarm” is one of the biggest companies in the Baltic States with more then thirty years of experience in medications, active chemical ingredients and chemical substances manufacturing.

The company has been established in 1972 as „Olaine chemical-pharmaceutical plant”. The main objective of the company’s establishment has been the supply of all the finished drug forms manufacturing plants of Soviet Union with pharmaceutical substances and half-products.
Presently JSC „Olainfarm”is one of the leading representatives of pharmaceutical sector in Latvian and Baltic States which employs almost 900 highly qualified professionals. The company is secured with the modern international practice technologies and certified in accordance with the requirements of European Union Good manufacturing practice (GMP), USA inspection standards (FDA), Environmental management standard ISO 14001:2004.

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