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r2d2 APG1L - Apranga AB #694289   2021-11-23 13:47
Liepsna69 [2021-11-23 13:11]:
Tai kai apyvartos APG šiandien. Ponai, man atrodo laikas prisisegt diržus.

12:09:02 293 952 1,92 564 388 YHI YHI DIRECT

va ir visa apyvarta

o įdomiausia ar čia Mockus pirko ar kas
r2d2 OLF1R - Olainfarm #694765   2021-11-26 13:26
db.lv intervas
kažkiek su translate eina suprasti

rinkos pranešimas
r2d2 TAL1T - Tallink Group #698931   2021-12-29 10:30

kaip suprantu, pasudėtingėja reikalavimai kelionėms į Suomiją ir Švediją.
r2d2 OLF1R - Olainfarm #699127   2021-12-30 15:12

tai čia jau net ir ištikimiausius išspiria išmokant 9,26?
r2d2 OLF1R - Olainfarm #699163   2021-12-31 09:51
Kurbadas [2021-12-31 01:18]:
I am not satisfied with the decision of AB City. I am going to challenge it in the courts. Is there another Olainfarm shareholder who wants to join? Then here " trader "give a message, until 31.12.2021 time out 23.99, so that I can prepare the Application during the holiday. The trial will be in Riga, the official language, and we will meet in Riga as well, no financial costs are planned at the moment, only the shareholder has to come to Riga and we have to submit an application together. Who will take part in the e-mail will send documents in English (samples) and expect that we will have to actively communicate. The more shareholders we have, the more the court will be on our side. Maybe r2d2 interested in participating?

what price you expect to get?