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WIOF China Performance Fund

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Fondo detalės
PavadinimasWIOF China Performance Fund
ValdytojasWorld Investment Opportunities Funds
Valstybė, ISINLuxembourg, LU0363285684
Įkūrimo data2008-11-03
Vieneto kaina3.3303 EUR (2018-10-19)
Valdymo mokestis-
Įsigijimo mokestismax 5%
Išpirkimo mokestis-
Minimali investicija200 EUR
Rodikliai (%)
Laikotarpis (mėn.)36
Visas pokytis14.01
Vid. metinis pokytis4.91
Mėnesinis nuokrypis4.75
Metinis nuokrypis16.46
Tikėtina metinė grąža38 / 28
Šarpo rodiklis-0.59

Techninė analizė

Pokytis per laikotarpį(%)
3 mėn.17.34
6 mėn.17.40
2 metai12.48
3 metai14.01

This Sub-Fund will provide investors with exposure to listed companies predominantly located in China, and partially located in other emerging markets in Asia, in order to achieve long-term capital appreciation for investors. The Sub-Fund will try to achieve a defined absolute investment return per year (as described in section 4.2.4) above), rather than being driven by an index or market cap. The Sub-Fund aims to achieve its objective by investments mainly in equities and, equity-related securities. Fixed and floating rate debt securities, may also form part of the portfolio and cash or cash equivalents may be held on an anciliary basis. Currencies may be hedged at the discretion of the Investment Manager. All of the above investments will be made in accordance with the limits set out in Appendix I. This Sub-Fund may also invest in investment funds which primarily invest in the same type of securities as described above, provided that, after the first six months from the date of the first calculation of net asset value, no more than 10% of the Sub-Fund’s assets shall in aggregate be invested in units of other undertakings for collective investment. Investors into this Sub-Fund should be aware of the specific risks that may be incurred by an investment in this Sub-Fund (as described in Section 5 below), notably those related to investments in Emerging Markets and more particularly in the Asian region.