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Trigon New Europe Fund

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Fondo detalės
PavadinimasTrigon New Europe Fund
ValdytojasTrigon Capital
Valstybė, ISINEstonia,
Įkūrimo data2002-04-11
Vieneto kaina20.4700 EUR (2018-09-17)
Valdymo mokestis1.5%
Įsigijimo mokestis2%
Išpirkimo mokestis1.5%
Minimali investicija-
Rodikliai (%)
Laikotarpis (mėn.)36
Visas pokytis28.99
Vid. metinis pokytis8.86
Mėnesinis nuokrypis3.08
Metinis nuokrypis10.66
Tikėtina metinė grąža12 / 30
Šarpo rodiklis0.38

Techninė analizė

Pokytis per laikotarpį(%)
3 mėn.2.99
6 mėn.8.13
2 metai24.50
3 metai28.99

Trigon Central and Eastern European Fund is a value fund that invests in listed equity securities of European Union new member states and accession countries. The Fund focuses on Poland, Hungary and the Czech Republic, and invests a smaller part of its assets into the Baltic countries, Croatia, Bulgaria and Romania. The Fund does not invest in Russia, Ukraine, Belorussia or Turkey.

Trigon’s investment style is value investing with active management and stock-picking to identify attractively valued equities. Trigon's investment team visits all companies that we invest in. When making investments, Trigon prefers undervalued stocks with solid growth and good dividend yield. An attractive company for Trigon is one with a competent and transparent management team, witha strong marketposition in its sector and most importantly, a company that can be purchased at an attractive price level.