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WIOF Global Emerging Markets Bond Fund

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Fondo detalės
PavadinimasWIOF Global Emerging Markets Bond Fund
ValdytojasWorld Investment Opportunities Funds
Valstybė, ISINLuxembourg, LU0302080998
Įkūrimo data2007-06-11
Vieneto kaina1.9824 EUR (2018-06-14)
Valdymo mokestis-
Įsigijimo mokestismax 2%
Išpirkimo mokestis-
Minimali investicija200 EUR
Rodikliai (%)
Laikotarpis (mėn.)36
Visas pokytis23.52
Vid. metinis pokytis8.55
Mėnesinis nuokrypis2.33
Metinis nuokrypis8.06
Tikėtina metinė grąža25 / 8
Šarpo rodiklis-1.66

Techninė analizė

Pokytis per laikotarpį(%)
3 mėn.0.76
6 mėn.8.22
2 metai18.80
3 metai23.52

The investment objective is to maximise total investment return consisting of a combination of interest income, capital appreciation and currency gains by investing in a portfolio of fixed and floating rate debt securities and debt obligations issued or guaranteed by governments, corporate and other entities in the emerging markets in Europe, Asia, Africa and South America. Such investments will consist of, inter alia, securities listed on the Moscow Interbank Currency Exchange (MICEX). The Sub-Fund seeks returns that are substantially higher than in traditional fixed income funds. The Sub-Fund primarily makes commitments in local currencies, but also looks for opportunities in hard currencies such as USD, EUR and JPY. Foreign currency exposures may be hedged in full or in part against EUR, at the discretion of Investment Manager. This Sub-Fund may also invest in closed and open-ended country funds which primarily invest in the same type of securities as described above. The Sub-Fund may also invest in warrants. Investors into this Sub-Fund should be aware of the specific risks that may be incurred by an investment in this Sub-Fund (as described in Section 5 of Prospectus).