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Global Stable Equity Fund - Euro Hedged

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PavadinimasGlobal Stable Equity Fund - Euro Hedged
ValdytojasNordea Investment Funds
Valstybė, ISINLuxembourg, LU0278529986
Įkūrimo data2007-04-17
Vieneto kaina17.62 EUR (2017-12-05)
Valdymo mokestis1.5%
Įsigijimo mokestis1-2%
Išpirkimo mokestis1%
Minimali investicija-
Rodikliai (%)
Laikotarpis (mėn.)36
Visas pokytis21.43
Vid. metinis pokytis6.69
Mėnesinis nuokrypis5.33
Metinis nuokrypis18.45
Tikėtina metinė grąža30 / 44
Šarpo rodiklis0.10

Techninė analizė

Pokytis per laikotarpį(%)
3 mėn.4.20
6 mėn.1.79
2 metai16.61
3 metai21.43

The fund aims to safeguard investor capital and provide an adequate rate of return by investing globally in equities providing a potential stable return over a timespan of several years. Nordea Investment Management (NIM) has developed a special investment process designed to construct a portfolio of equities with a stable and high return. The objective of the process is to obtain a return that is far less volatile than but in the long run close to that of an ordinary equity portfolio. Like this, the ratio between return and volatility for Stable Return Stocks will exceed by far that of the equity market overall. The investment process is divided into three steps. Step one is a quantitative screening process where possible candidates are selected. Step two is a thorough analysis where qualitative and quantitative skills are combined to find attractive stable stocks through absolute risk-based valuation. Step three is portfolio construction where risk management tools are used to construct a diversified portfolio. The portfolio holds 100-150 stocks.