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Baltika (BLT1T)[2023-05-30]   0.151 EUR   0.005 (-3.21%)

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ISIN kodas:EE3100003609
Kontaktai:Veerenni St 24, 10 135 Tallinn, tel +372 630 2731, fax +372 630 2814
Veikla:Production of men`s and women`s apparel, retail and wholesale.
GICS klasif.:25203010
Manufacturers of apparel, accessories & luxury goods. Includes companies primarily producing designer handbags, wallets, luggage, jewelry and watches. Excludes shoes classified in the Footwear sub-industry.

Didžiausi akcininkai 2019-03-31 (Kapitalizacija)

ING Luxembourg S.A.38.90%2 396 K
Clearstream Banking Luxembourg S.A. clients26.23%1 616 K
Laisvų akcijų dalis34.87%2 148 K

The Baltika Group who recently celebrated its 75th anniversary is an international clothing trade group with AS Baltika (Baltika Ltd.) as a parent company. The group operates Monton, Baltman, CHR/Evermen and Baltika Factory Outlet retail chains, which form all together a network of 80 shops and managed retail trade areas in six countries – in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Ukraine and in Russia. Baltika is employing the vertically integrated business model and more than 1700 employees are working in the group.

The history of Baltika Group dates back to the year 1928 when the sewing plant 'Gentleman' was founded in Tallinn By now, Baltika Group has become one of the leading enterprises in the clothes trade.

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