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2012-03-18   (0)
Peter Bernstein & Charles Ellis (583)
Two of the wisest men on Wall Street give us advice for the ages. We revisit our exclusive interview with the late, great Peter Bernstein, one of the world's greatest experts on financial risk.
2012-03-14   (0)
CrossTalk: Healthy Money? (608)
Should financial products be subject to the same kind of consumer protection and quality control as other products like pharmaceuticals? Virtually every product that can be bought and sold is covered by regulations and often there is issues related to soc
2012-03-10   (0)
EURUSD and GBPUSD Offer Immediate Trade Potential to Start the Week (635)
The mix of a Greek bond swap, a confirmed credit event and US NFPs, we would expect tremendous trade opportunity. Yet, that messy round of event risk was more a source of volatility than trend development. The real trading starts after the wave.
2012-03-01   (0)
EURUSD and Risk Trends Slide Post LTRO, Gold Posts Massive Decline (1015)
The ECB delivered its user-defined, second LTRO stimulus package; but the market reaction was very un-QE like. The Euro itself slid as bulls realized they were perhaps expecting too much from a liquidity program and subsequently started to retrace some of
2012-02-27   (0)
Milligan Favors U.S., South Korea, Indonesia Stocks (569)
Andrew Milligan, Edinburgh-based head of global strategy at Standard Life Investments Ltd., talks about global stock markets. He also discusses Europe's sovereign debt crisis and Bank of Japan monetary policy.
2012-02-25   (0)
It's EURUSD Versus AUDUSD Next Week (656)
In the rally through the end of this past week, it is easy to assign a 'risk on' label to the overall market. However, that isn't an accurate assessment.
2012-02-23   (0)
CIBC's Bennett Sees Stronger Dollar, Recommends Yuan (607)
Patrick Bennett, a strategist at Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce in Hong Kong, talks about the dollar and the yuan. He also discusses the dispute within Australia's ruling Labor party, Europe's sovereign debt crisis, and China and U.S. economies.
2012-02-20   (0)
Wan Favors China Banks, Says Avoid Property, Retail (829)
Ronald Wan, a Hong Kong-based managing director at China Merchant Securities Co., talks about the outlook for China's economy and stock market. Wan also discusses the impact of Europe's debt crisis on China.
2012-02-18   (0)
What's an IPO? (569)
So Facebook has filed to go public. How exactly does an initial public offering work? Marketplace's Paddy Hirsch explains.
2012-02-13   (0)
Charles Royce (662)
We have an exclusive interview with legendary "Great Investor" Charles "Chuck" Royce. Royce pioneered investing in small company stocks with his Royce Pennsylvania Mutual Fund forty years ago this year.
2012-02-05   (0)
Matt McLennan (633)
Matthew McLennan, the hand-picked successor to legendary investor Jean Marie Eveillard, tells us where he is finding value with less volatility for the First Eagle funds now.
2012-01-29   (0)
Now EURUSD is Outpacing Risk Appetite, Conviction Lacks for Both (954)
For weeks, we have seen risk appetite continue its slow and choppy advance to the benefit of S&P 500 and AUDUSD. And, for contrast, EURUSD was taking the more expected route against fundamentals in its steady tumble.
2012-01-22   (0)
Blitz Says Tighter Mortgage Lending Is Hurting Housing (889)
Steven Blitz, an economist at ITG Investment Research, Daniel Alpert, managing director at Westwood Capital LLC, and Stephen Wood, chief market strategist at Russell Investments, talk about the U.S. housing market, increased lending standards at banks.
2012-01-15   (0)
S & P downgrades, dollar, debt, trade, the Fed (669)
The Schiff Report January 14, 2012
2012-01-09   (0)
Ed Hyman Bob Doll (622)
An exclusive interview with Wall Street?s long time number one economist Ed Hyman and Great Investor Bob Doll. What they expect in the economy and markets in 2012 and strategies to prosper in it.
2012-01-06   (0)
Redeker Says Dollar Will Be `Star Performer' in 2012 (739)
Hans-Guenter Redeker, head of global currency strategy at Morgan Stanley, talks about the outlook for the dollar and euro in 2012. He speaks with Linzie Janis and Mark Barton on Bloomberg Television's "Countdown."
2012-01-02   (0)
Staley: Markets Unprepared for Euro Zone Default (711)
James Staley, CEO of JPM's investment-banking unit, says U.S. and European markets aren't equipped to handle default
2011-12-29   (0)
Crescenzi Sees Money 'Clearly' Moving to Treasuries (696)
PIMCO's Anthony Crescenzi on the safety of money-market funds and the U.S. Treasury market
2011-12-19   (0)
European Debt Crisis Explained (1097)
The European debt crisis explained: The debt levels around the globe are unprecedented in peacetime. The odds of restructurings and/or defaults are higher than most believe. When does debt become unsustainable?
2011-12-17   (0)
Gold, Inflation, Paul Krugman Challenge (627)
Schiff Report 12/16/2011